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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Monday 24/02/14

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English DolphinSeller - last answer from Geaches, Monday 24/02, 03:38.
Hi, is there anybody who has the same problem?

Since yesterday I have played like 3 or 4 tournaments and untill now I havent got any rewards whatsoever. Not even the messages from kate that say that I took part in DT.

Can this be solved anyhow please?
Thursday 20/02/14

Wednesday 19/02/14

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English lightball20 - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Wednesday 19/02, 13:14.
Results of the Urban Rivals’ Daily Tournament
Kate, Tuesday 01/05/2012, 08:30
Hello lightball20,

Congratulations! You finished 998th in the last Daily Tournament with 147 Battle Points.

Well done! You ranked among the first third of the tournament!

You won 50 Clintz and 1 Credit.
You now have 1 645 Clintz that you can use to buy new characters on the Market.

5 595 players took part in the tournament. They accumulated 453 400 Battle Points and the Jackpot has gone up to 363 354 Clintz.

Good luck in the next Daily Tournament!


5,600 people playing.

Meanwhile I went through recent tournaments. It seems Standard caps at around MAYBE 400 people. Extended caps at around MAYBE 1,300 people.

1,700 people is around the max will be in a tournament now. Heck you go standard at the right time of the night and play 4 matches you are ASSURED of top 150
Tuesday 18/02/14

2 messages
English wghheghfuehui - last answer from wghheghfuehui, Tuesday 18/02, 14:22.
Monday 17/02/14

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English DA_Banana - last answer from DA_Banana, Monday 17/02, 20:30.
Sunday 16/02/14

1 message

Mało gwiazdek duża siła.

Oceniajcie i komentujcie
1 message

Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome
1 message

Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome
Friday 14/02/14

Tuesday 11/02/14

7 messages
English lightball20 - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Tuesday 11/02, 21:16.

Would have done better if I wasn't still getting back into the rhythm of this game after over a year long break.
Sunday 09/02/14

1 message

Before anyone says it; IK, I should replace Noodile. She's a filler until I get Curlix, and then I won't be using Clara etc.
R&C please!
Thursday 06/02/14

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English EA-Maynstream - last answer from EA-Maynstream, Thursday 06/02, 06:49.

Any feedback is appreciated, and potential changes are in the description
Tuesday 04/02/14

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English NIUGs - last answer from Thoazol, Tuesday 04/02, 20:21.
-Feel the Beat-

Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome
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English EA-Maynstream - last answer from Thoazol, Tuesday 04/02, 20:15.
Do ELO permabanned cards still have a -2 point penalty when you win with them in DTs?
Sunday 02/02/14

Saturday 01/02/14

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Before standard and extended we had T1

2 messages
English ScaryRyan RG - last answer from DUC-San, Saturday 01/02, 07:53.
For some reason i cant seem to come up with a standard deck for life of me so if anyone could throw out some good clans for standard or post some presets it would really help me or even just some tips Half deck or mono? and the such

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