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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 11/04/14

1 message
Hello Pm me if you are interested in trading a noctuzema for my Ongh.

right now market price is 69K on noc and 71K on Ongh so its fair market value.
1 message
I sell for 215 k
You van contact ne in MP
2 messages
English TSC Redblood - last answer from TSC Redblood, Friday 11/04, 15:09.
I would like to buy:

Shaun at 405 Clintz per head.
Oxo at 1,900 Clintz per head.
Dr Norton at 255 Clintz per head.
Sir Barks at 2,700 Clintz per head.
B Bazooka at 3500 Clintz per head.
2 messages
English UoS_Kappa - subject is closed
Buy Lamar Cr full xp for
540k cash or 250k cash + 16 Ghumbo 0xp

good game bye
3 messages
English 0 Spycee - subject is closed

I have a lost of cards on market for sell or echange.
But I can’t writte a specific price, the mason is – „You have carried out too many actions on the Market in a short period of time. Please wait and come back later. To avoid this problem, ease up on the Market.“

Accept :
⋆ Clintz
⋆ Cards

The following cards are for sale or exchange :

New Blood :
Iguana Samson

All Stars - 1x Dallas, 4x Heartnett, 2x Jessie, 6x Oyoh
Bangers - 7x Leila, 1x Shogunn, 4x Willy
Berzerk - 1x Taylor
Fang Pi Clang - 1x Fei, 1x Kusuri, 10x Linda, 4x Macumba, 1x Nekurenbo, 3x Rei, 2x Shifou
Freaks - 3x Cassandra, 4x Madelone, 1x Olga
Frozn – 2x Brok, 9x Haaken, 6x Stompah
GHEIST - 2x Erika, 58x Hriger, 3x Klawz, 65x Methane, 3x Rolph
2 messages
English 0 Spycee - subject is closed
Check my current sales, there is many cards for sale.

I accept :
- Clintz
- Cards

More info > PM
0 Spycee
3 messages
English Bone Cr - last answer from 0_Jess, Friday 11/04, 03:42.
I want around 680k in cash and/or usable cards.
2 messages
English SPT rozzo - last answer from UoS_Kappa, Friday 11/04, 00:32.

i'd like to get 1x 0xp DJ Korr Cr and i am offering a full Dj + 30 000

We will use private sells with the help of a mod if needed.

Thursday 10/04/14

1 message
I am selling 10x Oxen 0xp for 7k / u
Lowest price on the market is 7.4k. Second price is 8.3k
I accept cash and Spyke 0xp [27k / u]

PM me if interested
1 message
My valutation is about 180k
I'm available for every type of offer,in particoular I search Jackie or Caelus
write me in pm for any offer
3 messages
English Squirtroll - last answer from TaguX, Thursday 10/04, 18:51.
Only looking for Rolph
2 messages
ελληνικά dXm_ReDBuLL84 - last answer from dXm_ReDBuLL84, Thursday 10/04, 17:50.
I sell 34 0xp Ghumbo for 17k clintz each (578k total).

I would highly prefer cash, but I can discuss any offer.

PM me if interested.
1 message
Selling 13 Selma at 13.5k per piece
6 messages
English BA_HYDRO - subject is closed
Selling Blaaster Cr for 108k
selling Copper Cr for 79k

PM me for negotiations
10 messages
English Bojax - last answer from caccapippa, Thursday 10/04, 09:24.
As usually all prices are negotiable however please do not message me offers. Please only post below.

1 0xp Tessa Cr- 850k
3 0xp Copper Cr- 92k
1 0xp Slyth Cr- 47k and 1 full Slyth Cr 46k
Robb Cr- 58k
1 0xp Chiara Cr
Wednesday 09/04/14

2 messages
English Doe John - subject is closed
Six lots at decent prices!

Lot 1: 31 Harold 0xp --> PDD 1850/each

Lot 2: 30 Wayne Stark 0xp --> PDD : 2550/each

Lot 3: 32 Laetitia 0xp --> PDD : 1175/each

Lot 4: 30 Bubbles 0xp --> PDD: 1285/each

Lot 5: 33 Raquel 0xp --> PDD: 700/each

Lot 6: 30 Jonas 0xp --> PDD: 700/each

looking for cash
last valid offer tonight at 23.59.00 GMT+1

1 message
Español (S) Purple - subject is closed

I'a looking for those collectors :

- Thaumaturge Cr 0xp - 190'000
- Jim Cr 0xp - 200'000
- Ombre Cr 0xp - 300'000
- Page Cr 0xp - 90'000
- Miss Twice Cr 0xp - 270'000

I can offer :

- 32 Boris Cr 0xp - 14'000/t
- 120 Niqiloda 0xp - 1'400/t
- 350 Maciej 0xp - 3'500/t
- 120 Maamoon 0xp - 1'300/t
- 30 Pandagran 0xp - 7'000/t
- 30 El Divino 0xp - 31'000/t
- 90 Hemdall 0xp - 22'000/t

Thank you
1 message
English AKP Padrino - subject is closed
Hi, i sell 494 Rahanpah 0 xP : 1.9 k each .
10 messages
Português BilabongtvWMD - last answer from WP_RAW, Wednesday 09/04, 17:47.
Selling my Dragan Cr 0 xp. Want in the neighborhood of the current market value. Cash would be nice, but i'm also considering lots so pm me offers.

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