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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Thursday 09/01/14

11 messages
English Squirtroll - last answer from Squirtroll, Thursday 09/01, 01:50.
Honestly, I wasn't even sure where to put this

Now when I first started playing there were dozens of friendly, helpful, en players on the feed, constantly talking
Many of these players have retired and overall en participation has dropped

Many iPhone players, me included, only have the app for the activity feed

If any easily non offended, entertaining people are willing to try and revive the friends feed please comment the star emoji
If it is ok to add you and expect an add in return

Friendly neighborhood squirtroll
51 messages
Deutsch DVC - Banana - subject is closed
I do wonderfull Fruit avi (as you can see my beautifull banana)
Choose a fruit and pm me
I ll do it for you.
Wednesday 08/01/14

6 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from Memento Mori, Wednesday 08/01, 23:17.
Hey all! Just came across a intresting fanpage idea! Gather UR-statistics on one fanpage (personal).
I don't know how to do it but someone might.

4 messages
English HoA_Colours - subject is closed
Hi guys im really sorry but i would just like to take a moment of your time if it is ok to just look at my profile for a few seconds i have joined an event that involves people to view my profile and it ends 6 days from now and i am not too far behind from my opponents so i would like to get as many help as i can get i hope you guys could help me i am really sorry i dont want to misdirect others anymore. i just want to ask for help the right and i hope you guys could help me. thanks so much your view is highly appreciated.

my page: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/player/?id_player=1963702

HoA_Colours ( i hope to brighten up your day )

PS: i support fruits and vegetables avatars
181 messages
English Squirtroll - last answer from Squirtroll, Wednesday 08/01, 02:52.
Its safe to say that fr took a heavy toll on this games population, lots of inactive players, i understand wanting to create another game for their customers, but the timing of it was atrocious
theres been a huge market drop in cards since dt started awarding prizes lyse dropping from 12m to 6m korr 14m to 10m marly halving itself in price, this definitely makes players not want to take a risk on investments since it seems the market isnt going to repair itself.

Why not reduce the amount of prizes given in dt, or just limit who can win the first prize?

from 1-10 = first prize
from 11-30 = 2nd prize
from 31-70 = third prize
from 71-120 = fourth prize
from 121-150 = fifth prize

this just means that players new to the game scoring in the 50's wont win a korr end up trading for a cheap prize and dropping his overall value

and slowly removing the amount of prizes given out to 3 a day, 5 a week, 10 a month.

Game modes

Staff weekly bans, not like before, where they would ban the cards weeks in advance not knowing what the upcoming elo week would be like, but to actually have staff players play elo that week and ban whatever they beleive would be too common next week allowing for diversity the following week

; Ongh free, mono Jungo runs rampant as always, but dont ban Ongh that week, instead ban something like Jean, it wont cripple them as its just a staff ban that last a week, and theres plenty of other 2 stars in the clan, it will just give players the push they need not
Tuesday 07/01/14

6 messages
English Grand Upper - last answer from Thoazol, Tuesday 07/01, 18:59.
Are there certain clans that are more profitable to buy than others? (the average card is worth a higher value of clintz)

I'm about to buy some packs and want to generate the most clintz possible.

Monday 06/01/14

3 messages
English kung-fu dk - last answer from HoA_Colours, Monday 06/01, 14:06.
So, hi. i am returning to urban rivals after a hiatus where i kind of fell off with the game. just need help catching up in what happening. i left around the release of Plunk , for clarity. I ran a lot of decks back then. Sakrohm, piranhas, Skeelz, and Freaks being my main four decks. are there any new stables around for those clans, and has there been any new big things happening that i'd want to know about? i'd really appreciate some help catching up here.
12 messages
English WP-blobby - last answer from WP-blobby, Monday 06/01, 02:31.
Sunday 05/01/14

11 messages
ελληνικά 1ELM-skillet - last answer from DeepEnd, Sunday 05/01, 23:13.
I corrently have some of montanas and piranhas worth a good amount of clints

and some cheap Sentinel..
i can easily get to 150 in touraments i vent rly tried another mode...
i am a Montana fan so... where i should start im a litle confuse should i keep getting card from Montana to complete the clan or buy other clans to expand my playing options? also i play mono decks (mainly cause i dont have enough cards ) where should i start the so many clans out there
64 messages
English IL TRIVELLA - last answer from IL TRIVELLA, Sunday 05/01, 22:12.
Hi everyone, I will like to try to play Coliseum, also because now there is this special event for Christmas but I really can't understand how to do it, I also look on Google and on UR Wiki, but I can't find anything, can anyone help me please?

How the deck should be? which kinds of cards? which amount of stars? are some cards banned?

and how do you play that?

14 messages
English BA_HYDRO - last answer from u r who u r, Sunday 05/01, 12:16.
13:29 Duel ..you won by timeout against Kate (7-9) – your wins: 30 points and 5 Clintz

everyone know she is a noob but i never knew she even timed out matches , does this happen to everyone ?
3 messages
English Richliu - last answer from Cakeman Icing, Sunday 05/01, 02:42.
Saturday 04/01/14

3 messages
English BruceWong - last answer from BruceWong, Saturday 04/01, 18:53.
Will you lose your clintz if you are out bidded in an auction? or will you get it back if you lose
72 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
Guess how many Ayzkub I have to win them!
3 messages
English BruceWong - last answer from HoA_Colours, Saturday 04/01, 07:44.
Im thinking of getting a cp so i wanted a list of the 4 most expensive clans at the moment
Friday 03/01/14

6 messages
English BruceWong - last answer from tgh02, Friday 03/01, 13:00.
Hi does anyone know if the new characters every Friday are released at a specific time and which timezone?
9 messages
English uch1h4 0b1t0 - last answer from Tranquil_Suit, Friday 03/01, 00:46.
Y do u always give to same GMF guild didnt they got enough Crs
dont tell me its by random
Wednesday 01/01/14

44 messages
English Richliu - last answer from sheltz.joseph, Wednesday 01/01, 12:56.
Same deal as http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=1&id_subject=2416239&subject_page=0#answers

However this time I want to keep one for myself.

Hint 1: It's greater then 2.
Monday 30/12/13

9 messages
Deutsch Tranquil_Suit - subject is closed

What's the usual split of Rare/Uncommon/Common cards in an Elite pack?

Having bought a dozen of them, for Ultimate, the usual split is 3/2/2.
Sunday 29/12/13

4 messages
English TSC Redblood - subject is closed
What are they and how do you make them?

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