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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Sunday 29/12/13

4 messages
English TSC Hurricane - subject is closed
What are they and how do you make them?
43 messages
English BA_HYDRO - subject is closed
Any idea when the next collector will come ?
Saturday 28/12/13

6 messages
English Richliu - last answer from Richliu, Saturday 28/12/2013, 20:14.
It's really annoying now and this is only a recent problem I believe
37 messages
Português War Boy Cr - subject is closed
Here's a challenge I though about it for a while and decided to do.

Guess how many Tunned copies I have and win all of those. Put the number on the comment and wish yourself good luck!

The answer is 30. Or maybe it's not. Not even my socks knows.
Friday 27/12/13

2 messages
Deutsch DLL Laermans - subject is closed
I just sold some cards that I got in my packs, but I didn't recieve any clintz from selling Noctezuma, even though I sold him for around 40k... What's going on here?
7 messages
Deutsch atrana - last answer from IL TRIVELLA, Friday 27/12/2013, 12:43.
Im broke, and I was wondering whats the best way to get up a good size collection, Packs cost quite a bit Ive noticed and I can't play 24/7

I have noticed some Ebay adds that are better priced, but then I risk the account ban. What does everyone suggest for quickest money making in game to build up to a good deck, also what is a good clan choice to fit that purpose.

Thursday 26/12/13

3 messages
English Miel V - last answer from IL TRIVELLA, Thursday 26/12/2013, 16:06.
I have always observed the ticket:winnings ratio to be about 1:10 clintz (the biggest amount I won was about 3k clintz using about 300 tix all at once). I therefore think that someone who can hoard 25000 slot tickets may win the jackpot. I challenge all to try and hoard tickets and tell me the result.
20 messages
English Catheryne - last answer from Bobeeone, Thursday 26/12/2013, 13:46.
I've finally made some updates done to the "My Urban Rivals" fan site (http://urban-rivals.me). Let me know what you think.

Recent Changes:

* Updated the look and feel of the site
* Deck builder preview shows you which cards you're missing
* See what formats decks are valid for (i.e. T1, T2, and ELO)
* Shorter "share this deck" links in deck builder (old links still work)

Coming Very Soon:

* Searchable deck list that can be filtered to suit your needs
* Mission database and check-list

Current Site Features (for those of you don't know about the site):

* Search card database by any feature (name, clan, power, damage, level, ability, bonus, price, etc.)
* Sort card lists by potential profit/loss if sold at current market value
* Graphs of character price history over time
* See your recent trades for each character as well as profit/loss
* Deck builder to help you plan decks for various formats whether or not you own all of the cards.
* Securely link this site to your official Urban Rivals account
* Live player information for registered users (e.g. clintz balance, level, etc)
* Import your collection from the official site to easily see what cards you have, and which ones you're missing.
* Set decks on this site as your current in-game deck if you own all the cards.

Don't forget to vote for "My Urban Rivals - DB, Deck Builder, Etc." on the official fan site page: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/fansites.php
89 messages
English Richliu - last answer from tgh02, Thursday 26/12/2013, 03:23.
Simple Rules:

Guess how many Nobrocybix I have, guess correctly, and you'll win all 14 (jk jk)

Just post here to submit an entry, and each person can only submit one guess.

I'll be doing more of these if these turn out to be pretty popular.
Monday 23/12/13

4 messages
English IL TRIVELLA - last answer from Thoazol, Monday 23/12/2013, 15:11.
Hi everyone I will need help in building up a mono La Junta deck for face the legendary mission, can anyone help me please?

Sunday 22/12/13

20 messages
English Icarus - last answer from GWNGeneralZod, Sunday 22/12/2013, 17:24.
It seems the LD cycle is continuous but this doesn't bother me that much anymore considering I got most of them. But would you want another set of LD's? I mean the staff makes event with many tasks before releasing a card. Pilzken, Romana , Mechakolos, Devil Dog! Do you believe that UR will be a bit better if those cards were actually LD's not regular cards? Just stating my opinion here but I don't like to put in mind that thousands of Mechakolos are there, wasn't Kolos and Graks enough for a non-cr great card?

Opinions! Opinions!
Saturday 21/12/13

2 messages
English Focuscoene - last answer from tgh02, Saturday 21/12/2013, 17:35.
Am I the only one that thinks they pretty much ruined it? I can't find a way to look at the different clans, much less my different decks. Is anyone else having these problems?
2 messages
English BA-Kumar - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Saturday 21/12/2013, 08:04.
Instead of the Atk per Piltz left After putting some piltz on a card i mean At the initial round u keep 3 piltz on a card with this ability u get extra 9 atk instead of this why cant they make it Atk per piltz at round start like in the first round u get 12 atk and in future rounds how many clintz u have at the start u get that much extra atk its better
Friday 20/12/13

9 messages
English Ultimate_Angel - subject is closed
Hey Members/Players Of Urban Rivals Community,

This is me......SOF-Archinado. The sad thing is that im really sorry for the scams of the Event. But i messed up big time. I am really Sorry fo the things that i have done. But please give me one last chance please moderators. So i could start over again. I would like to thank these players making me Start over my life.

Hoatzy, thank you for teaching me the Capital Letters and stuff. I told you the truth and i just wanna start over.
RnB......Thank you for the support and You still dont understand.....I've changed my Attitude.

These players have been supporting me since when they teach me the right ways. So please make my account unlocked. Make the right choice and i wanna thank: "Brobored" For believing in me. Thank you and God bless.

A Real Sorry Letter and Thread From,
- SOF Archinado.

(Please unlock my account. Please......)

:'-( :'-(
8 messages
English Fleurs du mal - last answer from Houhox, Friday 20/12/2013, 14:52.
I have a little over 3000 credits, I would like to know the best/most efficient way to get clintz using them, whether its used on packs or something. I learned recently that you can't get CRs using packs so that changed my mind set and would get alot clintz to buy a CR. Please share other ways I can get clintz if credits isn't the way.
Wednesday 18/12/13

3 messages
English Fleurs du mal - last answer from tgh02, Wednesday 18/12/2013, 01:33.
I going to open a pack with credits but is there a chance you can get a CR in a pack? Or can you only win or buy/trade/sell them?
Tuesday 17/12/13

3 messages
English METALHEADuk666 - last answer from METALHEADuk666, Tuesday 17/12/2013, 16:53.
I don't have access to a regular pc. How can i play the slot machine.

i use an iphone to play. Is there a browser link to the slot machine or some way to acces this on the app
3 messages
English nanbe da - last answer from nanbe da, Tuesday 17/12/2013, 14:28.
Last round n both cards without bonus. Can A win by KO or not?
A : 10 lives , 1 pill , last card Dregn
B: 6 lives , 1 pill , last card El Gascaro
Monday 16/12/13

11 messages
English BA-Kumar - last answer from HipHoppa, Monday 16/12/2013, 19:35.
Why does Heal ,Poison ,life removal,defeat abilities AtbilitiesTrigger at the end of Last Round
I mean its Unfair it doesnt happen always .Consider a match
1.By the End of the 3 rd Round i have 13 life my opponent has 1 life i have o piltz and he has enough to Ko me if i had only 12.
2.And in the 1st 2nd or 3rd round i triggered poison 1 min0 or i my last card in the round 4 had Defeat +life or -1 min0 opp life
3.I would defintely win no matter how many piltz he uses for the last round
But this doesnt happen always i mean the defeat ,poison heal etc abilities wont trigger if i got Koed in one of the rounds .Why so i mean its unfair in a sense when a person can win but bcz of his less life and my abilities i win sometimes .I mean to say dnt let the abilities trigger in 4 th round it helps a lot .I mean ppl are getting cozy with posion cards and the heal cards and no matter how much we struggle it ends up draw or they win.
What I conclude is dnt trigger any abilites like heal defeat posion in the Final round Whats wrong in it .
7 messages
English THR NIGHTMARE - last answer from HipHoppa, Monday 16/12/2013, 19:27.
Does the tourney mode that concerns guild champions only standard, not extended?

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