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Strategy and Tactics : Deathmatch Mode

This brand new mode is exciting but which ultimate deck will rule all Deathmatches? Share your best combo and tactics here.
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Thursday 25/10/12

2 messages
English Ice dragon T - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Thursday 25/10/2012, 12:17.
Friday 12/10/12

6 messages
English HoAzeem - last answer from J-Nug, Friday 12/10/2012, 00:49.
I'm new to DM and are wondering what clans are popular and good .

Im thinking the deck -
Kolos Ghumbo Oshitsune
Tanaraeva Cr Hiyuk Lulabee Stanly . Would that be any good?
Wednesday 10/10/12

24 messages
English Alhalish - last answer from Alhalish, Wednesday 10/10/2012, 07:30.
Banquet of Tranquility

Although I've won two DeathMatches with this deck, I think that something's still missing here, as if that this deck is not yet complete.

Can you please help me?
Friday 05/10/12

2 messages
Español exc-likecool - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Friday 05/10/2012, 20:39.
deathmatch prototype
comment and rate please
7 messages
English 2sHaMe - last answer from 2sHaMe, Friday 05/10/2012, 19:49.
Saturday 29/09/12

2 messages
English mr7eveN - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Saturday 29/09/2012, 13:10.
A new version of my old deck to have some fun while Sentinel LD

Maybe for someone will be useful, u can also replace Lamar -> Sigurd


Tuesday 25/09/12

4 messages
4 7 - last answer from HoAzeem, Tuesday 25/09/2012, 20:40.
☁ Pink Dolphin ☁

Thoughts? Eh, good right?
*crosses fingers*
Sunday 23/09/12

2 messages
English mr7eveN - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Sunday 23/09/2012, 12:42.
DM Ownage is in her hands...

Let's test Lisbeth

R&C - thanks

Friday 21/09/12

17 messages
Português Barney_TnT - last answer from mahawirasd, Friday 21/09/2012, 06:59.
That's totally what I should have named the deck. Anyways, here's a pretty little preset for you to rate and comment on:

What About Standard, Barney?

Took it for a test drive, here are the results:

1st: Barney_UM 405 pts, win 150 bonus pts + 50 ctz.

22:17 Deathmatch you beat elitemre (8-0): 405 points
22:14 Deathmatch you were annihilated by elitemre (0-12): 340 points
22:10 Deathmatch you crushed StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (12-0): 320 points
22:08 Deathmatch you crushed StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (12-0): 250 points
22:05 Deathmatch you beat StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (5-0): 180 points
22:02 Deathmatch you beat White Walker, THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE (7-0): 120 points
21:59 Deathmatch you crushed White Walker, THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE (12-0): 60 points
21:56 Deathmatch you beat StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (5-0): 55 points

What do you think of the deck? Anything you would change about it?
Wednesday 12/09/12

Saturday 25/08/12

4 messages
English 0_Jess - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Saturday 25/08/2012, 21:39.
Wednesday 15/08/12

6 messages
English Lu Bu - last answer from Lu Bu, Wednesday 15/08/2012, 00:48.
Standard DM; Party Time!

Standard DM; Game, Set & Match!

My best Deathmatch decks. The Junkz one is more consistent, but the All Stars one got me my DM record...
I consider the Junkz one better but they're both amazing.

Don't suggest Fizzle, and don't suggest Nathan or whatever other DR you'd probably want... this isn't Extended.
Tuesday 14/08/12

4 messages
English BlackMagic_UM - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 14/08/2012, 19:18.
You ranked 2nd in a Deathmatch with 420 points! (first DM)
You ranked 1st in a Deathmatch with 305 points! (Second DM)

Keep in mind i've never used Bangers before so i didnt knnow really what i should do but it seems to work for anyone!
Monday 13/08/12

5 messages
English TD CARLO - last answer from Tebbe, Monday 13/08/2012, 21:26.
Thursday 09/08/12

5 messages
English cheesecake97 - last answer from GvnOva, Thursday 09/08/2012, 07:14.
Need help finding a strategy for an All Stars deck. It consists of Alexei, Amelia, Asporov, Allison, Ashley, Cesare, Bhudd, and Mikki.
Tuesday 07/08/12

2 messages
English Diasterpiece - subject is closed
Hi, I'm new(actually I came back after two years) and I'm trying to get a cheap-ish elo deck with fpc. I'm going for something of a 7-5 damage combo mostly. I'm thinking of going with Montana mostly but I wanted to get your opinion. My budget for a half deck would be around 12k. I was also thinking of going Mono but I thought that might be more expensive.
Wednesday 01/08/12

2 messages
English Stukeley - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 01/08/2012, 13:05.
2 messages
English LOA__MaX - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 01/08/2012, 13:04.
15:31 Deathmatch you won by timeout against DUC- JB, Dutch Urban Crew (12-6): 645 points
15:29 Deathmatch you crushed sergio mancho (12-0): 580 points
15:27 Deathmatch you crushed loloco ne, nexus354 Guild (12-0): 515 points
15:24 Deathmatch you crushed julio_89, Los piratas de Enel (12-0): 450 points
15:22 Deathmatch you beat ZAPPO-WHP, World Heroes Premium (4-0): 380 points
15:20 Deathmatch you crushed julio_89, Los piratas de Enel (12-0): 315 points
15:18 Deathmatch you narrowly escaped from julio_89, Los piratas de Enel (3-0): 245 points
15:15 Deathmatch you crushed julio_89, Los piratas de Enel (12-0): 175 points
15:13 Deathmatch you crushed Gabber94 ITA, Descendants of the Roman Empire (12-0): 115 points
15:11 Deathmatch you won by timeout against DS-zizitop, The Dark Spirits (12-5): 60 points
2 messages
English Forever-Joshy - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 01/08/2012, 13:02.
Original Deck and Forum Post: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=6&id_subject=1911086&subject_page=0#answers

Updated Records:
10/0/0 650 points
9/0/0 600 points
9/0/0 580 points

Updated Deck:
5*: Tan Man
4*: Jackie Cr and Wee Lee
3*: Oxen and Zatman
2*: Jose Star, Taigo, and Gabrielle

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