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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Wednesday 18/12/13

7 messages
English XER-0 - subject is closed
Pharmicidal INC is now recruiting. We are looking for active players above the level of 15. All players (who meet requirement) are welcome and encouraged to join.

Great for players looking for extra competition, or players looking for making some new friends.

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English DaLonz - subject is closed
Firstly, thanks for the read, my time is valuable and so is yours. I appreciate you taking the time to check my post.

Moving forward; I've been playing this game off and on since 2008. My collection was fairly large to begin as I was serious about the competitive aspect of the game in the beginning. Life got complicated so I stopped playing. Fast forward to recently and suddenly the meta changed, my entire friends list doesn't exist anymore and my guild is gone. This game has changed a lot, but i still find it challenging and entertaining. Good news is, some of my collection went CR, so funding has not been an issue. Bad news is, most of the cards, tricks, and meta that was relevant back when I played just simply aren't now.

Which brings me to this. I am looking for and active and highly competitive guild. I am not interested in a casual or social guild. I am open to friends if you want to be on my list, i am sociable and active every day, but I am not looking for a guild of people who are here to be friends, chat, RP, whatever it is you name it. If you are 'friendly' and happen to be a high level playing group then great. But joking around and playing substandard is not something im interested in. I want to surround myself with strong players so I can relearn the meta, study high level deck archetypes, analyze relevant crytiques of my failings and successes, and get where I need to be.
Tuesday 17/12/13

6 messages
English Ackley2012 - subject is closed
If u are looking to join a guild to have fun and to be a active player on the roster then join us and levels 5 and up can join

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 15/12/2013, 23:47
3 messages
English (RED)-KOLIBRI - subject is closed
Although Rɘdvolution are Indonesian Guild..
But also open rec for all ppl..

Thanks before.
More informations, are inside.


edited by -Wicer- Sunday 15/12/2013, 19:32
14 messages
English WP_Arlo - subject is closed
Are you just like me? Have you found this game 'recently,' and gotten slightly addicted to it? Do you wish you could TALK to someone about it?? DOES NOBODY ON THIS GAME SPEAK ENGLISH OR USE THEIR CHAT WINDOWS!?!?!

LOL sometimes it seems like they don't. Hey, I had that problem. Felt like I was doing really well at the game but what was left to do? To accomplish?


Socialize with other players and FRIENDS that are online every day waiting to chat with someone besides Kate.

Take a little bit of pride in helping something grow and grow with it and within it.

Passion and Punishment
12 messages
English Falixd - subject is closed
Are you looking to join a friendly, well kept, organized, guild?

-Or are you knew and looking for a cool place to meet new people, and battle new enemies like never before?

If so, I advise you to join the guild, Demons Fang.

In our guild we don't just take the toughest, and roughest looking characters to join us. Instead, we take those of all places, with different faces, and create a not only friendly environment, but a non judgemental one too!
Benefiting your trust, and building your social skills as well.

Join us, we'll be thankful to have you as a part of our community!
I am willing to answer you're questions to my fullest extent.
Demons Fang

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Monday 16/12/13

1 message
English Ackley2012 - subject is closed
Come join us if u have passion and punishment when u play with the montana's and I am looking for a administrator to help run the guild ..

edited by -Wicer- Monday 16/12/2013, 02:41
Saturday 14/12/13

10 messages
English kamuigakupo888 - subject is closed
So I have had an idea for a long time for writing comments posing as the Leader of the clan, Or in general just giving an opinion from one clan member to another, or perhaps writing an diary. Anyway if you are serious about it I would love to have you as a member

edited by Artemis-BZ Saturday 30/11/2013, 03:51
2 messages
English Fruz- - subject is closed
So, I've been out of UR for a couple of months now, decided to come back.
Looking for a guild, as the title would suggest.
Friday 13/12/13

6 messages
English WP- JackFrost - subject is closed
Hi all

im looking for a active guild, kinda new here, im very active i always play here UR
Tuesday 10/12/13

2 messages
English Wave Season - subject is closed
Im extremely powerful with two Cr Cards in my Deck. Im Active too send me a message if your recruiting.
Sunday 08/12/13

18 messages
English MrAeiro - subject is closed
Looking for people to join a newly formed guild. No level restrictions, however you must be an active player.
I would like a guild of fun outgoing players who want to chat and share ideas to make everyone better.
In order to communicate easily all members must speak English.
Once it gets up and running I have some good event ideas and am open to any ideas from any members.
Hope to see you guys soon!

edited by -Wicer- Sunday 17/11/2013, 14:40
13 messages
English 1NightStand - subject is closed
After the last of us vanished and sunk into the pacific, the pacific rim took away the Lou and defeated all clans among us. The Lou was demolished but the players reborn and stayed with the pacific rim.
The Pacfic rim was under control by both RnB_ and __Yuri after they failed to save the Lou but began a better and powerful guild called the pacific rim.
All players survied after the sinking of the Lou and is now secured with the pacific rim.
Better activity and better fun.
Message boards for all ranges of players.
The pacific can hold upto 80 members. Are you prepared?

Applications are running.

We are secured.
Pacific Rim

edited by Artemis-BZ Saturday 30/11/2013, 03:54
Wednesday 04/12/13

2 messages
English jason.schultz.9 - subject is closed
I switched this game over to sync with my facebook.... I been playing this game for like 12 years. I lost all my cards WTF AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Tuesday 03/12/13

3 messages
English Dannyneverendin - subject is closed
Any one of any level can join
2 messages
English Dannyneverendin - subject is closed
Hey there! My names DannyNeverEnding and I'm the founder of the black flag pirates guild. I'm looking for members to join the guild.

It's a kind of pirate theme'd guild, as I'm sure you can tell by the name. I'm looking for anyone of any level to join as everyone is welcome.

edited by Artemis-BZ Tuesday 03/12/2013, 03:53
2 messages
English Nova Supreme - subject is closed
Team Nova Factor is still looking for more members *level 20 and higher* if you have any questions feel free to message me
Sunday 01/12/13

5 messages
English Nova Supreme - subject is closed
I'm Nova Supreme founder of Team Nova Factor and i'm looking for level 20 or higher active members for my new guild.

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 01/12/2013, 03:53
Saturday 30/11/13

7 messages
English barbus2234 - subject is closed
Hellow my name is barbus2234 I have Ben playing urban rivals on and off for years now I have an almost complete collection of GHEIST and Nightmare and a random assortment of other clans this being sayed im still as most would call it noob as hell my win rate is pathetic and im hopeing I can find a guild of experienced people with the know how and the skill to help me out and help me advance as a player...hit me up with a pm or drop a line here
3 messages
English OG_Haze - subject is closed
New clan consisting of four members at the moment, recruitment is a must for us so if you're interested let us know !
-minimum level 20
-Have "OG" Clan tag
Just search ORIGINAL GANGSTERS Or drop me a message

Original Gangsters

edited by Artemis-BZ Saturday 30/11/2013, 03:48

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