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Tuesday 19/08/14

5 messages
English Mezzo7Sangue - last answer from Mezzo7Sangue, Tuesday 19/08, 10:46.
Hi guys

I want trade 1000 Tuck 0 exp, I value them 8800/each, so 8m800k

I can divide the lot.. I accept the following crs:

Tessa Cr vs 100 Tuck 0 exp

Dragan Cr vs 100 Tuck 0 exp

Marlysa Cr vs 170 Tuck 0 exp

Lyse Teria Cr 850 Tuck 0 exp

If you're interested contact me by pm, I can accept also other crs...

Thank you
1 message
English GenT LaCaiGi - subject is closed
Hey again,

I'm buying all your Pr Hartnell 0exp for 4250 each.

You can send them directly to my PS.

2 messages
English (Gol D Roger) - subject is closed
Cash Or Big 5 i can give Complimentry
7 messages
Deutsch {RW}Wolve - subject is closed
Hi guys,

I'm looking for trading my Kiki Cr (full) for your Guru Cr / DJ Korr Cr (any xp) without! compliment
PM me pls for faster respond.

Thx mods for publishing

Best regards
2 messages
- Patrom - - last answer from Faint Man, Tuesday 19/08, 00:14.
131 Tameshi 0xp = 2.2K/T

42 Magnar 0xp = 4K/T

34 Greem Full = 3.6K/T

28 Greem 0xp = 4.6K/T
Monday 18/08/14

5 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed

I am looking to trade lyse and a few vickie for Kiki.

I will also consider a trade for cr lots of kenny, cooper, blaster, caleus.

Thank you
2 messages
English 0-d4r L4F - last answer from 0-d4r L4F, Monday 18/08, 11:24.
Hi Guys,
I wanna trade my Dragan Cr for your Splata Cr + Compliment
Just message me
5 messages
English CB-Nine Death - last answer from Faint Man, Monday 18/08, 09:31.
Buying any Kawamashi Cr for 6k

and Terry Cr for 10k
6 messages
English CN Mafioso - subject is closed
I Got 53 Liona, 52 Oxp and 1 full, for sale. Selling them for 11.5k each

Only want CASH

PM for faster response
10 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
I sell 27 Wanda 0xp 4200/each ( no négo)
26 messages
English elite cr - last answer from elite cr, Monday 18/08, 00:22.
Hello everyone!

I am buying all Jackie Cr 0exp 200k each and all Wanda 0exp 4k each. Please send them to my private sales if you are interested. Thanks!
Sunday 17/08/14

5 messages
English Mordreut - last answer from CB-Nine Death, Sunday 17/08, 23:00.
As the title says, I'm looking to trade my General Cr 0xp and my Manon Cr 0xp:

For my General Cr I'm looking (ONLY) for a DJ Korr Cr 0xp... I would add a complement here

For my Manon Cr I'm looking for another useless 0xp CR like Berserkergirl Cr, Aldebaran Cr, Flavio Cr, NDololo Cr, Shawoman Cr, Lao Cr, Armanda Cr, Sum Sam Cr.... To complete the deal, we can negotiate a complement in cards and/or clintz

Made your offers

2 messages
English CB-Nine Death - subject is closed
All in the title DJ Korr Cr for Genral Cr and Vickie or a 400k + Cr
3 messages
English GenT LaCaiGi - subject is closed
Feel free to contact me by PM or here.
Thank you
3 messages
addiction08 - last answer from addiction08, Sunday 17/08, 13:15.
11.5k. If it's a deal, just put it in my private sales and pm me. thanks!
1 message
English (Gol D Roger) - subject is closed
I accpect cards and clintz too
2 messages
addiction08 - last answer from addiction08, Sunday 17/08, 08:34.
11k. Current market price is 11.5k. Send him to my private sales asap if you're willing. Thanks
1 message
My price : 190000
Anyone interested pm me plz
2 messages
English 0_Censored - subject is closed
Hi, i want to trade my General Cr full exp (9.45m) +50k cash vs Guru Cr any exp (9.5m)
Pm me if interested.

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