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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Tuesday 08/07/14

8 messages
English EpicRice - last answer from 412rayray, Tuesday 08/07, 23:24.
I was able to draw these two cards from a pack opening and I was wondering which of the two are better, and whether i should sell one of them or keep them both?
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English Soiuku - last answer from TheDoomBug, Tuesday 08/07, 21:55.
Does anyone know when I can expect to see Valentina Ld come back in cycle?
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English play_0 - subject is closed
Post here to win cards ,

First 2 people to post will get Rolph and Boomstock
12 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from Cakeman Icing, Tuesday 08/07, 01:26.
Why don't people start doing some memes on UR?
Or is there already something existing? xD
This is an awesome game and it can go a long way by word of mouth
people just need to talk abt it on fb more :3
Monday 07/07/14

43 messages
English Daxose - last answer from Daxose, Monday 07/07, 15:12.
Let me start off by saying there is probably no "fair" way to do this, but I was curious on everyone's thoughts on the subject.

UR has, obviously, grown vastly since its inception. Cards that were relevant and playable when the game first came out have no place in the game now.

What if UR eliminated these cards from the packs? Or if they took a different route and made them all CRs (thus, eliminating them from packs)?

The point being, no one gets excited when they spend money and get a Sandy or a Oryon or a Bill Joby in their packs. These cards are, essentially, useless to the game. They are additional cards to "collect" (key, operative word), but they aren't playable in the slightest.

What if UR removed the opportunity of obtaining these cards from us purchasing packs?
What if UR made it so these cards were the cards you got for free for winning duels?

Collectors will still want to obtain these cards, but UR "players" will not; it's impossible to use these cards even as a beginner and have any chance at winning.

I don't mean cards like Todd, which are basically useless but still have a place in the game. I mean the original, classic cards. Who's base stats don't match their * count and they just about all have "no ability"

There are a lot of these cards out there, and it can be annoying to purchase an elite pack and be stuck with multiple cards you just can't wait to sell.
Saturday 05/07/14

24 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 05/07, 22:46.
I closed the other one casue i should of word it better.

i had a idea for a clan.
its a idea that would work an fit in to this game easy an as great as penutbutter an jelly together.

the clans called
Bounes: Support +1 power an damage

Bio: in the Vortex lab was like any other day. but then sentenials made a rade right as a Vortex was being ajusted. It caused a singlarity an opened a hole in to a world long ago. lets in a KIng of great power an his army an qween. knights come fulling out ready for battle screeming LONG LIVE THE KING. A few more otheres from the kingdom took the chance to enter this new world.

this clan can have so many ideas for cards

plz post comments an card ideas.
Hope this post is much much better done then my last one sorry.
31 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 05/07, 22:44.
Now hear me out.
I been playing this game a long time. At fisrt i got why there was no 1* cards.
But with the new rules an game play an rooms why not alow them now?
The rule they would be admitted to tho be huge.
#1: you will only earn these cards in mission form like Ld but these mission will be clan only missions.
#2: these cards can not be sold or traded like Ld cards.
#3: Only one 1* card can be in a deck at any given time.
#4: these cards mission will be unlocked when you buy the cards an us them to to unlock the next mission an buy the next card of that clan. prity much if you collector of a clan you will get missions to unlock a 1* card.
#5: you cant lvl up a 1* card they are maxed when you get them.
Now i give a Exsample what a card would be like. I will use GHEIST cause its the only clan i have learned an mastered.

A 1* card 7 power/ 1 damage ability:Reprisal: + 1 life per damage bounes: Stop Opp. Ability

This card will activate mission by buying a +1 life per damage GHEIST card such a Dr Saw or Ernst. Then healing 3000 life then to 4000 life for the next mission.Then you get the card.
This makes it were players buying cards for a clan they like an getting new missions an a opption for a new card.
Also this new 1* card will open doors for more mix of decks usen cards with other cards they could not do before.
I do belive it is posible now for the rare lower clan cards. earned buy players who are dedicated to a clan.
post 1* card ideas.
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English Merranyth - subject is closed
Salut !

Je suis récemment passé d'un mono-Junkz à un mono-Pussy. Ce-dernier fonctionnant très bien, je me suis rendu compte que j'étais plus doué à jouer un deck défensif plutôt qu'un deck de bourrin (ou de contrôle de pillz).

J'ai donc, après trois semaines de jeu avec le mono-Pussy, décidé de revendre tous mes Junkz, pour changer de deck.

Avec 200 000 Clintz en poche, j'ai cherché du côté des clans qui m'intéressaient (Sakhrom, Uppers, Montana...) et je suis tombé sur LA Perle rare : Lady. J'ai tout de suite pensé "omfg, c'est une Charlie Uppers !", et du coup, j'aimerais faire un deck autour de cette carte.

J'ai pris ma base mono-Pussy auquel j'ai enlevé quelques cartes, et j'ai obtenu ça :
Clover Noel
Jose Star

J'ai donc un SoA (Rubie) et un SoB (Lucy), des soins (Diana, Clover Noel), de la réduction de dommages (Lady, les Pussy) et des capas d'évasion (Nabrissa, les Uppers).

Ça me paraît complet comme ça mais... J'ai l'impression que ça peut être mieux.

A noter que je joue surtout en TQ T1, mais que mis à part Diana qui est exclue pour la semaine, je ne compte pas jouer avec des interdits Elo. Je ne suis pas contre pour jouer en DM ou en SR, j'ai cru comprendre que Lady était très bonne là-dedans et Charlie aussi, mais je ne m'y connais absolument pas

Merci pour vos réponses !
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English - Elkas - last answer from Thoazol, Saturday 05/07, 12:31.
I was wondering,which artist(s) are your favorites and which one's would you bring back to do more arts for UR?

soleil (I know,UR and Soleil had a Contract for like 6 months or year and then all the cards became Cr) And with the new design for the Crs on the Soleil cards look really beautiful (Imo)

bbellamy: Scarlett's Artwork its just AWESOME!

APEKA: I love Kenny's & Sigumnd artwork
6 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from ((TinyGlitch)), Saturday 05/07, 09:03.
Is it possible to reverse this
i was trying to remove this player as he hadn't played a game in 3 months and i was trying to weed out the inactive people
can i take this issue to a mod or is this far-fetched
12 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from Julius G, Saturday 05/07, 03:44.
What is the criteria for a card to become CR?
26 messages
English ChangeIsGood - subject is closed
I'm going to make a dungeons and dragons like event open to everyone so we can pass the time during this summer.
All the decisions will be based on the players' votes on how to play a battle
Right now I'd like for the community to vote for our first 4 non ELO Banned Cards to be our starting characters (and hand in gameplay). There will be some opportunities to recruit more heroes in the future.
Note: The strengths of the characters are not exactly the same stats found in game.

So after all this, I'd like for the community to choose our first 4 cards. The only restriction is that they cannot be ELO banned.

I don't think this should be a event because I intend this to be a drop on drop off gameplay status.

Let the voting begin!

We have until 7/4 11:59 GMT. If there are ties we will have a revote between the cards selected (seems very likely)

edited by ChangeIsGood Thursday 03/07, 01:42
Friday 04/07/14

7 messages
English CB Maad - last answer from Six Nations, Friday 04/07, 15:28.
I can't remember when we had the last Coliseum or what was the theme.. I think Coliseum has the potential to be the best mode in this game but is inactive as hell..
Why you don't make an Coliseum every weekend? The theme could be:
- The four card released (This weekend would be with Elmer, Judge Scare, Farman and Grace)
- Clans war (Montana vs Sentinel or based on the ld that releases in that weekend!);
For the clans war, I see great potential in the characters description! Like Grouchy vs Archibald, or Lena vs X-0DUS, etc..
Sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazilian and in the portuguese forum nobody cares about anything ;D

What do you think?
5 messages
English Six Nations - last answer from Soiuku, Friday 04/07, 02:36.
How about some new menu characters such as the Skeelz and the newer cards? I mean it isn't really that important and UR staff should focus on the game first and foremost, but this feature seems to have been forgotten and left to collect dust...

Some new characters would be great please
Wednesday 02/07/14

16 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from Soiuku, Wednesday 02/07, 21:56.
Hi, newish to the leveling up cards without the meter's help.
How long approximately would it take (Number of Fights) to level up characters by level?
And how long to fill up the XP Meter if anyone might know?
How big of a visible impact have the changes had/made?
6 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from Soiuku, Wednesday 02/07, 21:06.
Which will draw a better profit?
9 messages
English CB Maad - last answer from TheDoomBug, Wednesday 02/07, 19:59.
1st - Moving Cards - Moving cards from 1 clan to another! It would be rare in the game but it would make some cards a lot better (or worse) in the game.. Like 1 time per year, each clan would get an new card from another clan! Ex: X-0DUS gets Lena and Dregn makes her an Vortex member (against her will, of course).. Bristone ends her infiltration mission and goes back to the Sentinel base.. El Gringo goes to Huracan.. Etc..
I know is not the best idea, but it would make the game a little bit cooler!

2nd - I saw in this forum someone complaining about the unusable cards that come in the packs (Sandy, Oryon, etc..).. Maybe the best thing is to make them a little better! Ex: Sandy - 2 power | 4 damage | no ability -> 5 power | 4 damage | -1 opp. power, min. 1 - I think it isn't an great improvement but is enough to make her a little better.. Another example: Oryon - 2 power | 6 damage | no ability -> 6 power | 4 damage | Heal 1, max. 6 ..
What do you think?
8 messages
English jerromy - last answer from troll4663, Wednesday 02/07, 08:22.
i was looken at the Permanently banned characters an i noticed that some dont need to be banned at all. for at least no for ever an some were ld's. wich makes my scratch my head even more. thought the would never bann ld cards.

Bristone dosent seem to need to be forever banned Mechakolos yea ban him for ever i under stand why in elo but money others seem not need to be on that list. any one els hear find the Permanently banned characters list a little wierd an needs a bit of a look at agin.
6 messages
English play_0 - last answer from play_0, Wednesday 02/07, 02:50.
I wanted to edit the titles of some posts in my guilds message board , I was wondering how to do it
Monday 30/06/14

5 messages
English ChangeIsGood - last answer from Taxaviz, Monday 30/06, 20:13.
Now it doesn't seem like we're getting anymore.


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