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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 14/04/14:
The jackpot reached 938 500 Clintz.
 English 0yunus0 from guild CC French Team 2014 won Lyse Teria Cr. (1448 elo)
 Español -b20- TpU from guild ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN`` won Sum Sam Cr. (1438 elo)
 English 0 Sky dragon from guild CC Italian Team 2014 won Melissa Cr. (1434 elo)
 English 0 Gangsta from guild Doge Family won Ombre Cr. (1401 elo)
 English 0_Pollito from guild Discipulos de Jako won Skullface Cr. (1378 elo)
 English Saga from guild The Nocturnals won Kalindra Cr. (1371 elo)
 English Oz Kayn from guild Echoes won Geuner Cr. (1365 elo)
 Español Yayitos100 from guild Hombre Pánico won Emeth Cr. (1365 elo)
 English SR-Qveotjn from guild †▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░SERENITY░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂† won Smokey Cr. (1360 elo)
 English Mr Nodays off from guild Les Têtes Brûlées won Diyo Cr. (1360 elo)
 English BA_Hattinn from guild • » вєαυтιƒυℓ αηgєℓz « • won Marco Cr. (1357 elo)
 English LH-Meher from guild ★Massive(◣_◢) aTTack ★ won Edd Cr. (1356 elo)

 English LPB pilou from guild les petits boulets won Kuei. (1332 elo)
 English -A-Reino from guild α Alphas α won C Beast. (1314 elo)
 English - Anonypas - from guild NOVA won La Calavera. (1309 elo)
 English Patrick_Jane from guild ◥◥Targaryen◤◤ won Pastor. (1309 elo)
 English sobacana from guild survivor won Beeboy. (1308 elo)
 English LD-Dominator from guild Los Disidentes won Pan. (1308 elo)
 English HealedMiguel- from guild Legacy won Lizbeth. (1307 elo)
 Português WW_dc1998 from guild WESTERN WORLD won Miss Lizbeth. (1306 elo)
 English BAKI SPIRIT won Vermaire. (1305 elo)
 English Poison-z from guild PokiMaBuoni won Sir Barks. (1305 elo)
 English Dolce vita from guild Penumbra won Noemi. (1304 elo)
 English kaizoku-top won Virginia. (1304 elo)
 English 0 69 Maestro from guild §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§ won Nerfeniti. (1303 elo)
 English Sor Muelles from guild Pistachia vera won Amiral Coco. (1303 elo)
 English Asmcool Faf from guild fun and furious won Randal. (1303 elo)
 Русский (BB) Liar from guild The Big Bang won Tomas. (1303 elo)
 English 0 MonkeyMoney won Chwing. (1303 elo)
 English MauvaisOeil62 from guild Crépuscule won Lola. (1301 elo)
 English -Gekk0- won Lizzy. (1301 elo)
 English 0 Popper won Devil Dog. (1301 elo)
 English ZyroShadow won Elvira. (1300 elo)
 English 69 Kiss from guild City Of The Gods won Kobalth. (1292 elo)
 Русский TARA-87 from guild Камрадство won Murphy. (1286 elo)
 English StayStrong- O from guild ◥◥Targaryen◤◤ won Linda. (1282 elo)
 Español pbox_Peye132 from guild The Pandora´s Box won Dregn. (1264 elo)
 Español MG-ArmeDragon from guild E X C A L I B U R won Zornado. (1261 elo)
 English Immuniize from guild Le Mont Olympe won Russel. (1256 elo)
 English Raziel_GK won Jiro. (1253 elo)
 Español LW Maggie from guild Legendary Warriors won Brody. (1251 elo)
 English papumille from guild La Confrérie des Mutants won Nistarok. (1247 elo)
 English jambalaja1234 from guild Kill Em All won Ulrich. (1245 elo)
 English Wahus from guild I-TALIANI DOC won Mechakolos. (1228 elo)
 Português L0RD_IURY from guild GMF Darkness Guild won Qorah. (1226 elo)
 Русский x_XRedX_x from guild ЛОВ_КАЧ won Rad. (1223 elo)
 English 0 Rsp from guild E X C A L I B U R won Cyb Lhia. (1217 elo)
 English llellUA from guild WinAge won Uchtul. (1216 elo)
 English HD_Mephisto from guild I have a dream won Pandagran. (1215 elo)
 English RGIII won Rowdy. (1213 elo)
 English Dark Mireille from guild Dark Abyss won Muze. (1210 elo)
 English -SouuuL from guild La Taverne de Dionysos won Graff. (1210 elo)
 English TOP_raulix from guild Top Elo won Anakrohm. (1209 elo)
 English TheMedic from guild The Trend won Noctezuma. (1207 elo)
 English bhole from guild Fenice won Sah Brinak. (1206 elo)
 English hoymismo_MG from guild ♠ ♣ MANO GANADORA ♠ ♣ won Buck. (1204 elo)
 English GkmKiller from guild Heaven's Door won Saddy. (1203 elo)
 Português lmnow from guild GMF Darkness Guild won Daddy Jones. (1203 elo)
 English Urdlin won Nyema. (1201 elo)
 English mrspink from guild UR Stars won Bloodh. (1201 elo)
 English kikedom from guild ~Olympus~ won Jakson. (1201 elo)
 Español Kid_A from guild ◢◣ Ĭmp∈riu♏ ◢◣ won Marina. (1200 elo)

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