Tournament of the Monday 11/04/16: The jackpot ended up at 1 238 560 Clintz

General Bose from guild E X C A L I B U R won Lyse Teria Cr. (1 503 elo)
TahmKench from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Tessa Cr. (1 493 elo)
-Playlikeme from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Shawoman Cr. (1 437 elo)
Fokfok from guild Dark Abyss won Rass Cr. (1 408 elo)
EL_BIG_PAPI from guild 0ld School won Miss Twice Cr. (1 403 elo)
kurt81_ from guild E X C A L I B U R won Reine Cr. (1 377 elo)
- Dribbie from guild Rebirth won Jim Cr. (1 368 elo)
Marcos1533 from guild ŦECHNOLOGЎ ĐEATHMATCH won Thaumaturge Cr. (1 367 elo)
Doubble U from guild The BeSharps won Dr Copernica Cr. (1 364 elo)
{VULCANO} from guild Arcadia won Yayoi Cr. (1 354 elo)
valentinocr from guild PokiMaBuoni won Shaakarti Cr. (1 352 elo)
0AL Bordelik from guild Azraël legend won Chikko Cr. (1 338 elo)
0-King Julian from guild Wise Men Distracted won Christelle. (1 327 elo)
-TL-Jochen from guild Tequila DeLuxe won Hemdall. (1 316 elo)
fast2play from guild Lendários Guerreiros Imortais won C Dusk. (1 311 elo)
TpU_Stadtaff from guild ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN`` won Marina. (1 310 elo)
0 Myk from guild House of Fear won Karrion. (1 309 elo)
makarrr zenit from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Chel. (1 309 elo)
- Bangerz from guild E X C A L I B U R won Shaker. (1 309 elo)
0 Remind won Dallas. (1 307 elo)
UN Pajarraco from guild A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR won Jessie. (1 307 elo)
UP Halloween from guild UnderWorld Priests won Stalfhaust. (1 304 elo)
Gallegui from guild Internacionalistas won La Calavera. (1 304 elo)
krawiec94 won Tomoe. (1 304 elo)
FAST Baldone from guild FAST PLAYERS GUILD won Dr Elisa. (1 302 elo)
Ace bengol0 from guild ★☆★ L'Alliance Céleste ★☆★ won Brok. (1 301 elo)
DarkNessNTC from guild 0ld School won Slopsh. (1 300 elo)
--Silly-- from guild Visão da Morte won Pavel. (1 299 elo)
-KL- KyRaZh from guild Kings of Legends won Armand. (1 286 elo)
PA Marta from guild CC Community cup 2016 PT won Ielena. (1 284 elo)
- BlaZers - from guild E X C A L I B U R won Koshiro. (1 282 elo)
facu-chobo from guild Exiliados won Shogunn. (1 277 elo)
Lukernator28 from guild Wise Men Distracted won Rex Sweig. (1 276 elo)
HoC fuzy Rb from guild ºººHouse Of Clintzsººº won Belgosi. (1 272 elo)
MAST3R1NG won Sir Barks. (1 268 elo)
Hd_Scorpio87 from guild Heaven Destroyer won Kusuri. (1 252 elo)
SM-Apolyon from guild Sticos Mutants won Rattle. (1 250 elo)
0 zabimaru won Betelgeuse. (1 249 elo)
MrMaxim3 from guild Tokyo Ghoul won Josephine. (1 248 elo)
masterxd15 from guild Don't Respect won Selina. (1 243 elo)
DA edrick from guild Dark Legion won Moses. (1 241 elo)
mrloreto won Heartnett. (1 239 elo)
ex hurycane won Python. (1 234 elo)
Rr45-jj6 won Kobalth. (1 232 elo)
peps007 from guild The Big Bang won Scubb. (1 231 elo)
StratoKoster from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Zaria. (1 229 elo)
Sho-Nuff_TpU from guild ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN`` won Stella. (1 225 elo)
mrBeniek from guild Dark Fighters won Dustyn. (1 223 elo)
Naii_GD from guild Generación Dorada won Hriger. (1 220 elo)
FAF-Titan from guild fun and furious won Gianfranco. (1 220 elo)
fayzsum from guild Orlovi won Katan. (1 219 elo)
batoshikk from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Joy. (1 218 elo)
donatslayer from guild Orlovi won Clara. (1 212 elo)
Enigma UM from guild URBAN MADNESS won Arnie. (1 210 elo)
123danno from guild NOVA won Kerry. (1 210 elo)
GWN Waggy from guild Great White North won Pericles. (1 209 elo)
8i8iy from guild I bertanati won Nyema. (1 203 elo)
papumille from guild Football Guild won El Divino. (1 202 elo)
commando10 won Olga. (1 201 elo)
{GN} Popoter from guild Guardia de la Noche won Linda. (1 201 elo)
wesmantooth from guild Casual Grind won Baby Q Rb. (1 200 elo)
komar1f from guild Black Lagoon won Jautya. (1 200 elo)