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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 25/05/15:
The jackpot reached 1 813 620 Clintz.
 English 0 69 Tom from guild Zone 69 won DJ Korr Cr. (1440 elo)
 English _Interstellar from guild α Alphas α won Elya Cr. (1409 elo)
 Español NW Soldier from guild ─═ ▀▄ Natural Winner´s ▄▀ ═─ won Sigmund Cr. (1406 elo)
 Español NN_orsobruno from guild New Nemesis won Melissa Cr. (1405 elo)
 English Saga_HoA from guild Harbingers of Ares won Jim Cr. (1367 elo)
 English Raivif won Geuner Cr. (1365 elo)
 English Osisdani from guild ◢◣ Ĭmp∈riu♏ ◢◣ won Robb Cr. (1363 elo)
 English Oz Lucas from guild Echoes won Jane Ramba Cr. (1362 elo)
 Deutsch ARD-DonP3 from guild Austria Red Devils won Marco Cr. (1362 elo)
 English Play_Right from guild Limit Break won Chiara Cr. (1361 elo)
 Português (DLK) F Form from guild DL's Knights won Kawamashi Cr. (1360 elo)
 English Lady Justine from guild "Rim Tim" Team won Dolly Cr. (1354 elo)

 English 0 Infy from guild El Dorado won Hemdall. (1323 elo)
 English denizeve from guild Light's Hope fighters won Angelo. (1316 elo)
 English LOEpasha from guild Team Swat won Bridge. (1315 elo)
 English PMB_JZ4 from guild PokiMaBuoni won Scubb. (1315 elo)
 English PWN_Zefir from guild Polish War Machines won Taham. (1310 elo)
 English macarronempanao from guild 900 won Naele. (1307 elo)
 English AT_-Oscar from guild HA MA ZONE 's territory won Mercury. (1306 elo)
 English llellUA from guild WinAge won Katan. (1306 elo)
 English Wiscas from guild ± Oscura ± won Karrion. (1304 elo)
 English RmS-Sexy Boy from guild ~The bird of hermès~ won Gaia. (1302 elo)
 English Spitfyre1-{OC} from guild Open Casket won Lulabee. (1302 elo)
 English MasterfuI from guild E X C A L I B U R won Jay. (1281 elo)
 English FinalDuh won Python. (1266 elo)
 English Joker7385 from guild URBAN VENDICATOR won Hefty. (1257 elo)
 Deutsch iam_123 from guild Death Squad won Tomoe. (1251 elo)
 Deutsch L4F_Throwz from guild ☨ La FAMILIA ☨ won Eris. (1251 elo)
 English Donsami won C Dusk. (1249 elo)
 English - Prime - from guild Apothéose won Beck - Nena. (1248 elo)
 Español Dragon___ won Kamakura. (1245 elo)
 English Jazz Funk from guild Polish War Machines won Piotr. (1244 elo)
 Русский NikeWebber from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Bengal. (1243 elo)
 English LDA-gohan from guild Lions de l'Atlas won Octana. (1234 elo)
 Español pablito Uriel from guild Charolaster won Dagg Cr. (1233 elo)

 English CasaTheRunner from guild Urban Hysteria® won ZRobbie. (1230 elo)
 English berkyyatu from guild Discipulos de Jako won Olga. (1229 elo)
 English Oz_Wyz from guild Echoes won Nellie. (1227 elo)
 Español BF_pankeko from guild UR Clan De Ganadores won Ulrich. (1226 elo)
 Español elihuxd2 from guild shadows of death won T Gaank. (1225 elo)
 English Gongoron from guild WHITE FIGHTERS won Parmabarb. (1216 elo)
 English Ss King from guild les legionnaires d urbane rival won Brody. (1214 elo)
 English Celest1a from guild Камрадство won Mawpin. (1213 elo)
 Русский FielderUR from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Armand. (1213 elo)
 English WolverineAGG from guild Awayuki Girls Guild won Kobalth. (1211 elo)
 English Hawkins 12 from guild Awesome Guild won Diana. (1211 elo)
 English Matica06 from guild Oxygen won Berserkgirl. (1209 elo)
 English namek1980 from guild NeoAndromeda won GraksmxxT. (1209 elo)
 English abmcw from guild The Unfound Effort won Rass. (1207 elo)
 English TamaRex from guild luchadores de leyenda won Pericles. (1207 elo)
 English Technootjes from guild Open Casket won Clive. (1206 elo)
 English (PNR)Animesch from guild Pioneers won Erika. (1206 elo)
 English 0 Robin from guild -TasT- won Marina. (1206 elo)
 Русский ylittka from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Mechakolos. (1206 elo)
 English outofbloom from guild I Dominatori del Tempo won Lear Barduh. (1205 elo)
 Português LDA-Phoenix from guild LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA won Buck. (1203 elo)
  0 MiiQ from guild ▲ Deadly Alliance ▼ won Moses. (1202 elo)
 English The Pillzer from guild <=Chaos-Knights=> won El Matador. (1202 elo)
 English UV_Spettro from guild URBAN VENDICATOR won Rolph. (1202 elo)
 English Viral92 from guild RoCk aNd LoL won Slopsh. (1201 elo)
 Español UoS MaD from guild UNION OF THE SUPREMES won Perle. (1201 elo)
 English dabit95 won Fanny. (1200 elo)

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