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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 04/05/15:
The jackpot reached 1 781 204 Clintz.
 Deutsch I WalkAlone from guild Usual Suspects won Lyse Teria Cr. (1452 elo)
 English DUC-meihar from guild Dutch Urban Crew won Tessa Cr. (1417 elo)
 Português 0 R10 from guild Piratas do Atlântico won Shawoman Cr. (1407 elo)
 English Valserin from guild Guardia de la Noche won Berserkgirl Cr. (1398 elo)
 English 69_Nitr0x from guild Zone 69 won Elya Cr. (1396 elo)
 English Changing Mind won Beltran Cr. (1395 elo)
 English 0 James from guild $ Gold House $ won Dwain Cr. (1394 elo)
 English Holy Stalin from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Seldnor Cr. (1393 elo)
 English DarokV from guild UNION OF THE SUPREMES won Rowdy Cr. (1378 elo)
 English battleship-FC from guild - fang.crew - won Heegrn Cr. (1374 elo)
 English Karthala from guild Zone 69 won Slyde Cr. (1369 elo)
 Español bichicome69 from guild _Injection_ won Robb Cr. (1368 elo)

 English wuyfab from guild l'esprit du sable won Betelgeuse. (1361 elo)
 English - Bangerz from guild les petits boulets won Karrion. (1359 elo)
 Deutsch Kiril Lazarov from guild Reissende Woelfe won Rahi Sledon. (1333 elo)
 Português LGI-Pain from guild Lendários Guerreiros Imortais won Christelle. (1320 elo)
 English 0AL_Sephiroth from guild Azraël legend won C Dusk. (1319 elo)
 Português 0_Akashi from guild Don't Respect won Lulabee. (1314 elo)
 English Jol-Intouch won Elea. (1310 elo)
 English AG Galactico from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Carter. (1310 elo)
 ελληνικά {GN} Pistacho from guild Guardia de la Noche won Thorpah. (1309 elo)
 Русский 0 AG from guild Pioneers won Lizzy. (1309 elo)
 Русский bladesinger77 from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Oraya. (1309 elo)
 Deutsch SCI-YFGyullac from guild Cocounts Island won Kamakura. (1309 elo)
 English NeoNoire from guild Harbingers of Ares won Kinichaw Cr. (1307 elo)

 English FT-9 from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Jay. (1307 elo)
 Deutsch {L4F}Chaos from guild ☨ La FAMILIA ☨ won Pilzken. (1305 elo)
 English misterjones from guild Limit Break won Moses. (1303 elo)
 English Joker rb from guild Tenusirivals won Jean. (1303 elo)
 Português PA_Elvis from guild Piratas do Atlântico won Raven. (1303 elo)
 English Hondo from guild Raven's Crew won Russel. (1302 elo)
 English Wyz666 from guild Echoes won Marina. (1302 elo)
 English Duc-Tiwi from guild Censored won Farman. (1301 elo)
 English atm falcao won Jessie. (1301 elo)
 Português DarknsGear from guild Death Squad won Koshiro. (1300 elo)
 English Rr45-jj6 won Armand. (1295 elo)
 English le_pillzeur from guild A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR won Josephine. (1293 elo)
 Português Sr Essex won T Gaank. (1289 elo)
 Deutsch SuperFckngMan from guild Renegats won Vermaire. (1288 elo)
 English 0 Spacey from guild Impel Down won La Calavera. (1270 elo)
 English FMA Anubi won El Divino. (1269 elo)
 English Bl4ckth0rn from guild URBAN WARRIORS won Nekurenbo. (1266 elo)
 ελληνικά klounis from guild Deus eX Machina won Solomon. (1247 elo)
 English Luke - 1134 from guild wicked souls won Sasl Lovelace. (1243 elo)
 Português ON_OXI69 from guild Carry ON won Buddy. (1238 elo)
 Deutsch -AAA from guild The Club won Fuzz. (1236 elo)
 Русский SealedFun from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Miss Chloe. (1227 elo)
 English Fantasy Joseh from guild Impel Down won Stompah. (1226 elo)
 English EL_Kebola won Mikaal. (1226 elo)
 English Lockhe from guild L'Armée de Lumière won Mechakolos. (1221 elo)
 Deutsch qqiqqi (tb) from guild The BeSharps won Timmy. (1221 elo)
 English xaverius 06 from guild Raven's Nest won Rubie. (1216 elo)
 English UV_Supernova from guild URBAN VENDICATOR won Piotr. (1215 elo)
 Português LDA_NAJA from guild LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA won Tomoe. (1214 elo)
 English Khrysaor - from guild Urban Renaissance won Belgosi. (1212 elo)
 Русский OJI MIAU from guild Gangsta paradise won Amanie. (1208 elo)
 Deutsch -BB- Trinity from guild Böses Blut won Dallas. (1206 elo)
 English FER_VM from guild UR Clan De Ganadores won Corrina. (1206 elo)
 English (Stormfall) from guild Eastern Bank won Jakson. (1206 elo)
 English langtung from guild Vietnamese won Matriochka. (1204 elo)
 Русский lilargo from guild Анимешная Академия won Hindelga. (1203 elo)
 English Zeddicus71 from guild Bro Landreger won Dash. (1202 elo)

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