¿Quién hubiera pensado que una vieja consola encontrada en un sótano transformaría la vida de la pequeña Tatiana? Convertida en una especialista en todos los soportes de juego pasados y presentes, decidió dar un paso más dentro del mundo de la realidad virtual tras conocer a Haze durante una convención de los Junkz. Desde entonces, reparte mamporros reales a través de la interfaz numérica L16h7 y se hace llamar T47.
  • Publicado el viernes 19/04/13
  • Ilustrador: Vanoxymore
  • Carta poco común Disponible en la Tienda
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  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
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Habilidad de T47:

+1 Pillz Por Daños

Para cada daño infligido por T47 al rival durante un round, el jugador que controla el personaje gana 1 Pillz al comenzar el siguiente turno.



Ataque +8

Los puntos de Ataque de Junkz aumentan en 8 puntos. (Recuerda: Poder * Pillz = Ataque)

Primera evolución de las 4 evoluciones disponibles para este personaje:

  • JunkzT47picture
    Poder3HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños2BonificaciónAtaque +8
  • JunkzT47picture
    Poder4HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños2BonificaciónAtaque +8
  • JunkzT47picture
    Poder5HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños3BonificaciónAtaque +8
  • JunkzT47picture
    Poder6Habilidad+1 Pillz Por Daños
    Daños4BonificaciónAtaque +8
64 personajes
missions icon 25 misiones
Bonificación Ataque +8
Fiestas salvaje, sexo y pastillas, lo Junkz no viven más que para divertirse. Desgraciadamente para ellos, el Polit limitó recientemente la velocidad de la música a 650 BMP con el pretexto de que, a más velocidad, los jóvenes se volverían idiotas… Los Junkz le han declarado la guerra a esta ley y luchan para defender sus derechos fundamentales ¡a hacer lo que les dé la gana!
  • Al nivel 1: min 13 291 Clintz
  • Al nivel 2: min 10 487 Clintz
  • Al nivel 3: min 10 877 Clintz
  • Al nivel 4: min 9 806 Clintz
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11 comentarios sobre T47

Viernes 19/04/2013, 17:38

Decent card, but doesn't replace our old pal rowdy. For those of you who don't know, the rowdy and gil combo was legendary back in the day, but sadly there time came and went after so many people used them. However we can still have a card like rowdy but with a twist,what I'm suggesting here is that we a 4 star card with a new ability that reflects your opponents stars.

Example a Junkz 4 star card with 5/7 with the ability + 3 attk per opponent star. So if your opponent played a card with 5 stars you could snag up a whopping +15 atk, while on a 2 star you'd get a measly +6. This becomes a situational rowdy, and not as op as rowdy himself who has +12 no matter the circumstance (Except SOA).

And UR could go anywhere with this;
+ 1 life per opp star
+1 poison per opp star min 1
- 1 pillz per opp star
+ 1 power per opp star
+1 damage per opp star

The list goes on and on...and seeing how a clan is probably coming in the next few months, I wouldn't doubt it for a second if that clan got a bonus that revolved around opponents stars!

Lunes 22/04/2013, 14:14

Commence Nobrodroid CR speculation smiley

Sábado 04/05/2013, 11:59

Honestly yes this card is more stable, but it also has some pros against Nobrodroid.
- When this card is furied, you get 6 pills back and the extra 2 damage, so it would be a 6/6 +6 pills. When Nobrodroid is furied, he is just 6/6 +4 pill. BUT, but but but, you also have to take away 3 pills you're using to fury, so it would be +3 pills on T47 and +1 pill on Nobrodroid.
- T47 with timber becomes better and more efficient.
- T47 can use all her pills plus a fury, which is an idiot move, but can pretty much secure herself a win. 10 x 6 + 8 = 68, an 8 power card would have to play 9 pills to beat you, and thats pretty stupid in ELO.
- T47 can be used as a better bluff, opponents are more likely to see oh man, he can gain back a lot of pills, up to 6, I better send out my SoA card to mess with him.
- It's a Standard card.

Now for the Cons:
- It is very weak against DR's, you lose damage and pills, meanwhile Nobrodroid just loses damage.
- Thinks like Mokra are very scary.

Now for the Neutrals:
- Nobrodroid and T47 are both weak against SoA and SoB.
- Nobrodroid and T47 are both weak against power reducing and power gaining cards.
- Nobrodroid and T47 both suck compared to the other 4 stars of the clan.
- 4 stars is a lot in an ELO deck and there are better choices as stated above.
- 6 Power is not a lot.

Those are the Pro's and Con's of using T47 as oposed to using Nobrodroid.
In my opinion, i think Nobrodroid is more stable, but T47 can get that extra damage in there to win you a fight. It's really all up to how much clintz you're willing to spend for a little bit more of a stable card and it's your opinion which is better.

Rate smiley please smiley

Domingo 09/02/2014, 02:15

ERMERGERD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NINTENDO 64 (Hence, N64 or T47)
How ?
lvl 1: Nes controller
lvl 2: DS or 3DS
lvl 3: Wii remote controller and Gamecube controller
lvl 4: A type of Power Glove

Jueves 05/07, 19:18

Her boobs grow with her power level.smiley

Viernes 04/10/2013, 05:27

An interesting card, and fairly useful. Basically a Nobrodroid replacement for Standard mode.

Try this: If opponent plays first, throw her 1st round with 8 pillz +fury. That's 56 attack. Opponent probably won't be expecting that. You hit for 6 damage and get 6 pillz back, leaving you with 8. Nice, eh?

Lunes 22/04/2013, 03:09

Also, is it just me, or is T47 DEFINITELY Eebiza's sister? Because it's highly probable, given the color scheme, hair color, and background. By hair color, I'm talking about the blue streaks seen in lvl 2-3, which is the same for Eebiza. The only thing is, Eebiza has full blue, T47 has streaks. UR community, some backup?

Jueves 15/08/2013, 15:07

im going to say he is Nobrodroid plus he gets a fury for only 1 pill if you know you will win the round 0 pillz if you have timber

Viernes 19/04/2013, 11:43

This card is... alright. Not replacing Qubik obviously, or Gibson. She's okay in the fact that she's an easy bluff, but Nobrodroid is more than capable of doing what she does and better. Why?

They have the same stats and similar abilities, but Nobro's is better. Let me count the ways:
1. T47 gets less pillz against DR, arguably the most popular ability/bonus in ELO. Assuming no fury, T47 gets 2 pills from pussycats and min. 2 reducers like Pegh and Redra, while getting one from cards like Uranus, Spiaghi, etc. It's hard to simply DR nobro because he can play low pillz and get more, while you can simply laugh at T47 and DR her without feeling much.
2. T47's one advantage over Nobro is that she can get more pillz while Furying. While this is true, it doesn't outweigh her weakness to damage reduction. Also remember that Fury is often used in the final round, making +Pillz abilities worthless. She can create forks with that fury, but you're taking a huge risk since you have to pill a lot to overcompensate that 6 power, if you lose, you lose your pillz.

Both cards are decent, and both are usable, but I have to give this round to my old buddy Nobrodroid. smiley

Viernes 05/12/2014, 08:02

Fun Fact:
#1. There was an nintendo licensed power glove game controller for the nes, but was not designed by nintendo and was difficult to use so it didn't caught on.

#2. Note there are a square, triangle, circle and X on her arm, Popularly know as the buttons replacing the norm of a, b ,x, and y, that nintendo and microsoft uses, on the sony's playstation series.
This is because it is an early reference to it originally being the nintendo/sony playstation
If nintendo didn't basically go hey yea thanks for helping sony, but we are going to do whatever we want like use your competitor's cd roms instead of yours.

Martes 06/12/2016, 17:45

T47. She has 6 power (which could be good or bad, depending on the situation), and 4 damage (a bit low for a 4-star card). Her ability, however, is very useful. She gains pills according to the amount of damage she does. Her basic damage is 4, so when 4 damage is inflicted to the opponent, she gains 4 pillz (6 pillz with 6 damage due to fury). So, the artwork is as it should be. She's a video game junkie. I'd give her 7.5/10. Whilst a decent card, her stats aren't that great.

Clint City, day.