Ha sido cinco veces ganadora del concurso “La mujer más fuerte de Balgenheim”, y debería haberlo sido la sexta también, si el jurado no hubiera amañado los resultados para favorecer a Hindelga, su rival de toda la vida. Defraudada, aunque con la moral alta, decide unirse a los Freaks para enseñarle a todos que ella es, sin lugar a dudas, la mujer más fuerte del mundo.
  • Publicado el viernes 28/03/08
  • Ilustrador: phalloide
  • Carta rara Disponible en la Tienda
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Habilidad de Olga:

-2 Poder Adv, Min 5

Se reduce el Poder del rival en 2 puntos o hasta un mínimo de 5.



Veneno 2, Min 3

Si Freaks gana el round, al final los siguientes rounds tu rival perderá 2 puntos de vida, hasta un mínimo de 3.

Primera evolución de las 3 evoluciones disponibles para este personaje:

  • FreaksOlgapicture
    Poder5HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños1BonificaciónVeneno 2, Min 3
  • FreaksOlgapicture
    Poder7HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños2BonificaciónVeneno 2, Min 3
  • FreaksOlgapicture
    Poder8Habilidad-2 Poder Adv, Min 5
    Daños3BonificaciónVeneno 2, Min 3
65 personajes
missions icon 24 misiones
Bonificación Veneno 2, Min 3
Con base en Clint City desde siempre, el circo de los Freaks ofrece durante el día espectáculos inolvidables para ti y tus hijos: escupidores de fuego, lanzadores de cuchillos, domadores y magos... ¡hay de todo! Por la tarde, los espectáculos se hacen más... digamos que no se recomiendan para la gente sensible... ¡¡¡Ven a ver a los Freaks, te quedarás pasmado!!!
  • Al nivel 1: min 89 841 Clintz
  • Al nivel 2: min 88 261 Clintz
  • Al nivel 3: min 88 149 Clintz
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47 comentarios sobre Olga

Martes 08/02/2011, 00:51

Congratz Olga, you're the first Freaks card to be put up for a ban vote.

Sábado 09/04/2011, 01:51

Am I the only one who wants to see a Hindelga card so they can fight each other?

Viernes 20/11/2009, 06:59

Olga -"Balgenheim's Strongest Woman"

If you're looking to make a Freaks deck, this is the first card you should go for. She is a great card to play on the first turn.

Olga is a card that specializes in overpowering her opponents. Her power is already maxed at 8, but her ability slams down on her opponent like an anvil. Her ability drops the opponents power by two, which when having two powerful cards clashing, having a +2 power advantage makes a *big* difference. The minimum of her ability is rather high, being at 5, but any card with a power below 5 isn't really much of a threat to Olga anyway.

Olga is so well at combat, there is little fear in making the first move. She can just drop the opponent's power and walk right over them. She can also be used as a defensive card able to counter power cards like Kolos.
Send her head on against a Kolos and watch as she drops his power to 5 and her 8 power squashes him into a pancake.

Any Freaks deck is incomplete without an Olga. So if you're interested, grab one.

Miércoles 13/04/2011, 06:41

8/3 -2 Opponents Power Minimum 5

Olga is likely the overall best card in the Freaks clan, as her power, ability, and damage potential (because of her bonus) are largely unmatched in Urban Rivals, making her one of the best three star cards in the entire game. She is one of the main, and only, reasons to play Freaks and she can beat up almost any card, regardless of its star count. Her effect in a Freaks deck is pretty unfair sometimes, as nothing can stop or beat her without an absurd amount of pills so when she comes at you on the first turn you know you're taking 9 from her (because of her damage + the poison) whether you like it or not. Just flat out an excellent card. She is less popular than she should be simply because Freaks were a terrible clan, the absolute worst in the game by a good margin, for a long time, and therefore saw very little play. The Freaks are still less than exciting and could use a lot of work, but this card is THE staple for them and helps keep them playable.

Overall this card is absolutely a 9.5/10 with very little you could take away from her. A must, and I really couldn't stress that enough, for absolutely ANY freaks deck ever.

Domingo 02/12/2012, 10:42

Well, because this is THE staple card of the Freaks I consider this the best place to say this. This is something I just recently discovered looking through my deck, and it explains why each nearly each Freak is exactly how it is. The way I see it is there are three types of Freaks card: inflicters, killers, and stallers. Inflicters inflict the poison, killers do the killing blow, and stallers stall for poison damage. The optimal deck (in my humble opinion) would consist of 3 inflicters, 3 killers, and 2 stallers. Two killers and 3 stallers is also very viable, but no more than 3 of any type is very useful in a majority of situations.

Inflicters are usually low star, high power, (generally 6-smiley & low damage (generally 3-5 damage) cards that are used to inflict the poison damage on the first turn. They also generally have some sort of ability that either helps you (like Grudj) or hinders your opponent (like Baldovino).
Bikini Joe Ld
Dacha Macha
Miss Ming
Olga Noel
Baldovino (partial killer)
Maciej (partial killer)
Ironfield (partial killer)
Piotr (partial killer)
Oren (partial killer)
Pyro (partial staller and killer)
Quasichoco (partial staller)

Killers are used in the 3rd or 4th turns to do a killing blow on the opponent assuming they've already taken some poison damage. They MUST have at least 5 damage to be useful.
Geuner Cr
Diyo Cr
Splata Cr
Ironfield (partial inflicter)
Piotr (partial inflicter)
Oren (partial inflicter)
Maciej (partial inflicter)
Baldovino (partial inflicter)
Pyro (partial inflicter and staller)
Rhyno (partial staller)
Daqun (partial staller)

Stallers are the most important part of a freaks deck. Anything can be used for poison tick by just putting it out there with 0 pills, but that opens you up to a strong counter attack from your opponent. The stallers all have some sort of abillity that gives minimizes the life you lose during that turn. Thier stats aren't really important, but they must be either a damage reducer or a on defeat +life card (or Pyro).
Quasichoco (partial inflicter)
Pyro (partial inflicter and killer)
Daqun (partial killer)
Rhyno (partial killer)

I'm not to say that all of these cards are good at what they do, but if you're honest if you were using him at all would you be using Geuner Cr, a 4-5, inflict the poision? No. You wouldn't.

Please rate me green as I hope to show people who wish to try Freaks how to start building a deck, and if you already have tried Freaks and can't win much, this should help you.

Domingo 13/02/2011, 21:47

Dammm this guys finnaly saw her power and now shes elo bannded wish she wasent noticedsmiley

Jueves 16/08/2012, 22:31

seriously now that shes banned freaks really arent good in anything anymore, poor clan =(

Sábado 20/07/2013, 14:13

By far one of the most Overpowered cards in the game. There are hardly only a few cards who have the advantage over her,and the one's that do have a strict advantage over her are permanently banned,yet the staff continues to let her freesmiley
Cards that have an advantage over her can be considered cards with 5 power and reduction below that,Borris and C Beast are good examples.
There is also Fixit but he has to have his bonussmiley I can't think of any other cards that can actually beat hersmiley
Now why would you let her stay? You went ahead and rendered a few clans useless with your choices but you let Freaks have their way? Why?

Lunes 11/09/2017, 14:43

Mission - 200 Damage
Reward - 70 Clintz and 15 Mission Points smileysmiley

Sábado 09/10/2010, 02:32

The fact she's not banned really shows how little Freaks are used.

Viernes 02/03/2012, 23:06

Klaus, Wolfgang, Olga, Deebler, Vince, Draheera, Varoslav, and now Naja Ld?

These all reference Balgenheim somehow... Is UR trying to tell us something?

OH WELL, we can still have a family reunion! smiley

Rate up if you find this interesting/ you noticed this too! smiley

Sábado 30/06/2012, 01:51

STOP BANNING THIS CARD! Give freaks some help in ELO! There are entire clans more annoying then this 1 card!

Jueves 25/10/2012, 20:24

Some of Olga's counterssmiley since it would take too long to write them all
In order of hurt

Power manipulation +attack smileysmileysmiley
Tobbie, Nellie, Herman, dreen, haze, bianca, confidence wesley

Protection +attack smileysmileysmiley
Stiko, desmond, buckler

Power manipulation smileysmiley
Madga, Boris, C beast, el gringo, rob cr, miho, stacy, chan, fanny, dean,

Protection smileysmiley
Fixit, melanie, reef

SOA smiley
Cesare, Jean, graff,


SOB + - opp damage smileysmileysmiley
Lucy, Clara, Baby Q, Tania

Any SOB most freaks hate SOB smileysmiley

You could damage reduce but the poison overrides it smiley

So there's some ways to counter olga,smiley (attack manipulation on its own also beats olga at low pillz but i didn't bother putting any down because olga is normally played at higher pills) at the time of writing all these cards can be played in elo so use them and stop banning olga freaks need all the help they can get

Lunes 03/12/2012, 22:08

I can't believe no one has said this but sob hurts this card quite abit. Granted she's a power house, but what makes olga so good is that she can get in her poison with ease. So basically if you sob her you can tank the 3 damage.

Domingo 24/03/2013, 21:45

GWN-Hawkins - Senior
Thursday 09/02/2012, 14:23
Stiko would beat Olga in a battle

You can say that for any card like
Kolos beaten by Yayoi anyone with SOA and/or 7+ power that's 4 stars or lower. For example Olga or Spyke.
General Cr beaten by Shizawa and a few other cards
Jackie Cr beaten by Nahomi, Nakata and a lot of other cards
but my point is you can say this for any card there is no card in UR that is unbeatable, some are near it and are ELO banned but the ones that are playable can be beaten if you know how to play the game and if you and your deck is good enough

Oh and by the way check out my deck it is called You can't touch me...
rate green the preset and copy if you have the money or the cards really good in Survivor Extended.
and I know that I could have Lizbeth instead of Katan and Akhab instead of Raeth and fit Dahlia in there somewhere but I do not have that spare 120k yet... smiley

Clint City, day.