Para dirigir una tripulación como la de los Piranas, hace falta una buena dosis de autoridad, bastante psicología, paciencia y un poco de humor (esto último es opcional). Pero sobre todo, se necesita un sable afilado y una media sonrisa de pocos amigos para que los más tercos entiendan que las órdenes son órdenes.
  • Publicado el viernes 04/07/08
  • Ilustrador: phalloide
  • Disponible en la Tienda
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Habilidad de Bloodh Cr:

+3 Vida

Si Bloodh Cr sale vencedor de un combate, el jugador que cuenta con Bloodh Cr gana 3 puntos de vida al finalizar el turno.



Anular Bonificación Adv.

Se anula la bonificación de clan del personaje rival, en caso de estar activada.

Primera evolución de las 4 evoluciones disponibles para este personaje:

  • PiranasBloodh Crpicture
    Poder5HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños1BonificaciónAnular Bonificación Adv.
  • PiranasBloodh Crpicture
    Poder5HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños2BonificaciónAnular Bonificación Adv.
  • PiranasBloodh Crpicture
    Poder7HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños3BonificaciónAnular Bonificación Adv.
  • PiranasBloodh Crpicture
    Poder7Habilidad+3 Vida
    Daños6BonificaciónAnular Bonificación Adv.
62 personajes
missions icon 25 misiones
Bonificación Anular Bonificación Adv.
Tras haber surcado los mares del mundo durante largos años, los Piranas del Capitán Bloodh han echado el ancla en la ciudad para estirar las patas y disfrutar un poco de la vida. Son ruidosos, camorristas y ladrones (en resumen, piratas), por lo que no han tardado en hacer enemigos y algún que otro amigo. Pero sobre todo se divierten tanto que ya no quieren volver a zarpar.
  • Al nivel 2: min 307 666 Clintz
  • Al nivel 3: min 271 837 Clintz
  • Al nivel 4: min 308 300 Clintz
  • Al nivel 5: min 324 820 Clintz
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52 comentarios sobre Bloodh Cr

Jueves 14/01/2010, 17:04

I want a Jack Sparrow Pirana!

Rate green if you agree!

Jueves 10/07/2008, 23:41

Bloodh - 7/6 with SoB and +3 Life

- 7 power is very good for a clan without very many "power players"
- 6 damage (8 with fury) is very good. Finish them off with Deadeye or Katan. A furious Tyd or Sting works wonders too.
- 6 damage paired with the +3 life leaves a huge gap that is incredibly hard to climb out of.
- clan bonus of SoB also is useful against those annoying Montanas, Rescues, and ect.

- Only flaw is that its a 5-stars. Luckily, there are quite a few 2 and 3-stars in Piranas, so you'll have room.

Underrated for its uselessness (though still a bit expensive currently)

Rating: 7.5/10, if it had 8 power or higher, this card would definetly be staple. Still, if you got the room, use him~

Viernes 26/11/2010, 03:49

Maybe one day the Piranas back to the sea and ALL the clan go Cr

This should be Stupid, but Epic smiley

Jueves 26/11/2009, 23:03


+ Hmm just looking at this card gives me memorys smiley.great card all together and in a great clan. for a starters 7/6 is around average for a 5 star but then ontop of that Stop oppent bonus as HIS bonus is great stops all the montana and sakrom getting the upper hand plus an ability like +3 life wow. there is next to no flaw with this card it can make a gap of 9 and also a great bluff. is there ANYTHING wrong with this card?

- Sorry to burst your bubble like but yes where as 7 power is great quiet a few 5 stars have 8 power.. or abilitys that take them past 8! (or bonuses) and also Soa (stop oppent ability) would not kill this card but would hurt..still 6 damage is 6 damage.
Also 5 stars take up alot of place in elo and for a card like this it probabily wouldnt seem worth it to much to some people. as alot of people perfer Dailha or leaders.

Overall i rate this card 7/10

I know that sounds harsh but come on its the leader of pirans they could of done better. dont knock it though its amazing just not AMAZING which it should be for a leader of a clan. also very over shadowd by Dailha... smiley

Miércoles 30/01/2013, 21:56

Bloodh: 7/6; +3 Life at level 5

-an ok 5* card for the Piranas clan, which can prove really useful depending on your deck's synergy
-of course his best characteristic is the large non-fury life gap of 9 which he can make. The combination of average 7 power and SOB bonus aid him in doing so
-the main problem is this characteristic of his works best combined with a heavy defensive deck. Unfortunately, the only Piranas DR is ELO banned!
-if your deck is bluff-based, Selma, Dalhia Cr (or more rarely Ahkab) take the cake. If it is offensive, Lizbeth is the undisputed queen!

In current times, Bloodh's usefulness is unfortunately limited to a very strict deck composition, which the Piranas as a clan don't help achieving. However, use this card right and you'll leave your opponent in a bloodh bath (Yes, I am aware that I must die for this pun)...

Miércoles 25/08/2010, 18:03

Want Bloodh's Full Artwork?

All Levels

All Levels -

Please Rate Up So People Can Find It Easily smiley

Sábado 11/12/2010, 05:51

"But perhaps the most important thing needed to ensure the hotheads know you mean business is a well-sharpened sword and an unforgiving smile."

NOOOOO the bio forgot rum!!!!! You cant be a pirate captain without RUM!!!!!!!!!!

Domingo 21/09/2014, 20:34

who's a better captain luffy or bloodh

Miércoles 06/04/2011, 04:18

Bloodh Cr

Rate green if you agree smiley

Domingo 23/01/2011, 05:54

Okay, a quick rundown of Bloodh's state as of 1/22/11ish, Americian style date.

-Great card, I prefer dahlia myself but great nonetheless
-His price has jumped due to Bonnie Ld hype. High risk investment idea: Bloodh.
-Okay, new stupidest comment on earth comparing Bloodh and Oren. The rarity has nothing to do with the difference, but one is in an unplayed clan and the other is in Piranas.

Viernes 04/02/2011, 04:51

Bloodh, a worthy leader for the piranas.
He makes his crew do the work (pill drain and gain) while he comes in and finishes it off with his great life gap. smiley

Miércoles 06/04/2011, 13:46

stop talking about "the aim of Piranas is Pill advantage". cards like Bloodh and Pesth were made for tactical flexibility, so you don't have to be obvious with your old-school "pillz advantage" plan.

rate green if you are a real mind-playing UR player :]

Viernes 13/05/2011

I think Bloohd is one of the most underrated 5* in the clan. If you look at his life gap it is giant he is a great last round finisher. He is often overlooked with that 3+life and the other player frequently only accounts for your damage letting you sneak bloohd in and putting you up past him

Miércoles 30/11/2011, 06:49

Still dont understand he has a 7P 6D and +3 Life and to put more on the cake he CANCEL your bouns and yal STILL UNDERESTIMATE HIM !!! smh Bloodh you get a 8.5/10 Very good card 2HKO capable and even gives you more of a cushion with +3 life smileysmileysmileysmileyRATE GREEN SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THE TRUTHsmileysmileysmileysmiley

Sábado 11/02/2012, 22:05

Hawkins on board notebook

Captain bloodh is really a decent guy he has a good sense of humor and sarcasam. But on the other hand if you get on his bad side witch I sadly did once he is NOT a decent guy. Getting on his bad side means limited food and water for 3 weeks.( god that was painful) it also means a brutal beating from taljion(ouch) that really hurt. The time that he looked the funniest was when he found out that rhed was a girl. Heh heh. It looked like he was going to kill ahkab our BEST harpooner. The guy who gets spycee some decent food for us (please don't tell spycee I said that or else i'll end up like deadeye) So one thing to reccomend do no not get on his bad side or else less food for 3 weeks that means one tiny cracker a week. Plus a beating and taljion has a big whip....


Clint City, night.