Los restaurantes Sexy Burgers (filial de Zlatar corp.) han conocido un éxito sin precedentes gracias a una simple receta: camareras buenorras vestidas con uniformes minimalistas + hamburguesas vendidas a 10 veces el precio de coste. Para luchar contra este estandarte del machismo, las Pussycats han reclutado a Brittany, quien ha sido contratada como camarera e intenta organizar la resistencia interna.
  • Publicado el viernes 01/01/10
  • Ilustrador: Thiebault
  • Carta poco común Disponible en la Tienda
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Habilidad de Brittany:

-9 Ataque Adv., Mín. 6

Los puntos de ataque del personaje rival se reducen en 9 puntos o hasta un mínimo de 6.



-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1

Si Pussycats pierde el combate, los daños infligidos a su propietario se reducen en 2 puntos hasta un mínimo de 1.

Primera evolución de las 2 evoluciones disponibles para este personaje:

  • PussycatsBrittanypicture
    Poder3HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños2Bonificación-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
  • PussycatsBrittanypicture
    Poder6Habilidad-9 Ataque Adv., Mín. 6
    Daños2Bonificación-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
64 personajes
missions icon 28 misiones
Bonificación -2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
Las feministas se quedan cortas, ha llegado el reino de la doble XX, ¡El poder XX! Para estas mujeres de sangre caliente, los hombres no son otra cosa más que instrumentos al servicio de su placer. Las revolución de las Pussycats se está produciendo y se hará a zarpazos. Para poder persuadir al Polit, las Pussycats echan polvos y le sacan el polvo a leches dependiendo de su humor.
  • Al nivel 1: min 3 420 Clintz
  • Al nivel 2: min 3 886 Clintz
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28 comentarios sobre Brittany

Viernes 01/01/2010, 18:02

Brittany - 6/2 with -9 opp attack, min 6 (ability) and -2 opp damage, min 1

- An ok power of 6. Not the greatest, but not bad for a Pussycat at all.
- This is aided by the fact that her ability is aided by her attack manipulation. A very solid 9.
- Her min is 6, so she needs no extra pill to beat 3* or higher in no pill attack. Only 1 pill to beat other 2*
- Of course, that is only in low pill action. The best part of Brittany is that she has hte Pussycat bonus as well. Your opponent is forced to use pills ot beat her and is rewarded with 2 less damage. A lose/lose situation, I'd say
- Of course, she is a nice surprise, as I'm sure most people expect only 1-2 pills on her each play. Not recommending playing 6 on her (unless you have to of course), but 3-4 may even surprise opponents who were expecting a 0-1 pill bluff.

- With a min of 6, she doesn't beat Sakrohm or Uppers lower mins. Causes frustration to Montana users though.
- SoA or SoB forces you to change how you play Brittany. SoBed, and she suddenly becomes an attacker. When SoAed, she is usually forced only to defend with her -2 opp damage. Not a big flaw, but annoying.
- Her damage of 2 is ok, but nothing wowzering.

Overall: 8/10. Brittany is a good card that may rival Wanda. you use Wanda when afraid of SoA, Brittany for lower pill battles. Course, you can use both, as they are both wonderful cards smiley

Viernes 11/03/2011, 23:50

I think brittany should be the noel and instead of cat ears it should be antlers

rate green if you agree

Domingo 12/06/2011, 23:16

I like the art on her better than any of the near-naked girls...
Sometimes being naked isn't everything.

Domingo 21/02/2010, 00:09

Brittany (hair reminds me of Hayley Williams) smiley

Good card for Pussycats

1* - 3 power 2 damage
2* - 6 power 2 damage -9 Attack min 6

she will compete with Wanda and Ella both good 2* pussycats

Only 6 power which isn't the best but quite good
She doesn't need much pillz placed on her since her min is the same as her power
She will be backed up with her bonus which will mean opponents will need to put 1-2 pillz to beat her if she has no pillz and then have their damage lowered by 2
SOA use her as defence
SOB use her as offence

She is out done by uppers and sakrohm since their min is 3 under hers
2 damage isn't that good but u can use her to finish a match after muze as an unexpected win

She forces pillz and even then the opponent won't get the full force through

9/10 damage could be just a little better, could be a difficult decision between ella, Wanda and Brittany.

Jueves 10/03/2011, 02:24

brittany or bonnie whos better waitresssmiley

Viernes 01/07/2011, 12:57

Brittany: The Sexy Waitress (What?? It's The Sexy Burger! Wait... does that make her and Bonnie Ld colleagues?)
Before I really start pumping out reasons for you to use this amazing little card, I'd like you to take a look at something.
Who are the attack manipulators of the Pussycats?
Dolores Boss, Courageous Emma, Sakura, and Brittany.
Let's cross them off 1 by 1.
Emma is a 5 star: immediate disqualification, because Pussycats have arguably better 5 stars, and she isn't a filler
Dolores Boss: 5 power. She's actually only good for 0 or 1 pillz fights, because her min. is lower than Uppers and Sakrohm
Sakura: Only 2 power. Her +8 attack works only in 0 pillz fights, and I'd rather have Dolores than Sakura
Brittany: Decent 6 power. -9 opp attack, the highest - opp. attack in Pussycats. A minimum of 6, making 3 stars and up lose in 0 pillz, or even 2 stars if she goes first. Lowish 2 damage.

Now, because we're mainly concentrating on fillers here, let's choose the best:
Sakura, Brittany, or Dolores Boss?

I choose Brittany because of 5 reasons:
1) She's a 2 star!
2) Her minimum is actually quite good (she needs only 4 pillz to beat Tula with 4 pillz)
3) Her power is decent
4) Her damage, while lowish, is good, because in 0 and 1 pillz fights the most important thing is to not let the enemy hit you
5) I can stare at her art all day. She's really pretty, and I hope the illustrator will start making more cards again.

So here you go, folks!
Brittany, possible contender for the Wanda 2 star place. 9/10, A, 90%!
But why not use both? This is Pussycats, after all!
Brittany, Ella, Ivana, Wanda, all 2 stars. 8 stars total
Muse and Veronica, 3 and 4. 15 stars total
Add Selina and Ditha and BAM! You have a 25 star Pussycats deck.
And why not add a Leader?
(Check out my preset:
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1925301 . I call it The Pink Club smiley)

Jueves 04/07/2013, 05:53

Is it just me or is she cross eyed at Lvl 1 smiley

Sábado 28/03/2015, 17:20

Brittany Louise Taylor lol smiley

Domingo 18/03/2012, 23:32

Here --> I love Lucy smiley

Sábado 13/11/2010, 23:47

(This is my first Please bear with me if it is not that good)

Dear Diary,
Today Jonas came in again (As if Zlatar hadn't wanted more women in the reasturent). This is the thrid time this week. When I didn't run over right away he tried to flirt with me. YUCK!!!! I almost poured a pitcher on him right then and their. But then again I am doing this for Charlie. I toke my break until Jonas left. When I went back in Ronald was my frist costumer. He is soooooooooooooooooooo weird when I called him Ronald he told me his name was Marco. AS IF!!!! I have seen Marcus and he doesn't really compare. Luckfully Ditha and Yayoi are coming in tommorw to stir things up. I just hope I can avoid slaping back when people slap me in my butt.
, Brittany

Martes 28/12/2010, 11:47

Charlie's Log
Name: Brittany
Occupation: waitress at Sexy Burger
When I heard about Sexy Burger, I was shocked to see that the women we're being dressed in very tight clothing, and using they're sex appel to get bigger tips. So I thought of sending Brittany who was a waitress at the Pink Club, to get herself a job at the resturant. Her job is simple: gain the trust of her co-workers, and stir up a resistance from within, but in her first attempt she caused Veronica to be sent to jail for wrecking the place, back to square one. Let's hope Brittany does her mission for the clan.

Miércoles 09/02/2011, 15:30

she probably worked with bonnie Ld smiley

Lunes 25/07/2011, 04:09

Love Brittany

Lunes 25/07/2011, 17:38

Dear Diary
Now Veronica hiding in the basement of the Pink Club
Back to working at the Sexy Burger
Okay so now today luckily Ditha and Selina are coming tomorrow
Can not wait till my job is done and even worse now Bonnie has left to join the pirahnas and has become and Ld
I wish her the best in future endeavors. Too bad she did not join the pussycats we still need an Ld and she would have been a great addition. Oh well

Domingo 11/09/2011, 15:56

She reminds me of Lexus from Southpark, a waitress from 'Raisins'

Clint City, night.