Desde su adolescencia Gretchen milita en la asociación “No toques a mi árbol”, dedicada a detener la deforestación y a la lucha contra las acciones devastadoras de las multinacionales. Pero la no violencia no dio los frutos que esperaba, y por ello se ha unido a los Roots y está dispuesta a pelarse los nudillos.
  • Publicado el viernes 07/10/11
  • Ilustrador: Ples001
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Habilidad de Gretchen:

Cura 2 Máx. 10

Si Gretchen gana el round, al final de los siguientes rounds, el propietario del personaje Gretchen ganará 2 punto(s) de vida en caso de tener menos de 10 punto(s) de vida.



Anular Habilidad Adv.

Se anula la habilidad del personaje rival, en caso de que exista.

Primera evolución de las 4 evoluciones disponibles para este personaje:

  • RootsGretchenpicture
    Poder2HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños1BonificaciónAnular Habilidad Adv.
  • RootsGretchenpicture
    Poder3HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños2BonificaciónAnular Habilidad Adv.
  • RootsGretchenpicture
    Poder6HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños4BonificaciónAnular Habilidad Adv.
  • RootsGretchenpicture
    Poder7HabilidadCura 2 Máx. 10
    Daños5BonificaciónAnular Habilidad Adv.
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Bonificación Anular Habilidad Adv.
La sociedad, tío, ¡ya ves que no mola nada! Esto es Babilonia. Es por eso que los Roots, ¿me sigues?, comprendieron que esto no podía continuar y que era necesario encontrar los verdaderos valores. Por eso los Roots, ¿me sigues?, fueron a Babilonia a explicarle al Polit que esto no molaba para nada. Pero el Polit no escuchó. Y eso, a los Roots, ¡les ha mosqueado a tope!
  • Al nivel 1: min 5 989 Clintz
  • Al nivel 2: min 7 201 Clintz
  • Al nivel 3: min 6 874 Clintz
  • Al nivel 4: min 5 808 Clintz
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19 comentarios sobre Gretchen

Miércoles 19/10/2011, 17:22

Gretchen - 7/5 with Heal 2 Max. 10 (ability) and Stop Opp. Ability (bonus)


+ Solid all around. 7 power is decent for a 4 star, and 5 damage par as well. She beats her compitition in terms of solidness (+1 damage over Burdock, +2 damage over amanie, ect.)
+ Her heal ability meshes quite well with the clan's DR cards. With Arno, Jeena, and Yookie backing her up, she becomes much more of a threat early-game.
+ SOA means she can cut through ability SOA and reduce beasts like Askai and Copper, and potentially overpower them.
+ Some interesting artwork. My interpertation (Don't troll me...) is that she did everything she could to save the tree, and then uprooted it and used it as a weapon (For those wondering why she's swinging it around)


- SOA clans sap her of her heal ability. Although she still has solid stats, her heal ability is what makes her such a great card!
- Stop abilities. Although uncommon, Nakata can take her down.
- Weak to power/attack manipulation. Without a supportive bonus, she has a tad bit of trouble, and has to overpill to win. But SOA is still a great bonus.
- Heal makes her a bit predictable. 99% of the time you have to use it turn 1 for maximum effect. Although that depends on how predictable you play.

Overall: 8.5/10. Solid stats, great ability, SOA... This is definately a great card. I love this card because of the sheer ability to hit off the heal and DR for the rest of the game. She's much more solid than her compitition, so she almost immediately enters into most Roots decks. With the new ELO rules, 14 life makes it harder for her ability to kick in, but because she has SOA, and five damage, max. 12 would just be OP.


Although I'm not one for advertising, I'd like to tell you I made a deck, and Gretchen is in it. You can see it here: I|II|I|II|I|II|I

Sábado 21/01/2012, 18:09

She only been TEMP-banned, not permanent. She will be back next week, unless the players of elo voted for her to be banned for, Gretchen is up to the players of elo to decide if she is either banned for the week or not, unlike others charaters that have been permanently elo-banned by the staff of Urban Rivals, like Ratanah, Arno, Kiki Cr, etc......

Lunes 23/04/2012, 05:42

My God UR people, why don´t you just make all the Roots cards CRs already?

Yeah, I´ve been trying to make a decent ELO deck with the Roots for ages. Today, I decided, let´s use Gretchen and maybe it could work.

For my surprise even she is banned, look at the list of ELO bans and tell me, but really, send me a personal message if you can make a solide deck. Here is the list:

Lou, Arno, Kiki Cr (she deserves), Ratanah, Shakra and now Gretchen. I know she is not a perm ban but when it´s not her it´s Rico or Yookie.

My suggestion is: Set a limit of banned cards per clan includind the ones that were already perm ban like 4 or even 5. If you think that this is fair, please vote green so we could try to change it.

Martes 06/03/2012, 12:18

Green peas - Heal 100 damage with the Roots.
Translation - unless you are a masochist that wants to use Gudvibz, win rounds with him, and manage to not get killed while being below 6 life for 100 rounds, win with Gretchen. Shouldn't take too long.

Domingo 24/06/2012, 14:30



Miércoles 08/01/2014, 15:54

The first lvl is a pretty girl. ..
After the 4th lvl.. she is a tree beast. .

Domingo 22/01/2012, 07:00

You're over-reacting Hungry Panda, you can still play her, just not in ELO. I loved playing her in my ELO deck and this ban does hurt me but ELO evolves alot more than the other game modes and this constant shifting of what cards can be played makes it interesting. This week you can't play Gretchen but you can play Spyke and Uranus which completely changes the meta game meaning that for you to go far this week you need to develop a deck that can counteract the cards that are going to be commonly played. And UR staff didn't do this - the players did. If you want her back in then do well in ELO and you earn the right to vote independently of staff opinion.
This game is about skill and the ability to read the opponent - not how much money you can spend to get General CR.

Lunes 30/04/2012

Typical ban-voters thought "if its a roots card,ban it,they practically have none"

Miércoles 05/12/2012, 08:46

I remember a time long ago when people played Roots because they had good cards that they were allowed to use...

Miércoles 11/01/2012, 19:05

Now, that I have actually used this card (in elo), I have to say this is Roots' best Elo allowed 4-star cards. But, in terms of power/might, Ratanah still win by a land slide. And, that is, probably, why Ratanah is perm-elo-banned. Before, Gretchen came along, Lilly was my go to choice for a 4-star Roots card for elo. With the arrival of Gretchen, Lilly has become a card in my collection not my deck. Yes, in terms of dmg, Lilly is more solid with 6 dmg. But, when it comes to power she becomes a 6 power, which is pretty low, in my opinion. True, Lilly has a ability of -1, but doesn't help her that much and once she get hit with SOA, you pretty much in trouble. While, Gretchen is one dmg less, she is more solid than Lilly in power. Gretchen hit by SOA is still 7-power, which is still pretty good. And, here ability is more than useful.

The best part is Gretchen is dirt cheap (at the time of this post) compare to Lilly. So, more solid than Lilly and cheaper, you be the judge which is the best 4-star elo allowed Roots card (at the time of this post).

On a side note, Gretchen along with (what I call the 3 Stooges of Roots) Rico, Yookie, and Noodile Cr makes a great Roots half deck. (If you can't afford Noodile Cr just get another 3-star card, I recommand Craho. Which if you do, Gretchen+Rico+Yookie+Craho (at the time of this post) will only cost you, roughly, 3,500 clintz give or take a few. Pretty cheap for solid half of a deck smiley.)

______Rate Green smiley if you agree.______

Domingo 29/04/2012, 11:47

ELO BANNED?! The noobs that play in ELO.. seriously. An 800 clintz card with a good heal ability, a good card but judging by the price, an underused not too powerful card.. Roots oppression I fear. Just that SoA.

Domingo 10/02/2013, 12:46

I have a confession to make, I hate heal cards smiley

Miércoles 26/02/2014, 20:23

Tuck is a wall.

Gretchen is a sledgehammer.

Domingo 06/04/2014, 17:17

omg omg.. shes amazing in half deck with frozn..

Clint City, night.