Lena siempre ha sido militante de una u otra causa, pero la llegada de los Vortex la ayudó a comprender que su razón de ser no era otra que la prevenir a la humanidad sobre el peligro que éstos representan. Temiendo que ella fuera la desencadenante de los acontecimientos descritos en la Profecía, los Vortex enviaron una unidad de elite, X-0DUS, para acabar con ella, pero con lo que no contaban era con el instinto de supervivencia de Lena y con la ayuda de las Pussycats, siempre dispuestas a defender a una mujer perseguida.
  • Publicado el viernes 16/12/11
  • Ilustrador: John Sein
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Habilidad de Lena:

Protección: Poder Y Daños

Ningún personaje rival podrá reducir el Poder o los Daños de Lena mientras que la habilidad Protección esté activada.



-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1

Si Pussycats pierde el combate, los daños infligidos a su propietario se reducen en 2 puntos hasta un mínimo de 1.

Primera evolución de las 4 evoluciones disponibles para este personaje:

  • PussycatsLenapicture
    Poder3HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños2Bonificación-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
  • PussycatsLenapicture
    Poder5HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños3Bonificación-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
  • PussycatsLenapicture
    Poder6HabilidadHabilidad desbloq. a
    Daños5Bonificación-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
  • PussycatsLenapicture
    Poder8HabilidadProtección: Poder Y Daños
    Daños6Bonificación-2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
64 personajes
missions icon 28 misiones
Bonificación -2 Daños Adv., Mín. 1
Las feministas se quedan cortas, ha llegado el reino de la doble XX, ¡El poder XX! Para estas mujeres de sangre caliente, los hombres no son otra cosa más que instrumentos al servicio de su placer. Las revolución de las Pussycats se está produciendo y se hará a zarpazos. Para poder persuadir al Polit, las Pussycats echan polvos y le sacan el polvo a leches dependiendo de su humor.
  • Al nivel 2: min 6 953 Clintz
  • Al nivel 3: min 5 782 Clintz
  • Al nivel 4: min 5 438 Clintz
  • Al nivel 5: min 6 878 Clintz
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42 comentarios sobre Lena

Viernes 16/12/2011, 12:17

Fixit Pussycat !
Can't block it, can't screw with her (very high) power: you have to pill hard to beat her and get 2 damages blocked.
Or you eat your 6 damages like a man.

Sábado 31/12/2011, 19:10

Blazing_Crap - Imperator - Immortality
Today at 18:09
She rips her jeans at 3*, but at 4* the same jeans are in perfect condition.

It's called buying new jeans genius.

Viernes 16/12/2011, 12:22

Sarah Connor =D

Viernes 13/01/2012, 00:48

So help me if X-ODUS kills her smiley

Viernes 16/12/2011, 16:03

Choose your Pussycards!

Selina: The Tide Changer Beautician
Clara: The Anti Bonus Stewardess
Ditha: The Life Gap Stripper
Louise: The Power Bouncer
Charlie: The DR Damager
Emma: The Courageous Librarian

and Now...
Lena: The Irreduceable Go-Getter

Sábado 25/08/2012, 13:11

Lena is an underrated card.
her main flaw is basically, that she hasnt anything really thrilling or awesome-ish about her. she is 8 power / 6 damage, protected, nothing more. nowadays there are lots of cards with those stats. 4*s like Futoshi Ld, Striker, Elvis, Fei, Benicio, Nellie, Harvey, Wee Lee seem to be about on par with Lena ... or at least not that much worse to justify that extra star. other 5*s of Pussycats seem to pack a special ability compared to her.

Clara - Precious SOB. She has one less damage, but her SOB helps her overcome Ulu Watu, Bangers and those annoying atk manip clans. with the Frozn SOB became ever more important. would you want to face Kalindra with Clara of Lena? SOB helps a lot to get that 5 dmg through

Selina - Fork Insurance. She has the same stats, but shes got insurance. she can end battles with a furied hit. if defeated, get your pills back, reduce the counter-attack by 2, finish the battle with the remaining cards. A dangerous card, giving you lots of options.

Charlie - Supreme Pussy. She has been ELO banned for a long time with good reason. you kinda have to stop her, even if it costs you, but when you do, youre usually far behind in pills and/or life gap.

Ditha - Devastating Life Gap. She can life gap the shit out of an opponent. with pussycats bonus her victory alone often is enough to win a match. with the decline of SOA clans she keeps getting more and more useful. though she is very vulnerable to power manip, she's always a big threat card lurking in your deck

Louise - Raw Power. She got one more power, one more damage. therefore seems a sure choice against lena. SOA clans arent much of a problem nowadays. and usually you can dodge SOA cards and DRs and sneak that 9/7 raw power in.

Emma - Big Manip. She is good for bluffing and low pill battles. and people dont see her often and may not know how to react. apart from that she is quite nimble and probably the worst card of the 5* Pussycats

so ... 8/6 huh? well ... its protected. in that alone lies great power.

there are lots of power manips and DRs out there. throwing away DRs like Ashley, Nathan, Soushee, Artus, Uranus, Redra, Ella or power manips like Platinum, Magda, Dean, Tula, Tobble, Trish,etc simply isnt possible anymore. this limits your opponent strategy. and unlike with SOA theres no drawback, if you run into stop-cards.

all that might not enough for some players to use her over Louise, Ditha or Selina. but give her credit for what she does, for an underrated ability, deliver very high power and high damage. in a clan of DRs thats even more valuable.

8.5 / 10

Jueves 29/12/2011, 02:25

Named for Lena Headey who played Sarah Connor in TSCC

No Fate

Martes 05/02/2013, 01:51

Hmm... I think I know what the new clan will be.

The Reistance, led by john connor.

Miércoles 25/03/2015, 00:27

seriously, the best Elo 5 star that is never banned. in elo, people always are reducing...something
and with Sera M1 never been voted to be unbanned (I'm trying guys, I really am), she is awesomee
The fact that she is only 2k is sad, but cool. She beats Charlie btw, because charlie turns into a useless 7/6 against Lena....both are uncoommon
Seriously, she saves you in T2 when Graks, Peeler, or Uranus show their OP heads...also she basically matches Jackie Cr
p.s. Elo deck - Mina, Malicia, Lucy, Nabrissa, Noemi, Lena, Diana, Brittany

Sábado 17/12/2011, 07:37

Ability: Protection: Power And Damage
Bonus: -2 Opp Damage, Min. 1

-8 power is solid as can be. And it's not going anywhere.
-6 damage is also very solid. It's not going anywhere either.
-SoB won't affect her much. Losing doesn't seem to be much of an option here...
-But if you do lose, DR is there. You're covered.

-Although she is solid, there are those few cards with attack manipulation that will still be able to get through her. So that's a problem, I guess.
-SoA, but only if they have DR or manipulation along with that. Also a rarity.
-Competition? Honestly, she's the most solid 5* for the Pussycats right now. Of course, if you want more gap or higher damage or whatever, you'll choose Ditha or Louise. But if you prefer stability, you choose cards like Lena. It all comes down to preference.
-I think that may be it...

Overall rating: 9/10
Lena is really good. She's strong and solid (What I would expect from Sarah Connor). Unfortunately, there's nothing too special about her that makes me love her. Nonetheless, she has DR in case you lose, and protection in case she faces a DR or some manipulation. A very nice addition to the ranks of the Pussycats.

Viernes 13/01/2012, 17:36

Just an idea: T2 Deck

Selina Clara Ditha Louise
Charlie Emma Lena

and.... Hefty

Lunes 06/02/2012, 15:56

They just need a John Connor for La Junta now lol

Martes 07/08/2012, 04:41

smileyShe came out on my birthday

Martes 18/12/2012, 22:09

She will be the main character in URLC Pussycats for sure

Jueves 12/12/2013, 01:01

John Connor; I'll' be back!

Clint City, day.