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Domingo 12/05/2013, 15:37

Day friends hello, Evening friends good evening.

As says it the title The Promise Of Tenebres recruits new souls very bloody to improve from day to day. To destroy finally what the darkness promised.
The most crazy rumors run(roam) the occult circles. A few kilometers away from Clint City, a thing decimates whole families according to rites of an infinite inhumanity. Haunted by his(her) own devils, fascinated by the Evil, AporaX Dashes into what we shall call the New World. An earth(ground) destroyed by the darkness.

Although this guild is of an infinite inhumanity, we shall often cross her(it) there elo.

The pride is only debilitated mind-numbing, do not trust to you at our levels, we behave as beings without lvl. Nobody is treated as a nobody
That she(it) promise made the darkness? They decided to become the best players in mode(fashion) elo. (We dared to say it yes, not we croiyez not you will see him(it) later.)

I call now the experimented players or the players having an infinite thirst to learn on the mode elo to come to the appeal of the darkness.

Good luck to you, travelers. Each carries(wears) in him a part of shade(shadow) and is free to reveal her(it). To you to know when you will give free rein to your real nature...

Cordially: AporaX and the Darkness.

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Domingo 12/05/2013, 15:45

Simplemente este foro es Españo, y esto esta en ingles... cierra.

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Domingo 12/05/2013, 15:46

Good evening:

I think you post in the wrong language, this is only for the spanish language

Close it smiley

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