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Sábado 24/08/2013, 23:48

Good day to you all!

The Promise of Darkness recruits block! .. Not with blocks
I am the founder of this new guild that has experienced ups and .. Especially low in fact. x (

me: This guild specializes in elo mode ..

another: And she was there she is in neutral ..

Me: Yes, but Come and help me reshape this guild elo reboostez troops and forum

the other, I would add that it is now .. DEATH.

-I am not very talkative, but I am determined and would do anything for this guild is respected and admired almost ..

- Oula does not grow too much either!

- Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

- Well, good luck!

you speak english ? Go to.. MY GUILD ;D

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Clint City, night.