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Sábado 15/02/2014, 20:56

Born the guild:1992671 with purpose to gather those players that don't want to take part between the mass of the great guilds. We have the idea to form a team of competitive players although not at the highest levels and climb the ranks of the various game types to give luster to the guild and to pave its ascent.

⌦It is necessary:
Be first class spammer.
Be active in the game.
Be competitive and point the domain of the ranks.
Be fair, clear and transparent since now.Lack of seriousness involves the black list of guild.

⌲It is not necessary:
Have high scores.
Be high level.
Do not participate in the life of the guild,if you are not competitive , you will be kick from guild.

⍆You will find:
A varied forum with many arguments.
Multiple events of guild like lotto or tag team events etc.. funded by more affluent members of guild.
Prizes more or less large to those members who satisfy the requirements set at the beginning of the week for champions of guild.
Jesters qualified, ready to entertain your experience in the game.

To join, just make a request (is desirable but not mandatory a message to accompany it) and the admins will consider at their discretion whether or not to accept you.
Who should become inactive will be kick out without explanation, except that the latter has previously warned.

I want to clarify that acronym of guild is not mandatory, everyone is free to be what they want.

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Sábado 15/02/2014, 21:11

So you want spammers? I tought they were bad xD

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