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Domingo 21/04/2013, 17:47

It says there is a desert island in the sea of Clint City where warriors and soldiers fought to find the great treasure hid, unfortunately no one could get, but recently several groups are after him, Will your group find? or Will you be so selfish to defraud your own computer and keep it to yourself?

The event will consist of 1 group per clan, every clan will have five members.
Each phase will last one week.

phase 1
All holidays in the calm streets of Clint City near the coast, comes a strange bottle opens one child, what happens?.'s The map of the lost island, everyone thought he was a legend, but apparently was very real, all the people dreaming of that big riot and being this map in broad daylight, it was obvious what was about to happen.
1.-Phase (found the map): Each player's clan against the other players fight rival clan 2 times. The 10 clans with less punctuation keychain also eliminated the player with the lowest score of the winning guilds.
14 life / 13 pillz

phase 2
After tremendous slaughter on the coast, the survivors reached a deal, everyone would go to the same map on a boat ... Inside the ship's kitchen whispers are heard, several clans allying are apparently some people will have to go back home swimming.

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Clint City, night.