Edwin n’a jamais été vraiment normal. Même avant son accident, il avait un rapport fusionnel avec ses sécateurs, et une petite lueur étrange dans le regard... Mais depuis que la foudre s’est abattue sur lui, il n’y a plus aucun doute : il a bien sa place au sein des Nightmare. Certains membres du Clan font même des cauchemars depuis son arrivée.
  • Sorti le vendredi 11/02/11
  • Illustrateur: John Sein
  • Carte inhabituelle Disponible sur la Boutique
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  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • icon 1 missions
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Pouvoir de Edwin :

-3 Puissance Adv., Min 4

La Puissance du personnage adverse est réduite de 3 points ou jusqu'au minimum de 4.


Bonus :

Stop Bonus Adv.

Le Bonus de clan du personnage adverse, s'il est activé, est annulé.

Première évolution sur les 3 évolutions de ce personnage :

  • NightmareEdwinpicture
    Puissance2PouvoirPouvoir débloqué à
    Dégâts1BonusStop Bonus Adv.
  • NightmareEdwinpicture
    Puissance4PouvoirPouvoir débloqué à
    Dégâts3BonusStop Bonus Adv.
  • NightmareEdwinpicture
    Puissance5Pouvoir-3 Puissance Adv., Min 4
    Dégâts5BonusStop Bonus Adv.
65 personnages
missions icon 27 missions
Bonus Stop Bonus Adv.
Comme toutes les villes, Clint City possède son lot de démons, vampires et autres créatures surnaturelles. Fondé par Ielena, le clan Nightmare a pour objectif de donner le pouvoir aux créatures de la nuit.
  • Au niveau 1 : min 5 196 Clintz
  • Au niveau 2 : min 4 614 Clintz
  • Au niveau 3 : min 4 903 Clintz
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35 commentaires sur Edwin

Dimanche 14/08/2011, 02:24

I just re-lived the 2010 film "A Nightmare on Elm Street". That is why I am writing this comment on Edwin. I personally think Edwin is more based off of Freddy Krueger. As you can see in his 1st level he is cutting plants with, I guess, the trademark Freddy Kreuger hat on. In the film the protagonist learns that Fred used to be the gardener for a pre-school. It also mentions that Fred abused the children at the school which leads to his biography: "Edwin has never really been normal. Even before his accident, he had an almost symbiotic relationship with his secateurs and a strange glint in his eyes". In the film, you can see that instead of being struck by lightnning, he was lit on fire and killed by the parents of the children. Fred then gains revenge by having a glove with knife-like claws on it and enters the children's dreams to kill them. This relates to his biography: "Some members of the clan have even started having nightmares since he turned up".

Give it up for Freddy Krueger everyone smiley

Vendredi 11/02/2011, 11:44

Looks like Edward Scissorhands drawn by someone scarred for life by A Nightmare on Elm Street

Vendredi 11/02/2011, 14:03

Duh. As someone mentioned once, a card may reference more than one thing. It's BOTH Freddy Krueger AND Edward Scissorhands

Dimanche 20/02/2011, 21:09

Lets make a Bonsai Tree from aigwon smiley smiley

Mercredi 14/08/2013, 07:55

Urban-rivals is planning to create a nigtmare 5 star with stats 3/9 ability -5 opp power min 2 Sadly the limit in damage is 8 so they didnt...

First they release eadh 2 star with 6/3 ability -2 opp power min 5
Then Edwin 3 star 5/5 ability -3 opp power min 4
Then oshitsune 4 star 4/7 ability -4 opp power min of 3... See the pattern?..

Vendredi 01/04/2011, 09:16

Want to see Edwin 's full Artwork?
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

smileyPlease rate up so everybody can find this easilysmiley

lvl 1: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FuJXfJp7V-Q/TV5cpjP7eqI/AAAAAAAABVA/P0cCOMZhkQo/s1600/Nightmare_Fredd_01.jpg
lvl 2: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Sl8JWuSLC-8/TV5co74UMxI/AAAAAAAABU4/ltaCf2DwT18/s1600/Nightmare_Fredd_02.jpg
lvl 3: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-BEM6-AFtawM/TV5coxx7hZI/AAAAAAAABUw/M_UD-d464IE/s1600/Nightmare_Fredd_03.jpg

John Sein Arts Site:

you can also see John Sein's Creations here from old to new(John Sein)

Vendredi 11/02/2011, 13:41

Nightmare now has their own version of Toro with one less power and one less star.smiley

Vendredi 11/02/2011, 15:27

Well i think we already know its edward scissor hands... perhaps freddy krueger too... now to get to this card.

-5 damage is very nice
-Bonus helps jump over uppers, freaks, etc
-Ability is AMAZING. -3 opp power with a pretty decent min of 4. However...

-LOW POWER!!!! 5 damage barely cuts if for a two star you have to be a mawpin, arkn or ella to get any attention at all.
-Competition he is not replacing my pan, sargh is still more solid, and with new elo arwaka is still very powerful...
-SOA abilities hurt like crazy cuz a 5 5 is bad.

I think this card is pretty much another trish. I love trish and even with this cards sob i think trish is still better. Why? well even if this guy has a great min of 4 trish has an insane min of 1... thus she can beat up caelus, oshitsune, tula, etc etc. but to be fair she fails to montana, uppers, rescue while this guy owns them. Also caelus and oshitsune are perma-banned so trish gets less and this guy could excel even more.

Wow I really am finding a hard time to grade him... he has SOOOOOO much potential but has a lot of risk too.
I will give him a 8/10 for now but it might go up or down depending on what happens... Kinda like slify arkn comment... arkn seemed low but turned out great!

Sidenote:That must have been some lightning strike!

Mercredi 06/06/2012, 04:42

IMO Edwin is the most underrated card in elo. Here is why. People have compared this card to Toro. I think this unfair to Edwin. Both card are weak to the following: Attack manip, SoA, - power manip. But Toro is weak to those as bonuses and Edwin is weak as abilities. This a Plus for Edwin, it is easier to play around a weakness to an ability because your opponent typically wont have more then 1 or 2 cards which which Edwin is weak vs, your opponent having 4 cards which Toro is weak vs. for example any Mono roots draw is a rarer but when it does happen it is a miserable experiance. Toro is also weak vs Stops, while Edwin is weak to SoB/protection bonus abilities. To me Edwin is a better card in elo . Yet Toro is perma banned while Edwin is rarely ever vote banned, go figure.

Mardi 15/02/2011, 13:01

Some members of the clan have even started having nightmares since he turned up...
This one made me giggle smiley well said!

Mercredi 03/07/2013, 22:07

guys just saying but on his lvl 1 lvl in the movie he was just like tht just saying he is a rapist

Mardi 01/01/2013, 17:48

looks like hes a CUT above the rest.
gotta HAND it to him, this card can be pretty HANDy.
too bad he didnt make the CUT
ok these are really bad so ill cut you guys a break
i gottta split

Jeudi 10/01/2013, 06:29

i'd really like an edward scissor hands parody. edwin didn't cut it.

Vendredi 11/02/2011, 18:30

Sigh, a lot of people are falling to the fallacy of comparing cards out of context, doing a one for one "well, Trish has a min one." Look at the context of the clan to look at the worth of a card.
In ELO, for ever now, Nightmare has needed power cards. They have never really had that solid 8 power or something comparable besides Azgroth who's a four star with a low damage. Sure they had Sarge for a bit who was an attack manipulator, but mathematically speaking, going against an 8 power card was still a pain for him to do. When Mawpin came out, it was a sigh of relief, but still, revenge, though the best conditionality, is still a conditionality. Having a solid -3, min 4 is helpful in that it lets you get over their 7 power (do the math if you want to know why you should never say virtual 8 power) and get on even footing with an opposing 8 power card. Notice how I'm leaving out opposing power manipulators. Yes, that's this card's weakness, but if you look at the context of this clan, you should have a Glorg or even a Dieter in your hand to scare away any form of that stupid predictability.
As for his damage, Nightmare has always been a damaged starved clan in most regards, and while with this temporary ELO change locks a Oshitsune/Edwin 2HKO, that 5 is 1/3 of their life, a respectable portion. Sure Pan has a life sep of 6, but they're 3* so take both. This card is basically the upgrade of Erzsebet that had been needed for at least a year.
This card has almost saved Nightmare Mono in ELO. All we need now is a Stop card (Nothing too good as would be game breaking, but something like a 5* 8/4, Stop:support:+1Life)

Lundi 16/05/2011, 17:14

Somewhere out there...

Fuzz envies him upon being hit by a lightning =]]

Clint City, night.