Même avant sa transformation, Cortez était une machine à tuer. Sa force et sa machette en ont vite fait le leader incontesté des Berzerk. Personne (de vivant) ne sait vraiment ce qu’il faisait au Motel ce soir-là. Ce qui est sûr, c’est qu’il était fait pour diriger une petite armée de guerriers fous furieux. De là à la créer lui-même, il n’y avait qu’un pas...
  • Sorti le vendredi 17/06/11
  • Illustrateur: Quirkilicious
  • Carte rare Disponible sur la Boutique
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Pouvoir de Cortez :

Contrecoup : -2 Vie Min 4

Si Cortez gagne son round, le nombre de points de Vie du joueur contrôlant Cortez est diminué de 2 jusqu'au minimum de 4.


Bonus :

-2 Vie Adv., Min 2

Si Berzerk gagne son combat, le nombre de points de Vie du joueur contrôlant le personnage adverse est diminué de 2 jusqu'au minimum de 2.

Première évolution sur les 4 évolutions de ce personnage :

  • BerzerkCortezpicture
    Puissance6PouvoirPouvoir débloqué à
    Dégâts3Bonus-2 Vie Adv., Min 2
  • BerzerkCortezpicture
    Puissance7PouvoirPouvoir débloqué à
    Dégâts4Bonus-2 Vie Adv., Min 2
  • BerzerkCortezpicture
    Puissance8PouvoirContrecoup : -2 Vie Min 4
    Dégâts7Bonus-2 Vie Adv., Min 2
  • BerzerkCortezpicture
    Puissance8PouvoirContrecoup : -2 Vie Min 4
    Dégâts8Bonus-2 Vie Adv., Min 2
54 personnages
missions icon 27 missions
Bonus -2 Vie Adv., Min 2
A la suite d’une fuite de gaz Xantiax dans les conduits d’aération du Red One Motel, tout le personnel et les locataires de l’hôtel ont été transformés en êtres redoutables, habités par une rage que seule défoule une intense baston. Ils se seraient tabassés entre eux jusqu’à la fin des temps si Cortez ne les avait pas rassemblés autour d’une cause : trouver les vrais responsables de leur condition et la leur faire payer cher !
  • Au niveau 2 : min 219 333 Clintz
  • Au niveau 3 : min 247 219 Clintz
  • Au niveau 4 : min 233 499 Clintz
  • Au niveau 5 : min 204 666 Clintz
Voir les 12 offres sur le Market

38 commentaires sur Cortez

Samedi 08/10/2011, 15:05

Okay, here comes the deal.
The price is ridiculously high today 2 October 2011.
191 market offers. So why is this card so expensive?
Lola has 202 market offers and her price is at 9000 Clintz.
So its not that it is a new rare only.

Let's see...
We have a monster card here.
A card that can undermine your opponent to 2 life anytime with some pillz.
It has Power 8 and base damage 8. Wow!
Plus SOA helps him out, since it cancels Backlash!
The Backlash minimum is 4, something that can save on some occasions!
This card is very strong indeed.

But is that enough to keep the price so high?
Well... no...

There is an economic phenomenon that is called the invisible hand of balance of the Market.
Its a trend to lead the market sell price of an item, to a balanced price between the people that demand to own it and the people that sell it. In theory, if lots of people sell that thing, a card for example, the price will be the lowest possible.
How does this card stays at high price then?
I said IN THEORY and thats the key to the answer of this situation.

There is another economic phenomenon in free competition, called "Kartel or "Trust".
This means that very few people own something in high quantities and they sell it for a lot of cash, because of the technical lack of it in the market. I say technical, because these guys technicaly, by owing it, they made it lack from the market.

BS-BuSi, has 61 copies of Cortez for sale in the market, for 84.000, 85.000 and 86.000 clintz.
lomero_BD has 10 copies of Cortez for sale in market, for 121021clintz.
-SPLATTER- has 19 copies of Cortez for sale in the market for 150.000 clintz.
SH-kkl13 has 6 copies of Cortez for sale in the market for 150.000 Clintz.
Zatmax has 11copies of Cortez for sale in the market for 175.000 clintz.
107 cards out of 197 are sold by four people. More than 50% of the total cards.

So Cortez is available in about 90 copies? Not exactly.
Since the cheapest Kartel is by BS-BuSi, a4 84.000
I count anything below 84.000 Clintz....

25! TWENTY FIVE CARDS ONLY! And all near 75.000 to 85000 of course.....
Because its only 25....
You got the picture?

This is totaly legit to happen though.
Watch this:

BS-BUSI Level 103
LOMERO_BD Level 78
-SPLATTER- Level 95
ZATMAX Level 87
SH-KKL13 Level 82

High level players, let's say they owned some cards that went Cr then sold the doubles,
or got money with another way in the game (after all they are high leveled means that they play for a long time).

Having a LOT of Clintz, they bought a card lots of times,
a rare of course ibn order not to appear back soon in high quantities...
then putted the card back in the market for a ridiculously high price.
Why? To earn clintz of course.
Thats almost the principle of monopoly.
If i was in their position i would do the same, in order to buy new cards etc etc, without paying more real money.
Smart way to keep on in the game.

How to beat it...
Well since human stupidity is unbeatable, you might not be able to beat it.... smiley
If there will be even ONE person that will buy the card for 75.000 clintz, the Kartel will stay.
If NOBODY buys.... well, prices will go down and down....

I got this card by a pack. Thing is, if i didnt, i would be pissed off. But i wouldn't buy it anyway.
I writed a review about Dregn and his high pricing, stating that it is a potential Cr. Dregn maybe.
Plus take a look at Dregn's market offers

ZatMax 8 copies of Dregn at 145.000
SH-kkl13 has 18 copies of Dregn at 150.000
See? Its an infinite Clintz machine taking advantage of your desire to own a card so badly, you would do anything for it.

But now on Cortez things are ridiculous....
Cortez is about some weeks in here and Berzerk will get a Cr afer 6 months or what?
Being the leader of Berzerk DOES NOT GIVE CORTEZ ADDITIONAL VALUE! Who the heck thought of that? smiley

In conclusion, people of Urban Rivals have the power to lower his price or keep it high.
Its up to you.

You might now ask... why am i talking so much about his price...
Well... its the ONLY Con i can say it has as a card.
Backlash is more like a balancer.
So yes, it takes a 10/10
Awesome card.

Lundi 18/07/2011, 14:24



rate green if you want to see his price in 3 months smiley'

then we can look smiley

Mercredi 14/11/2012, 07:34

The game is no longer newbie friendly...
Inflation of the market is not being countered with a growth of "income" i.e. UR still gives out 5-15 clints per game. How do u expect new players to do anything ?
Ok, people might say, buy credits. But how many credits do you think they should buy to atleast get a decently priced card, over which they can base their whole deck ?
The older players are getting richer, by hoarding cards and manipulating the market, and leaving newer ones in the dust.
Trust me UR staff, u need to study economics of the real world a BIT.

Mardi 18/10/2011, 19:53

okay, all



the conclusion is that the price stays stable.

rate green if you think this didn't make any sense at all smiley

Samedi 01/12/2012, 01:18

An 8/8 with backlash, and a -2 opp life bonus. Now. Let's assume we're facing a Sob.
8 damage -2 life gap. 6 life gap. Average.
What about SoA?
8+2. 10 Life gap.
Now, ladies and Adler.
Against Sob.
6 damage. Equal to Cortez.
Against Soa?
6 damage +3 damage + 2 life. 11 life gap.

Why isn't he 75k? It's not because he's common. Look at ANY other non-CR rare. 75k? 4 Rares are worth about 75k.
Guys. Cortez is nothing to sing and dance about. If you NEED a 5* on your deck (I highly suggest using Sprinter and Elvis and, you shouldn't be running mono right now, but,) Taylor is much better. -1 power, +1 life gap, with a HELPFUL ability.

But, I understand Cortez is more of the "OMG I LOVE CR SPECULATION. CORTEZ WILL CR. RHEDD CR AND KENNY CR? DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING. LOL. I LOVE MANIPULATING THE MARKET, AND FEEDING STUPIDITY." card. You know why Kolos isn't CR? He's one of the epics. He get's you to buy packs. He moves merchandise. Now, you look at those prices up there, and you tell me, man I'd hate to pull him in a pack. Do it.. You filthy liar. Dregn and Cortez will not be going CR. They. Move. Merchandise. It's simple guys. get it together. Stop feeding stupidity. Let's lower the demand, and, together, we can lower the price. Who's with me?

Jeudi 24/07/2014, 12:54

The Top 10 Most Expensive Non-CR Cards As Of Now!(24th July 2014)
1. Noctezuma
2. Charlie
3. Dregn
4. Lizbeth
5. Tsubame
6. Mona
7. Mechakolos
8. GraksmxxT
9. Kolos
10. Cortez

Rate me green and i will update this list more often than not

Mercredi 03/04/2013, 19:51

The Top 10 Most Expensive Non-CR Cards As Of Now!(3rd April 2013)

Rate me green and i will update this list more often than not

Samedi 01/11/2014, 10:57

Cortez; Bezerk
Cortez 8/8; Ability Backlash: -2 life min 4; Bonus -2 opp life min 2

-Well he has a monstrous 8 power that not as many cards can compete with in ELO as it used to with all the bans.
-Well he has a monstrous 8 damage that with his bonus and Fury, becomes a devastating 12 in ELO.
-If you hit him with SOA he only gets better, SOB barely makes him Flinch.
-DR is not a problem, because even with Uranus (ELO Perma-Banned) he still has a nice 5 damage, which the only other cards who can do that without SOA are the 1HKOs and Dregn.
-Also, it was drawn by Quirkilicious, so when I level him up, I expect great things from his art.

-Backlash, I don't want to be losing 2 life every time I win with him, but I say it is worth it.
-He doesn't have any power or attack manipulation to back him up, so 7 powered Montana and Rescue, or a good power manipulation clan can out pill him.
-Well, SOB or DR kinda ruin his selling point, but he is still usable, and even when you get DR+SOB, he still has 3, which is good for the situation.
-He can't 1HKO, even though he has

Overall 10/10. Why not? He has great power, godly damage, and getting hit with SOA makes him better. While yes backlash is a flaw, I don't see it as debilitating. Also, I believe this card would do better in T2 with leaders to back him up, now with Ambre, an 11/10. Yeah... don't see that every day, do you? Also, Eloxia loss first round, then a full bomb with Cortez after, kills by round 3. He is a 10/10.

Samedi 20/12/2014, 19:47

Why are the top comments of the top cards complaints about the price?

Every clan is entitled to at least 1 super expensive card. That gives incentive to pick any number of clans when buying elite packs. Did you not get your Mona/Dregn/Graksmxxt/Ongh/Charlie/Striker/Cortez/Tsubame/Lady/Numar/Pericles/Lizbeth/Kolos/Mechakolos/Noctezuma?

Well then, whine about its price in the comments section! Said this guy sarcastically.

Jeudi 24/07/2014, 12:55

The Top 10 Most Expensive Non-CR Cards As Of Now!(24th July 2014)

Rate me green and i will update this list more often than not

Vendredi 27/03/2015, 01:55

this card may have a backlash ability, which isn't the best, he is an 8/8 card. wait wait, I am not done yet. HE IS NOT ELO BANNED OR TOURNEY DOWNED. if I were you I would get this card

Vendredi 13/10/2017, 20:20

Ok, there is, 6 years of people waiting for this card to became Cr.

Samedi 09/03/2013, 09:52

Well Berzerker clans first Cr is Kawamashi . Did anyone really think Cortez was going to become Cr? I remember when Cortez first came out everyone kept saying he is going Cr soon LoL. Well don't hold your breath because he still has a lot of years left before he gets to retire.
Good bye Kawamashi Cr I hardly knew you.

Mercredi 13/03/2013, 18:33



Mercredi 07/08/2013, 22:19

1st off hes li ke a mini kolos without the ability to ko except he still can with some defeat cards 2nd hes power is better then kolos's power hes base damage is very nice he can only benefit from soa and what can i say 8/10 12 with fury extremely dangerous in elo if u have the room and money get him ive no idea why im doing these reviews im just bored i guess a 8.5/10 for the competition and weakness to dr altough not so much because of the bonus its a pretty much cant fail card excuse my bad english smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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