offline {RW}DanDoDan Colossus Reissende Woelfe
Lundi 29/04/2013, 11:28

Following the great success of the 2011 and 2012 Community Cup event, ChaosDragon88 and {RW}DanDoDan proudly present you the 2013 edition!

While we have remained faithful to the principle of the 2011 and 2012 event (teaming up with your friends and competing against the best players from other communities), after considering the feedback we have received from the players, we have decided to make some format changes that will increase variety in terms of deck-building and gameplay.
In fact, you won’t find “formats” or “types” this time, but “modalities”. Additional we decided to eliminate the Standard from all the phases as the result of your feedback from the last CC. We have also reduced the phases of the qualification event in which you can use a high number of stars in the deck as well as decreased the number of finalists for each team by 2.
This year there will be also a duel to find the third best Community!

Rules to enter in the event:
Entrance fee: 1.000 Clintz
Rank: Hero (at least 20% of the characters)
Level: 30

Complete Rules:

The best 5 players of the Community Cup 2013 - Qualifier FR play as team for their community in Community Cup 2013.


Community Cup Champion Team - 5x Kiki Cr
Community Cup Runner Up Team - 5x General Cr
Community Cup 3° Team - 5x Manon Cr
Community Cup 4° Team - 5x Scarlett Cr
Community Cup Quarter-Finalist Teams - 5x Dragan Cr

The start of each qualifier is the 6th May.

The qualification event will be opened two times. Each opening for 64 players. Stay tuned, the open dates will be announced: here, in the event rules and in the turkey forum of the event
Only 128 players can enter in the qualification event. Be fast!

Have Fun!

offline 0AL-vegoliv Titan Azraël legend
Lundi 29/04/2013, 14:51

Les inscriptions se dérouleront en 2 phases :
64 joueurs seront pris le mercredi 1er mai vers 21h (GMT+1)
64 joueurs seront pris le vendredi 03 mai vers 20h (GMT+1)

offline 0AL-vegoliv Titan Azraël legend
Mardi 30/04/2013, 08:11

Le prix d'entrée est finalement de 5000 clintz

offline LH-Itachi Senior  
Mardi 30/04/2013, 10:39

Sais cheres mais le prix sais pas de la crotte

offline I-N-R-A Titan Les Têtes Brûlées
Mardi 30/04/2013, 11:06

Trop cher, trop dur, trop anglais, trop .................... comptez pas sur moi !!

offline youneskil Senior  
Mardi 30/04/2013, 11:58


offline OlysK02 Novice  
Mardi 30/04/2013, 12:13

Trop cher

offline -ShaiHulud Colossus Azraël legend
Mardi 30/04/2013, 12:26

Bonne idée d'augmenter le prix Vego !

offline UR banque Senior  
Mardi 30/04/2013, 12:33

Doit on se présenter en équipes ou les équipes seront faies aléatoirement?

offline Mr_0wN3r Colossus  
Mardi 30/04/2013, 12:39

Si j'ai bien compris, le premier évent (qualifications sera individuel et les 5 meilleurs formeront une équipe pour l'évent final.

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