offline ZeroChuck Titan  
Jeudi 14/11/2013, 01:43

Hello there, english community! You may know me (or totally not) but today, I am here to present you the first event I have created,

Dans La Forêt (Which literally means "In the Forest"smiley

Basically, the event lasts 8 to 9 weeks and players are divided in two groups; Hunters and Animals (Chasseurs et Animaux). During the event, both groups will fight or team up to form sub-groups to compete in the finals.

It costs 3000 clintz to enter the event and there are only 64 spots! A minimum of six players will get rewards at the end of the event if I do not get any donations. If there are, more and more players will receive prizes!

Good luck to all the players!

offline iCu-Leet Titan  
Jeudi 14/11/2013, 01:54

Epic fail mais pas grave smiley

offline ZeroChuck Titan  
Jeudi 14/11/2013, 02:01

Haha! Mauvaise section des forums! smiley

J'étais en section anglaise quand j'ai posté par contre, et j'ai vérifié!...

offline ZeroChuck Titan  
Jeudi 14/11/2013, 02:02

Je demande au staff de supprimer ce sujet qui est une erreur, mes excuses! smiley

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