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Warning - This is just ELO

1ºPhase (200 Players)
50 Groups of 4 Players
The first 2 of each group go to next Phase
1 match vs all members of group.

2ºPhase (100 Players)
20 Groups of 5 Players
The First 2 Players of each group go next Phase
2 Match vs all members of group

3ºPhase (40 Players)
Elimination Phase
1vs1 The winners pass to the next phase
3 Winning Hand vs the other player

4ºPhase ( 20 Players)
Elimination Phase
1vs1 The Winners pass to the next Phase
2 Winning Hand vs the other player

5ºPhase (10 Players)
The Fear Phase
2 groups of 5
The first 4 of each go to last Phase
2 match vs all member of the other group

6ºPhase (8 Players)
The Final Phase
2 match vs everyone of the event
The First 4 win prizes , the others bether Luck next time

If anyone dont answer your mp put print in Turkce.
To delete a match you need send me print or the other guy agree.

1º Jim Cr
2º95 000 Clintz(50% Of pot)
3º66 500 Clintz(35% Of pot)
4º19 000 Clintz(10% Of Pot)

1 Veenyle Cr for the person that have more points in 1ºPhase

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effacé smiley

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You can delete this please

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