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ELO Players Ranking

Here is the ELO ranking. ELO mode is available to any player at level 15 and above. ELO is a more strategic style of play with limitations on the Deck and a dynamic ranking where you can go up and down. ELO is thought to be the mode in which the best players can show off their skills.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election

Current Jackpot: 1 160 156 Clintz.
Read the ELO mode rules to find out how to play and win prizes.
List of characters banned in ELO this week.
Collectors for 12 random players among the top 100:
DJ Korr Cr, Scarlett Cr, Lao Cr, Selsya Cr, Dwain Cr, Robb Cr, Kenny Cr, Marco Cr, Chikko Cr, Noodile Cr, Terry Cr, Dolly Cr.
 Rares for 50 random players among the remaining players:
Trish, Kuei, Jimmy, Lear Barduh, Bryan, Chloe, Fei, Rahi Sledon, Corvus, Python, Dawn, Raven, Miss Lulabee, Joao, Marjory, Crazy Carlo, Marina, Pesth, Thormund, Murphy, Ielena, Pan, Tomoe, Quinn, Miss Chloe, La Cobra, Sah Brinak, Rex Sweig, Clara, Hemdall, Pastor, Kobalth, Rosen, Dustyn, Dr Copernica, Mercury, Benson, Clive, Qorah, Fischer, Magnolia, D4 Funk, El Divino, Markus, Lindsey, Grouchy, Wardom, Armand, Taylor, Florida Jane.

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1/5321Português-Miguel Alves 1 462 eloLegend Ultimate destiny
2/5321English- Bangerz1 454 eloLegendLes petits boulets1
3/5321EnglishIzaya -1 450 eloImperatorHeaven destroyer1
4/5321EnglishUos-Paolo1 442 eloLegendUnion of the supremes1
5/5321Español-Carh1 429 eloLegend1
6/5321РусскийTARA-871 428 eloSeniorMystical shadow team13
7/5321Deutsch00 Crovax GUB1 425 eloLegendGub pro
8/5321ελληνικά- DoO -1 406 eloLegendUtopia
9/5321DeutschL4F-Dymo1 403 eloLegend☨ la familia ☨
10/5321EnglishGeneral Bouse1 397 eloLegendZénith
11/5321English0 Summer1 389 eloVeteranPokimabuoni
12/5321PortuguêsSykies1 385 eloHeroOpen casket13
13/5321Englishkurt81_1 384 eloLegendE x c a l i b u r1
14/5321English0AL Mcdo1 383 eloTitanAzraël legend1
15/5321English_Nose_1 382 eloGuruTeste dure1
16/5321English-SeeMars-1 381 eloTitanLes petits boulets1
17/5321Português0sWag1 379 eloTitanUltimate destiny1
18/5321English0_Midnight1 377 eloLegendZénith2
19/5321EnglishGN Wing1 375 eloLegendGuardia de la noche16
20/5321English69_Flamby1 372 eloImperatorZone 691
21/5321PortuguêsDS_byakuya1 364 eloTitanDeath squad3
22/5321DeutschJeesuz1 362 eloSeniorUr stars4
23/5321EnglishPvG-Yallaa1 362 eloImperatorPas une vraie guilde !?!4
24/5321EnglishczubekNoti1 361 eloLegendRaven's crew4
25/5321English0 Juan1 361 eloSeniorE x c a l i b u r4

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