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ELO Players Ranking

Here is the ELO ranking. ELO mode is available to any player at level 15 and above. ELO is a more strategic style of play with limitations on the Deck and a dynamic ranking where you can go up and down. ELO is thought to be the mode in which the best players can show off their skills.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election

Current Jackpot: 506 296 Clintz.
Read the ELO mode rules to find out how to play and win prizes.
List of characters banned in ELO this week.
Collectors for 12 random players among the top 100:
Kiki Cr, Armanda Cr, Tessa Cr, Elya Cr, Sigmund Cr, Melissa Cr, Skullface Cr, Smokey Cr, Cassio Cr, Page Cr, Chad Bread Cr, Boris Cr.
 Rares for 50 random players among the remaining players:
Michael, Hula, Ruru, Devil Dog, Moses, Koshiro, Scubb, Dr Copernica, Nekurenbo, Rei, Oshitsune, Heartnett, Perle, Xingshu, Thorpah, Rubie, Mokra, Zornado, Beck - Nena, Qorah, Tremorh, Havok, Taham, Steve, Gianfranco, Jiro, Sera M1, Lady, Earl, Mechakolos, Solomon, Zoe, Hystrix, Slopsh, Dj Korps, Pesth, Loma Noju, Timmy, Octana, Herman, Cutey, Farman, Muze, Mefisto, Pandagran, Greow, Miss Lizbeth, Lizzy, Maciej, Qubik.

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1/3600Englishthousandd 1 373 eloLegend Pokimabuoni
2/3600DeutschL4F-Buxtehude1 367 eloGuru☨ la familia ☨
3/3600ελληνικά8 PaNOS_Lfc1 345 eloImperatorDeus ex machina36
4/3600DeutschTpU Schalke041 341 eloLegend``the_perfect_unknown``1
5/3600English{GN}_pasote1 340 eloLegendGuardia de la noche1
6/3600English0 Clades1 333 eloImperatorI guardiani dell'olimpo1
7/3600EnglishSelphie1 332 eloLegendZénith1
8/3600EnglishAbarbera1 329 eloTitanα alphas α3
9/3600EspañolZi0n_Lama1 325 eloTitanSon of zion2
10/3600EnglishMarshawnLynch1 322 eloTitanE x c a l i b u r16
11/3600EnglishUoS Shock1 320 eloHeroUnion of the supremes2
12/3600EnglishClb_Roxx1 319 eloTitanLes têtes brûlées2
13/3600Mentyca1 318 eloLegendKagerou days8
14/3600Englishorco brutal1 316 eloLegendLa barraca orca2
15/3600Sawa Cr1 316 eloLegend$ gold house $2
16/3600ελληνικάDoubble U1 315 eloGuruThe besharps2
17/3600Englishlorenzofarero1 315 eloGuruOrder of the knights24
18/3600English0 Poison1 311 eloLegendEl dorado3
19/3600EnglishJohn Ashburer1 309 eloLegendGañanes de la estepa3
20/3600English0 Gamma1 309 eloTitanItalian team cc 20153
21/3600English((S))Andreadg1 309 eloImperatorSpartani!3
22/3600EnglishUoS_Musashi1 306 eloLegendUnion of the supremes3
23/3600Česky0 Gunderson1 306 eloTitanКамрадство3
24/3600PortuguêsMarcos15331 304 eloLegendŦechnologЎ Đeathmatch2
25/3600EnglishD3ATHRUL3ZzZ1 302 eloLegendTime conquers all2

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