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ELO Players Ranking

Here is the ELO ranking. ELO mode is available to any player at level 15 and above. ELO is a more strategic style of play with limitations on the Deck and a dynamic ranking where you can go up and down. ELO is thought to be the mode in which the best players can show off their skills.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election

Current Jackpot: 597 850 Clintz.
Read the ELO mode rules to find out how to play and win prizes.
List of characters banned in ELO this week.
Collectors for 12 random players among the top 100:
Lyse Teria Cr, Sum Sam Cr, Melissa Cr, Ombre Cr, Skullface Cr, Kalindra Cr, Geuner Cr, Emeth Cr, Smokey Cr, Diyo Cr, Marco Cr, Edd Cr.
 Rares for 50 random players among the remaining players:
Kuei, C Beast, La Calavera, Pastor, Beeboy, Pan, Lizbeth, Miss Lizbeth, Vermaire, Sir Barks, Noemi, Virginia, Nerfeniti, Amiral Coco, Randal, Tomas, Chwing, Lola, Lizzy, Devil Dog, Elvira, Kobalth, Murphy, Linda, Dregn, Zornado, Russel, Jiro, Brody, Nistarok, Ulrich, Mechakolos, Qorah, Rad, Cyb Lhia, Uchtul, Pandagran, Rowdy, Muze, Graff, Anakrohm, Noctezuma, Sah Brinak, Buck, Saddy, Daddy Jones, Nyema, Bloodh, Jakson, Marina.

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26/6296Español-b20- TpU 1 351 eloImperator ``the_perfect_unknown``
27/6296EnglishHD lensois1 350 eloLegendI have a dream
28/6296English0 Yellow Claw1 349 eloImperatorPenumbra
29/6296EnglishGold-Punch1 348 eloLegendLes têtes brûlées1
30/6296Deutsch0 Link1 346 eloLegend★★ team pro ★★173
31/6296English- -CeeCii- -1 345 eloTitanDragones iberos
32/6296English-Szefoo-1 345 eloLegendRaven's crew
33/6296EnglishZubiOP1 344 eloImperatorE x c a l i b u r
34/6296EnglishIIGamerXI1 342 eloTitan
35/6296English- Bambou1 342 eloImperatorLe mont olympe
36/6296Englishlukernator281 341 eloGuruWise men distracted
37/6296Deutsch{RW} Joni1 341 eloLegendReissende woelfe
38/6296Englishfilipek921 340 eloLegend
39/6296EnglishJudex-1 340 eloLegendEl dorado
40/6296English0 Se7en-1 340 eloTitanLevel 021
41/6296Español0AL McDorcel1 338 eloTitanAzraël legend62
42/6296Deutschwao-monkey1 338 eloGuruWeareone_r202
43/6296DeutschDUC-Arend1 338 eloImperatorDutch urban crew2
44/6296EnglishD7eVeN1 337 eloGuruThe big bang2
45/6296EnglishAT_Blacksoul1 337 eloColossusAtlantide2
46/6296DeutschAngel TpU1 337 eloLegend``the_perfect_unknown``2
47/6296English(XC-Kratos-X)1 336 eloLegendE x c a l i b u r1
48/6296English0_Elis1 336 eloLegendLegacy1
49/6296English0 Clyde1 335 eloLegend►►dark origins◄◄1
50/6296EnglishStayStrong- O1 334 eloLegend◥◥targaryen◤◤1

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