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ELO Players Ranking

Here is the ELO ranking. ELO mode is available to any player at level 15 and above. ELO is a more strategic style of play with limitations on the Deck and a dynamic ranking where you can go up and down. ELO is thought to be the mode in which the best players can show off their skills.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election

Current Jackpot: 867 306 Clintz.
Read the ELO mode rules to find out how to play and win prizes.
List of characters banned in ELO this week.
Collectors for 12 random players among the top 100:
DJ Korr Cr, Armanda Cr, Marlysa Cr, Berserkgirl Cr, Ambrose Cr, Skullface Cr, Caelus Cr, Robb Cr, Sylth Cr, Chikko Cr, Lost Hog Cr, Terry Cr.
 Rares for 50 random players among the remaining players:
Magnolia, Joao, Enzo, Steve, D4 Funk, Perle, Eloxia, Zornado, Farman, Miss Stella, Meg, El Matador, Lola, Trish, Beeboy, Kolos, Saddy, Mechakolos, Baldovino, Troompah, Loma Noju, Rei, C Beast, Duke, Wendel, Dustyn, Greow, Taham, Fei, Selina, Stalfhaust, Baby Q Rb, Zaria, Thorpah, Wilde, Hula, Xingshu, Macumba, Dash, Arkn, Brody, Gaia, Lulabee, Hattori, Rattle, Pesth, Shizawa, Python, Tomas, Bridge.

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26/5016EnglishN3gATiiV3 1 345 eloLegend E x c a l i b u r2
27/5016Español0_RaZieL1 344 eloLegend1
28/5016Englishlewica1 337 eloImperatorKill em all
29/5016EspañolLW Samythor1 336 eloLegendLegendary warriors1
30/5016EnglishOldielocks1 335 eloVeteranOpen casket1
31/5016English0 nightmar31 335 eloLegendКамрадство1
32/5016EspañolLW Kev1 334 eloTitanLegendary warriors1
33/5016EnglishWyz6661 334 eloLegendEchoes1
34/5016EnglishK3ROSENE1 332 eloImperator1
35/5016Deutschiam_1231 330 eloTitanDeath squad1
36/5016English0 Cyborg1 330 eloModeratorThe wanted army1
37/5016Españolbichicome691 330 eloTitanMagic urban1
38/5016EnglishDescartes-1 329 eloGuruLes petits boulets84
39/5016EnglishBorsaGlemt1 328 eloModeratorEl dorado
40/5016Englishgabriel355_BL1 328 eloGuruBonus level93
41/5016Русский-BanaN_Nik1 328 eloLegendE x c a l i b u r1
42/5016EnglishDreko00011 328 eloGuruThe arcane forest1
43/5016English0 Jawax1 327 eloLegendApothéose1
44/5016DeutschGUB Bangbros1 327 eloHeroGub pro1
45/5016EnglishChA3iR1 326 eloLegendZénith20
46/5016EnglishGeneral Bouse1 325 eloLegendZénith1
47/5016EnglishHoF wendi281 323 eloLegendHouse of fear1
48/5016English0_Sanji_PmB1 323 eloLegendPokimabuoni1
49/5016РусскийAlexeySh1 321 eloVeteranHikikomori-nyan34
50/5016English-mylow-1 319 eloLegendEchoes193

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