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ELO Players Ranking

Here is the ELO ranking. ELO mode is available to any player at level 15 and above. ELO is a more strategic style of play with limitations on the Deck and a dynamic ranking where you can go up and down. ELO is thought to be the mode in which the best players can show off their skills.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election

Current Jackpot: 991 692 Clintz.
Read the ELO mode rules to find out how to play and win prizes.
List of characters banned in ELO this week.
Collectors for 12 random players among the top 100:
General Cr, Lyse Teria Cr, Manon Cr, Melissa Cr, Alec Cr, Dalhia Cr, Diyo Cr, Robb Cr, Chad Bread Cr, Chiara Cr, Lost Hog Cr, Amiral Py Cr.
 Rares for 50 random players among the remaining players:
El Divino, Stiko, D4 Funk, Miss Chloe, Bloodh, Uxoh, Belgosi, Jautya, Linda, Todd, Kuei, Miss Lulabee, Draheera, Scubb, Mechakolos, Leila, Rahi Sledon, Jimmy, Sasha, Lizzy, Cutey, Corvus, Mikaal, Kiki, Scotty, Wakai, Pilzken, Oshitsune, Virginia, Chan, Quinn, Michael, Stella, Fixit, Graff, Kinichaw, Liona, Dagg, Elly Mae, Karrion, Katan, Sah Brinak, Fei, Murphy, El Matador, Willy, Miss Stella, Pastor, Hefty, Bengal.

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126/6068EnglishIT-Acido II 1 294 eloTitan Җ infinite teaching Җ2
127/6068EnglishJamboTopTop1 294 eloHeroUrban vendicator2
128/6068EnglishBR-Yangshaw1 293 eloTitanBlade runners2
129/6068Englishdark seta1 293 eloLegendGame over2
130/6068PortuguêsDarkNessNTC1 292 eloImperatorDeath squad2
131/6068EnglishRaffyTOME1 292 eloHeroHeaven destroyer2
132/6068РусскийGexraman1 292 eloVeteranHikikomori-nyan2
133/6068Españoldraggonblak1 291 eloTitanLa sombra k precede ala muert2
134/6068EnglishD4rK_P4rK3r1 291 eloImperatorDark abyss2
135/6068Englishlukernator281 290 eloTitanWise men distracted2
136/6068English0_Ne2S1 287 eloSenior★ resign ★1
137/6068English) Yellow TiNT1 286 eloGuruTrinity1
138/6068Españolnotengonick1 286 eloGuruGangsta paradise1
139/6068English__rufy__1 285 eloLegendOsteria da "urban"
140/6068EnglishTable III1 285 eloTitanElo y ole1
141/6068PortuguêsDark_MITO_Jr1 285 eloHeroDeath squad1
142/6068EnglishAF-MrFuneral1 284 eloLegendAlliance francophone1
143/6068English0-del piero1 284 eloImperatorUnder control1
144/6068English0 Midnight1 284 eloHeroZénith1
145/6068Españolfranco magno1 284 eloHeroUrban warriors1
146/6068EnglishLPB- Zl3mar1 284 eloGuruLes petits boulets1
147/6068EnglishLPB-0 Loulou1 283 eloTitanLes petits boulets1
148/6068DeutschWerwolferine1 283 eloLegendThe besharps146
149/6068Englishalexgarfu1 283 eloImperator1
150/6068EnglishBL4CK P4NTH3R1 282 eloTitanGuardia de la noche1

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