NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
276/817pictureCripplebastard3 (35 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 00:28Heaven Destroyer
277/817picture0 Ekko Cr3 (35 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 00:28THE_POWER
278/817picturedtkSuper3 (35 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 00:34The Sexy Death
279/817pictureshadwmagic3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 00:36TUGA BEASTS
280/817pictureLejardinierqc3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 00:45ZotZi's Guild
281/817pictureBlackStormMOB3 (35 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 00:46Masters of Battle
282/817pictureFG-govou3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 00:50guilde pour débuter
283/817picturemalin03 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 01:22THE_POWER
284/817picturepromise-me3 (35 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarYesterday at 01:32PokiMaBuoni
285/817pictureLa Couronne3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 01:45Time Conquers All
286/817pictureIndividuohell3 (35 Clintz)starstarYesterday at 01:46LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
287/817picturedi alucardmx3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 02:15
288/817pictureKassiPark3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 02:26LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
289/817picturekorback3653 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 03:15Regret Nothing
290/817pictureIFM-Koke3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 03:40◢◣Inframundo◢◣
291/817pictureR3 Jack Coloss3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 03:49R 3 S u R 3 C † I 0 N
292/817picture((MANOBROWN))3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 04:01LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
293/817pictureFografo3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 04:05UNION OF THE SUPREMES
294/817pictureUoS_Musashi3 (35 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarYesterday at 04:29UNION OF THE SUPREMES
295/817picturesuperpusik3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 05:10Mystical Shadow Team
296/817picture_tyran_3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 05:17LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
297/817pictureAkay Lyon3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 05:42El ojo de Michael
298/817picturepingobienparau3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 05:45°ºΨº°FuRia*-*GueRReRa°ºΨº°
299/817pictureLizuca3 (35 Clintz)Yesterday at 06:04La Congrégation de l'Ombre
300/817pictureCaRDKiLLeR113 (35 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 08:05ExtraordinarY KillerS