NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
101/172pictureDgk-Legend2 (10 Clintz)starToday at 01:45TEAM CANADA
102/172picturePaulsicle2 (10 Clintz)Today at 01:48Tea, Biscuits and Pillz
103/172pictureacpecesincebo2 (10 Clintz)starstarToday at 02:15NeoAndromeda
104/172pictureMynabru Slavir2 (10 Clintz)starToday at 02:20
105/172picturetmonster82 (10 Clintz)Today at 02:50A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR
106/172picture-Princessa2 (10 Clintz)Today at 03:48Gangsta paradise
107/172picturehermes xy2 (10 Clintz)Today at 03:59KosAzar
108/172pictureDax Stark2 (10 Clintz)starstarToday at 04:08Fox Hound Unit
109/172pictureAt-CoraX2 (10 Clintz)starstarToday at 04:11Never give up
110/172picturethenewsystem2 (10 Clintz)Today at 04:19
111/172pictureBehind Myself2 (10 Clintz)Today at 04:29OnE MaLaysia
112/172pictureYawar JD2 (10 Clintz)Today at 04:54Juicio de Dios
113/172pictureTheara2 (10 Clintz)Today at 05:00THE_POWER
114/172pictureRed_colete2 (10 Clintz)Today at 05:01★ Red Unit ★
115/172pictureChoppp2 (10 Clintz)Today at 05:19R 3 S u R 3 C † I 0 N
116/172picturek3v1nxD2 (10 Clintz)Today at 05:20Open Casket
117/172picturelocomanox2 (10 Clintz)Today at 05:30Gadsden
118/172pictureGuevaraSAW2 (10 Clintz)Today at 05:33THE_POWER
119/172pictureUK-Nani2 (10 Clintz)starstarToday at 05:47Urbana Krigare
120/172picture-Bodi2 (10 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 06:32RoCk aNd LoL
121/172pictureabder 152 (10 Clintz)Today at 06:36Power of the Moose
122/172picturemotoshide1 (5 Clintz)Today at 00:01UndertakeR TeaM
123/172picturemisterkts1 (5 Clintz)Today at 00:02†..::¡F34R!::..†
124/172pictureLex Figueroa1 (5 Clintz)Today at 00:06THE_POWER
125/172pictureshigona1 (5 Clintz)starstarToday at 00:10Камрадство

Clint City, night.