NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
1/229picture-El-Scar18 (2885 Clintz)Today at 01:02El Dorado
2/229pictureNN_GG17 (2535 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 00:27New Nemesis
3/229pictureloolrenzo TS14 (1485 Clintz)Today at 00:21Team Swat
4/229picture20mata70viver14 (1485 Clintz)Today at 05:28Past Present and Future
5/229picture0AL Valitaan13 (1285 Clintz)Today at 01:53Azraël legend
6/229picturebritoben12 (1085 Clintz)Today at 02:51THE_POWER
7/229pictureFM_BOSS_LS10 (685 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 01:23Desobediencia civil
8/229picture0 Narga10 (685 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 02:03KissKool Familly
9/229pictureBodvar Berzerk10 (685 Clintz)Today at 04:32† PANTERS AGE †
10/229pictureNobaZ8 (385 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 00:12KissKool Familly
11/229pictureTNT_oLiCrusoe8 (385 Clintz)Today at 00:33D I N A M I T A
12/229pictureHSVCR8 (385 Clintz)Today at 02:05Opesque Honestas
13/229pictureHell9878 (385 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 03:56LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
14/229picturethe villain7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 00:26the villain Guild
15/229pictureSLEVIN KLEIN7 (285 Clintz)Today at 00:39
16/229pictureA_The_047 (285 Clintz)Today at 01:22
17/229picturechv-wellan7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 06:47les chevaliers d'emeraude
18/229pictureLNG_ImSoKing6 (185 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 00:04La No Guild
19/229pictureRITON L RITAL6 (185 Clintz)Today at 00:25Italian session
20/229picture7_Soz36 (185 Clintz)Today at 03:25PokiMaBuoni
21/229pictureLB-OskarUwUt6 (185 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 04:26✞Last Battle ☪
22/229pictureJose_Xd2_Pvp6 (185 Clintz)starstarToday at 05:11✞Last Battle ☪
23/229pictureElfo_Loco6 (185 Clintz)Today at 05:51Elites_do_Br ✦✦✦
24/229pictureDT-c ponch6 (185 Clintz)starstarToday at 05:52Day of Terror
25/229pictureEL CHARLY DC5 (85 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 00:27