NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
1/515picturefast2play16 (2185 Clintz)Today at 15:28Lendários Guerreiros Imortais
2/515pictureSCI-Wolf15 (1835 Clintz)Today at 18:15Cocounts Island
3/515pictureI Am A FNG13 (1285 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 04:55aussie crusaders
4/515pictureShaka 3113 (1285 Clintz)Today at 05:26A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR
5/515pictureGenT Chewbac13 (1285 Clintz)Today at 10:26§§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
6/515picturePA_Elvis12 (1085 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarToday at 16:15Piratas do Atlântico - Guilda de
7/515picturePA-UseTheLess12 (1085 Clintz)Today at 16:54Piratas do Atlântico
8/515pictureDarkRoast00712 (1085 Clintz)Today at 17:43Open Casket
9/515picturenickiboy9811 (885 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 18:03REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
10/515picturetryol_PV11 (885 Clintz)Today at 18:47Goldfinger
11/515pictureFichaje7310 (685 Clintz)Today at 01:24**** MANAGERS TEAN ****
12/515pictureblackete10 (685 Clintz)Today at 03:14The Family
13/515picture-A-Mario7410 (685 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarToday at 13:04α Alphas α
14/515picturebatoshikk10 (685 Clintz)Today at 17:30Анимешная Гильдия
15/515pictureManchot Fou9 (485 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 03:38ZotZi's Guild
16/515picturemanuvlz9 (485 Clintz)Today at 08:44Goldfinger
17/515pictureKARUTOFUN9 (485 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 11:06۞ United Brother ۞
18/515picture0 - Pamplona9 (485 Clintz)Today at 15:47Piratas do Atlântico
19/515pictureRowdy Goal Cr9 (485 Clintz)Today at 17:16Maracanaso
20/515picturekimb8 (385 Clintz)Today at 01:14Magic Urban
21/515pictureWingered8 (385 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 08:50>ReVoLuCiOn
22/515pictureDark Deuphor8 (385 Clintz)Today at 10:58Dark Abyss
23/515picturenw18 (385 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarToday at 13:25A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR
24/515pictureUoS_Mao_Dante8 (385 Clintz)Today at 17:43UNION OF THE SUPREMES
25/515picture-DarK TrowK-8 (385 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 18:18Dark Abyss