NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
76/455picturewest-altius5 (85 Clintz)Today at 13:28AVAMPOSTO ITALIANO
77/455picturejaio 965 (85 Clintz)Today at 13:37Alpha Section
78/455pictureYukiWatarase5 (85 Clintz)Today at 13:39Gli squali della notte
79/455pictureNicooolka5 (85 Clintz)Today at 13:45Army of Elite Mercenaries
80/455picturedianewally5 (85 Clintz)Today at 14:13Xx-AKATSUKI-xX
81/455pictureCHV DEAD-9745 (85 Clintz)starstarToday at 14:13les chevaliers d'emeraude
82/455pictureGabriel Az4 (60 Clintz)Today at 00:03
83/455picturechoppp4 (60 Clintz)Today at 00:43A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR
84/455picturePPF_SrLimpeza4 (60 Clintz)Today at 00:45
85/455pictureBoricua694 (60 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 00:47las gargolas
86/455pictureMitologiko4 (60 Clintz)Today at 00:50●Rompiente Tv●
87/455picturePioneerSan4 (60 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 01:08Zona Zero®
88/455picturecristianbuba974 (60 Clintz)starToday at 01:28♦死者の魂♦
89/455picturePerro Rabiosso4 (60 Clintz)Today at 01:33Kings & Legends
90/455pictureperezkazu4 (60 Clintz)Today at 01:50Castratis lilium
91/455pictureCopenawe4 (60 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 01:55La Jungla de Urban
92/455pictureR0913194 (60 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 02:30A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR
93/455pictureNanico134 (60 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 03:03
94/455pictureMr_BigNiN_WMD4 (60 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 03:35Wise Men Distracted
95/455picturexEBarone4 (60 Clintz)Today at 03:50WHITE FIGHTERS
96/455pictureGHETE4 (60 Clintz)Today at 03:55Maracanaso
97/455picture1Dadoo Return4 (60 Clintz)Today at 04:05BONUS LEVEL
98/455picture0 Halloween4 (60 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 04:40Magic Urban
99/455pictureKolosko Madarra4 (60 Clintz)Today at 05:03Black Dragon
100/455pictureszymon1284 (60 Clintz)Today at 05:17