NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
1/491picture- Revenge II14 (1485 Clintz)Yesterday at 02:39Heaven Destroyer
2/491picturedeath-note6913 (1285 Clintz)Yesterday at 19:24Team Barça
3/491pictureVinc3d-12 (1085 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 08:27Azraël legend
4/491pictureRSplasher11 (885 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarYesterday at 13:17Austria Red Devils
5/491picturemisterjones10 (685 Clintz)Yesterday at 04:26Limit Break
6/491pictureUos-Paolo10 (685 Clintz)Yesterday at 18:39Community Cup 2016 - Team IT
7/491pictureMonjhee10 (685 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 03:14the Urban Hysteria Crew
8/491pictureX3MasterPt9 (485 Clintz)Yesterday at 02:05WESTERN WORLD
9/491pictureHellboy Cr9 (485 Clintz)Yesterday at 06:23LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
10/491picture0 Makkej9 (485 Clintz)Yesterday at 06:45House of Fear
11/491pictureSLEVIN KLEIN9 (485 Clintz)Yesterday at 13:49
12/491pictureUV_Toolshake9 (485 Clintz)starstarstarstarYesterday at 14:30URBAN VENDICATOR
13/491pictureDark Mr- Cold9 (485 Clintz)Yesterday at 20:00Dark Abyss
14/491pictureUBMumbles9 (485 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 00:36۞ United Brother ۞
15/491pictureGuerreiro_FPC9 (485 Clintz)Today at 01:05THE_POWER
16/491pictureKaseph8 (385 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 00:34Time Conquers All
17/491pictureBirsa_948 (385 Clintz)Yesterday at 11:52Global Killer
18/491pictureCLYDY8 (385 Clintz)Yesterday at 15:12
19/491pictureDipPsiH8 (385 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 16:13Несокрушимые
20/491picture0-DiOo8 (385 Clintz)Yesterday at 18:25Piratas do Atlântico
21/491picture_Inj_Guepardo8 (385 Clintz)starstarstarstarYesterday at 21:20_Injection_
22/491picture(GN) kikedom8 (385 Clintz)Yesterday at 23:16Guardia de la Noche
23/491picturetiwsan8 (385 Clintz)Today at 03:57THE ITaLiaN WaRRioRS
24/491pictureTaky_7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 02:23[•Clintz City•]
25/491pictureDark Deuphor7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 12:41Dark Abyss