NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
51/758picture-A-Shadow8 (385 Clintz)starstarstarstarToday at 00:21α Alphas α
52/758picturesimmme898 (385 Clintz)Today at 11:31THE_POWER
53/758pictureHECTOR388 (385 Clintz)Today at 13:07My GranMotha was a junkie
54/758pictureJkalWolf7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 00:16A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR
55/758pictureHaarleigh7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 01:14Open Casket
56/758pictureNTM Negan7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarYesterday at 01:180ld School Spirit
57/758pictureMister DNX7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 03:43Solidi
58/758pictureENjimmy7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarstarYesterday at 11:27OnE MaLaysia
59/758pictureKaligg7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarYesterday at 12:47SAM
60/758pictureCarmelo66GK7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarstarYesterday at 14:29Global Killer
61/758picturePA_Elvis7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 14:39Piratas do Atlântico
62/758picture--TonyMontana7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 16:06THE_POWER
63/758picture0 Cal7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 16:59Goldfinger
64/758picturebatoshikk7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 17:50Анимешная Гильдия
65/758pictureGrain_Is_Back7 (285 Clintz)starYesterday at 17:56Past Present and Future
66/758picture__SHINIGAMI_7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 18:09LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
67/758picture0AL-Meher7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 18:11Azraël legend
68/758picturePA_lion7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarstarstarYesterday at 20:00Piratas do Atlântico - Guilda de
69/758pictureGunner_Rose7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 20:47UndertakeR TeaM
70/758picturenino707 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 23:26THE_POWER
71/758picturePA-LEK7 (285 Clintz)Yesterday at 23:39Piratas do Atlântico - Guilda de
72/758picturebritoben7 (285 Clintz)starstarstarToday at 01:44THE_POWER
73/758pictureposesor de alm7 (285 Clintz)Today at 03:10THE_POWER
74/758pictureo Valhalla o7 (285 Clintz)Today at 06:57
75/758pictureCR Uchiwa7 (285 Clintz)Today at 08:26CR Uchiwa Guild