NicknameVictories in a rowStarsDate of RecordGuild
76/430pictureXxAC1D3xX5 (85 Clintz)Yesterday at 16:09La vengeance de sorin
77/430pictureCG PoLLiTo5 (85 Clintz)Yesterday at 16:29UR Clan De Ganadores
78/430pictureHere I Go5 (85 Clintz)Yesterday at 17:05ELITE NATION
79/430picturemy-upsilon5 (85 Clintz)Yesterday at 18:01ELITE NATION
80/430picturefangslime5 (85 Clintz)Yesterday at 19:50ELITE NATION
81/430pictureDark Vatiqua5 (85 Clintz)Yesterday at 22:50Dark Abyss
82/430pictureterrorcorees5 (85 Clintz)Yesterday at 23:02Y2K
83/430pictureema lele5 (85 Clintz)Today at 01:40ELITE NATION
84/430pictureAz 75 (85 Clintz)Today at 01:56
85/430pictureLEO brand5 (85 Clintz)Today at 02:26
86/430picture-A-Itachi5 (85 Clintz)Today at 02:30Magic Urban
87/430pictureblackete5 (85 Clintz)Today at 03:53The Family
88/430pictureGEGEMON15 (85 Clintz)Today at 06:55Army of Elite Mercenaries
89/430pictureAngelc45 (85 Clintz)Today at 07:26Game Over
90/430pictureMO_HULK5 (85 Clintz)Today at 07:33Le mont olympe
91/430pictureTHM_M1N1M4L5 (85 Clintz)Today at 10:37The High & Mighty
92/430pictureLucastron_uk4 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 00:03Magic Urban
93/430pictureRnD_Sabadon4 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 00:32Global Killer
94/430pictureSKO164 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 01:23Hermanos De Sangre
95/430picture0 Manel4 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 09:18A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR
96/430picturemichele juve4 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 11:46Dragon Sinergy
97/430picturehybride300004 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 13:26
98/430picturezabujtop4 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 13:32ProMaster
99/430pictureGlobule_BZH294 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 13:43 ~°°!! ArSeN..HiC !!°°~
100/430pictureUB-Jeffy-san4 (60 Clintz)Yesterday at 14:06۞ United Brothers ۞

Clint City, day.