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16 players, 20 minutes, free for all. Victory: 50 pts, Draw: 40 pts, Defeat: 20 pts (Forfeit or Timeout: 0 pts). Wins Battle Points and Clintz !

The Deathmatch mode is a brutal game mode where you must get as much points as you can in 20 minutes.
When you join a Deathmatch room, you'll be automatically grouped with up to 15 other players and, as soon as there are 1 players ready to fight, the Deathmatch begins. Other players might join a Deathmatch in play, to keep the number of opponents high.

Points awarded during a Deathmatch are much higher than in other mode, allowing you to level up faster.
There are also some bonuses that will allow you to come back at any time, even if you are in a bad position.

When a Deatchmatch ends, the players will receive additionals points and Clintz according to their rankings, then, another Deathmatch will start a few minutes later.

Points for victory50 pts
Points for tie break40 pts
Points for defeat20 pts
Min players1
Max players16
Duration20 minutes
Max extratime5 minutes
Vengeance15ptsTake revenge on another player: defeat him after he defeated you (not necessary in a row).
Persecution5ptsKeep defeating the same player (not necessary in a row).
Higher score5ptsBeat another player who's score in the Deathmatch was higher than yours.
First kill10ptsBe the first to win a battle in a Deathmatch.
Come back15ptsFinally win after 3 or more defeats.
Buzz kill15ptsDefeat another player that was in a serie of 3 or more wins.
Victories serie2 victories: 5 pts, 3 victories: 10 pts, 4+ victories: 15 ptsUnstoppable force, keep winning.
Defeats serie2 defeats: 3 pts, 3 defeats: 6 pts, 4+ defeats: 12 ptsNeed more practice, keep losing.

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