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Throw yourself into intense 16 minute tournaments to load up on battle points and Clintz.

The Deathmatch mode is an extreme game mode in which you must score the most points possible in 20 minutes.
When you join a Deathmatch room you are automatically placed with the other players, up to 15. As soon as there are 1 players ready to fight, the Deathmatch begins. Other players can join a Deathmatch while it is in progress to ensure the number of opponents remains high.

In a Deathmatch you can win a lot more combat Points than in the other game modes, which allows you to level up more quickly.
There are also bonuses that enable you to become a contender in the race for victory at any time, even if you’re badly placed.

When the Deathmatch comes to a close, the players receive extra Points and Clintz depending on their ranking and then after a few minutes another Deathmatch begins.

Points for a win50 pts
Points for a tie-break40 pts
Points for a defeat20 pts
Minimum players1
Maximum players16
Duration20 minutes
Maximum extra time5 minutes
Vengeance15ptsTo get your revenge on another player: beat him after he's beaten you (not necessarily consecutively).
Persecution5ptsBeat the same player several times (not necessarily in a row).
Higher score5ptsBeat a player whose Deathmatch score is higher than yours.
First kill10ptsBe the first to win a match in Deathmatch.
Come back15ptsWin at last, after 3 defeats or more.
Buzz kill15ptsBeat a player who's in a series of 3 consecutive wins or more.
Victories serie2 victories: 5 pts, 3 victories: 10 pts, 4+ victories: 15 ptsUnstoppable force: you win time and time again.
Defeats serie2 defeats: 3 pts, 3 defeats: 6 pts, 4+ defeats: 12 ptsNeed more training: you constantly lose.