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The ELO system is a special game mode for players with level 15 or above in which you can win Collector & Rare cards as well as Clintz and Credits.

The rules of ELO are designed for a more strategic gameplay based on Deck building.
To play in ELO mode, you must have a Deck valid for the ELO Deck Format and play in one of the ELO rooms.
There is one ELO Tournament per week. Every player starts the Tournament with an ELO value of 1000.
At the end of every ELO battle, you'll win or lose ELO points according to your opponent’s ELO value and double the number of Clintz earned in the battle will be added to the ELO Clint Jackpot.
At the end of the Tournament, every player with an ELO value over 1000 will win a prize. Then everybody is reset to 1000.
Rules for Type ELO
Other ELO rules:
ELO Tournament prizes:
ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election

Calculator for ELO values:
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- You must play a least 5 ELO battles during the week to be considered as an ELO tournament participant.
- ELO points won will be significantly reduced after 3 ELO battles played within the same hour against the same opponent or IP address.
- If you don't play ELO for a few days your ELO value will slowly go back to 1000.
- If you are in the ELO top 35 ranking you must play a minimum number of battles each day: 1st to 10th: 6 battles, 11th to 25th: 4 battles, 26th to 35th: 3 battles.
- If you don't play enough battles, you will receive a small penalty related to the missing battles
.- If you are caught trying to cheat or help others cheat to rank higher, you may face a ban from the ELO mode.