Frequently Asked Questions
Playing a game
- The Clans
- The Fights
- The Missions
- Characters Abilities and Bonus
- Time allowed to play and timeouts
- Game modes and Deck formats
Deeper into the game
- Daily Tournaments
- Game mode: ELO
- Game mode: Survivor
- Game mode: Deathmatch (beta)
- Ranks (Novice, Senior...)
- Exacts winnings tables
- The Stars

As soon as you start playing Urban Rivals you'll receive your first Missions. Missions are small assignments that you have to complete to get missions points and gifts. There are many Missions with different type of assignments and various difficulty levels.

You'll unlock new missions as you'll progress into the game. Don't worry, you'll always have something interesting to do. Open your eyes as some missions will be hidden and you'll only discover them once you'll have completed them.

To complete your mission you only need to respect one rule : use the Quick Battle mode ("Fight Now" button) to challenge your opponent, in order to prevent players from setting up matches to get Missions rewards.

Clint City, night.