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Playing a game
- The Clans
- The Fights
- The Missions
- Characters Abilities and Bonus
- Time allowed to play and timeouts
- Game modes and Deck formats
Deeper into the game
- Daily Tournaments
- Game mode: ELO
- Game mode: Survivor
- Game mode: Deathmatch (beta)
- Ranks (Novice, Senior...)
- Exacts winnings tables
- The Stars

Beside the "everything can be in your Deck" format. There are various Deck formats that your Deck must be compatibles with in order to access specifics rooms. Here is the list of the current formats availables on Urban-Rivals.
Rules for Type ELO
Rules for Type 1
Rules for Type 2
Rules for Training
Rules for Training NoPillz
Rules for Coliseum
Rules for Dark corners
Rules for Chocomuscle ring
Rules for Danger zone
Rules for EFC Tower
Rules for Polit arena
Rules for Z palace
Rules for Tourney Type 1
Rules for Tourney Type 2

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