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If you're addicted to statistics or you want to maximize your earnings these tables are just the thing for you :)

Experience (XP)

You will gain experience by fighting your characters. Experience makes your characters level up and become stronger. Remember, you’re still a winner even if you lose, so don’t give up!

XP won by round based on the 2 characters played (winner on the left)
Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5
Lvl 1120 XP150 XP200 XP250 XP300 XP
Lvl 2100 XP120 XP150 XP200 XP250 XP
Lvl 380 XP100 XP120 XP150 XP200 XP
Lvl 460 XP80 XP100 XP120 XP150 XP
Lvl 5-----

XP bonus victory: 40 XP, XP bonus victory by KO: 60 XP, XP bonus draw: 30 XP, XP character lost round: 20 XP

Battle Points

You earn battle points when you fight other players. Battle points allow you to level up as a player and to access new features (Guilds, Game Rooms, ELO Mode, etc.). Battle Points are also used to establish your various rankings. Finally, during tournaments, the total amount of battle points won decides the winners: Battle Points received after a fight include: - Fight result battle points (win, defeat or draw points) - Round outcome battle points (character against character) - Character level up bonuses - KO and remaining Pillz bonuses

Battle Points won by round based on the 2 characters played (winner on the left)
Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5
Lvl 13 Points4 Points5 Points5 Points6 Points
Lvl 22 Points3 Points4 Points5 Points5 Points
Lvl 32 Points2 Points3 Points4 Points5 Points
Lvl 41 Points2 Points2 Points3 Points4 Points
Lvl 51 Points1 Points2 Points2 Points3 Points

In Urban Rivals, a high level player may play with a team of low level characters, just as a player with a much lower level can play with a team of very powerful characters. Thus, the amount of points awarded to the winner of the fight is not connected to the players’ levels, but rather to the levels of the cards the winner had in his team at the time of the fight. The formula is very simple. The number of points awarded to the winner is equal to 25 minus the sum of the levels of the 4 characters in your team (showed by the yellow stars). Example: a player with a team of four level 5 characters will receive 5 points for a win, another one with a team of four level 1 will receive 21 points, and a player with a team including one level 5, two level 3 and one level 4 would receive 10 points. It’s up to you to put together a balanced Deck that allows you to win fights and do well in the points scoring stakes.
Lost: 3 Points
Draw: 4 Points
Your opponent quits: 4 Points
You quit: -20 Points
Bonus if one of your characters levels up: starting level * 10 Points
Bonus if you get a KO win and still have some Pillz left: remaining Pillz * 2 Points
Bonus for wins with more than 12 remaining life points: Life points over 12 * 2 Points