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Each day, we run 12 Tournaments where you can win Clintz and Credits.

If you want to participate, you just have to play during a Tournament period in one of the rooms valid for Tournament, using a Deck valid in the room: Type 1, Type 2, ELO... (Game modes and Deck formats)

The rooms valid for daily Tournaments are easy to spot as they show this icon:

Your goal in a Tournament is to score as much battle points as you can while the Tournament is running.
Special scoring rules during Tournaments:The list of forbidden characters in ELO by the Staff is
Zatman Cr, Ratanah, Jackie Cr, Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Kiki Cr, General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Tanaereva Cr, Uranus, Guru Cr, GraksmxxT, Dorian, Ambre, Bridget, Morphun, Ashigaru, Bristone, Alec Cr, Marco Cr, Rolph, Kolos, Emeth Cr, Eklore, Olga, Toro, Robb Cr, Coby, Azel, Gil, Lehane, Hawk, Arno, Lou, Sylth Cr, Shann Cr, Askai, Ghumbo, Muze, Ulrich, Sigma Cr, Draheera, Cliff, Isatis, Diana, Karrion, Spyke, Eddie Cr, Lucy, Kalindra Cr, Clover, Flora, Mokra, Mechakolos Cr, Kinichaw Cr, Noctezuma Cr, Clover Noel, Dr Norton Cr, Brody, Xingshu, Wooly, Ratanah Rb, Graksmxxt Rb, Zhu Tang, Jeena, Jautya, Hugo, Grudj, Zapatino, Buba, Fuzz, Sera M1, Tiwi Ld, Phoebe, Wee Lee, Wee Lee Rb, Joy, Lola, Antoinette, Tormentah, Dolly Cr, Yayoi Cr, Curlix, Djengo, Ongh, Caelus Cr, Chel, Ymirah, Impera Sloane, El Gascaro, Bonnie Ld, Pr Cushing, Toro Rb, Saki, Beeboy, Bogdan, Ruru, XU-Kr4ng, El Divino, Rowdy Cr, Pilzken, Vholt, Fairbanks, Sukareto, Campbell, Mildred, Shakra, Copper Cr, Greem, Herman, Striker, Striker Rb, Arturo, Jean, Ginnifer, Avola, Moses, Lizbeth, Reeve, Streex

There is one Tournament every two hour, lasting one hour, it is as simple as that.

Daily planning according to your timezone, GMT +2:
[00:00 - 01:00], [02:00 - 03:00], [04:00 - 05:00], [06:00 - 07:00], [08:00 - 09:00], [10:00 - 11:00]
[12:00 - 13:00], [14:00 - 15:00], [16:00 - 17:00], [18:00 - 19:00], [20:00 - 21:00], [22:00 - 23:00].

When the Tournament ends, the prizes will be distributed according to the prizes distributions rules specified below.

Clintz jackpot:
Starts at 10000 Clintz and increase after each battle by adding the double of the Clintz won in the battle.
 1st - 5th: 2% each (example for a 350 000 jackpot: 7 000 Clintz)
 6th - 10th: 1% each (example for a 350 000 jackpot: 3 500 Clintz)
 11th - 25th: 0.4% each (example for a 350 000 jackpot: 1 400 Clintz)
 26th - 50th: 0.3% each (example for a 350 000 jackpot: 1 050 Clintz)
 51st - 100th: 0.2% each (example for a 350 000 jackpot: 700 Clintz)
 101st - 150th: 0.1% each (example for a 350 000 jackpot: 350 Clintz)
 151st to the end: 50 Clintz min each (example for a 350 000 jackpot: 76 Clintz)
The 1st player will also receive a 1 000 Clintz bonus.

Free Credit:
Every player from the top 1/3 of the Tournament will win 1 Credit. (ex: 1st->1000th /3000)

Don't worry, after each tournament, Kate will send you a private message with the summary of your winnings.