Tournament of the Monday 07/09/15: The jackpot ended up at 1 691 048 Clintz

TARA-87 from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Lyse Teria Cr. (1 445 elo)
wao-monkey from guild WeAreOne_R20 won Manon Cr. (1 403 elo)
- BlaZers - from guild PHOENIX won Flavio Cr. (1 403 elo)
0 Slurp_ from guild E X C A L I B U R won Aldebaran Cr. (1 387 elo)
0 Flar from guild PokiMaBuoni won Berserkgirl Cr. (1 368 elo)
_ Arno _ from guild I have a dream won Vickie Cr. (1 365 elo)
fish-squirrel from guild ELITE Black Sea Pirates won Selsya Cr. (1 362 elo)
0_Silhouette from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Yayoi Cr. (1 361 elo)
EzequielSteel from guild † PANTERS AGE † won Edd Cr. (1 360 elo)
danfes666 from guild A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR won Chiara Cr. (1 354 elo)
R4ndalf from guild URBAN MADNESS won Noodile Cr. (1 351 elo)
{GN}_ToP_ToP_ from guild Guardia de la Noche won Lin Bee Cr. (1 349 elo)
Razer89pl from guild Kill Em All won Loma Noju. (1 324 elo)
galica14 from guild mallorca supra won Lucia. (1 319 elo)
TNT_0 Summer from guild D I N A M I T A won Mokra. (1 317 elo)
0AL Mcdo from guild Azraël legend won Quinn. (1 315 elo)
yannio from guild Dark Abyss won Chwing. (1 312 elo)
F4ct3 from guild Past Present and Future won Todd. (1 311 elo)
(HD)Il_Mago from guild Heaven Destroyer won Lear Barduh. (1 310 elo)
00 viper from guild Gangsta paradise won Xingshu. (1 309 elo)
El-Divino from guild A POR LA SIGUIENTE CR won Kobalth. (1 308 elo)
0 Makkej from guild Penumbra won Marjory. (1 307 elo)
LPB ptit pilou from guild les petits boulets won Tomas. (1 306 elo)
Orpheus from guild §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§ won Madelone. (1 304 elo)
hiennm from guild Wise Men Distracted won Hula. (1 304 elo)
Porkyyy from guild E X C A L I B U R won Jay. (1 303 elo)
X_player from guild Raven's Crew won Muze. (1 301 elo)
Duc-kalfultra from guild Dutch Urban Crew won Fanny. (1 301 elo)
0 Myk from guild Raven's Crew won La Calavera. (1 301 elo)
Eminem49 from guild Atonium won Rad. (1 300 elo)
SPT_mirkes from guild Spaghetti Tricolore won Eggman. (1 300 elo)
HD_LOLLAND from guild Heaven Destroyer won Matriochka. (1 300 elo)
Oz_Wyz from guild Echoes won Buck. (1 298 elo)
TOP_miguelific from guild Top Elo won Slopsh. (1 295 elo)
NN_PROJ3CT from guild New Nemesis won SkrumxxT. (1 285 elo)
Commodore747 from guild Камрадство won Krung. (1 275 elo)
Jim My from guild Atonium won Lola. (1 270 elo)
Janteezy from guild Face Everything And Rejoice won Dj Korps. (1 256 elo)
R0LY-- from guild The philosophers won Corrina. (1 255 elo)
- Dr taken- from guild Generación Dorada won Marina. (1 254 elo)
Adrian__09 from guild Casual Grind won Stella. (1 252 elo)
Rockip30ld from guild House of Fear won Kolos. (1 248 elo)
TNT_CaLa from guild D I N A M I T A won Tremorh. (1 247 elo)
JRRF_ from guild Proyecto - i won Troompah. (1 245 elo)
Hd_Scorpio87 from guild Heaven Destroyer won Meg. (1 233 elo)
UBblindvision from guild ۞ United Brother ۞ won Chel. (1 232 elo)
S y n t h from guild Ultimate Destiny won Oshitsune. (1 230 elo)
cire13 from guild Marseille Winner won Earl. (1 224 elo)
WizeEyez from guild FDS Crew won Nerfeniti. (1 221 elo)
-KrlOz2412- from guild The Pandora´s Box won Baldovino. (1 219 elo)
King Rob Roy from guild [•Clintz City•] won Brok. (1 215 elo)
dralium from guild La Taverne de Dionysos won Shaakarti. (1 212 elo)
abposse from guild Masters of Battle won Randal. (1 211 elo)
Screw Y0u won Ray. (1 211 elo)
dXm_Johnygr from guild Deus eX Machina won Rex Sweig. (1 211 elo)
Nephilimx from guild les legionnaires d urbane rival won Wakai. (1 208 elo)
DkilerMASTER from guild Bounty Hunters won Sah Brinak. (1 208 elo)
ChocMousse from guild Italian session won Steve. (1 208 elo)
Adm diabolo from guild Knights Ressurection won Maurice. (1 207 elo)
Oz Nys4y from guild Echoes won Aurora. (1 206 elo)
All Chuck from guild Piratas do Atlântico - Guilda de won Fei. (1 200 elo)
yandros2k from guild Magic Urban won Lindsey. (1 200 elo)