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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 22/09/14:
The jackpot reached 1 551 618 Clintz.
 English -Miguel Alves from guild Ultimate Destiny won DJ Korr Cr. (1503 elo)
 English lukernator28 from guild Wise Men Distracted won Manon Cr. (1381 elo)
 English Lowve (OKLM) from guild Zénith won Sum Sam Cr. (1373 elo)
 Русский TARA-87 from guild Mystical Shadow Team won Shawoman Cr. (1370 elo)
 English Alluka won Skullface Cr. (1354 elo)
 English DCL Pou from guild Demain c'est loin won Alec Cr. (1349 elo)
 Português DLK-Keven from guild DL's Knights won Swidz Cr. (1349 elo)
 English Paper-Samurai from guild Angels of Pain won Kalindra Cr. (1345 elo)
 English Sheiky00 from guild Team Swat won Blaaster Cr. (1344 elo)
 English klackon won Robb Cr. (1342 elo)
 English Tanaereva Jr won Veenyle Cr. (1342 elo)
 English Eminem49 won Sakura Cr. (1342 elo)

 English S-(K)alis-P from guild §§ SucKer Punch §§ won Parmabarb. (1319 elo)
 Español uT AlboH from guild Ultimate Torney™ won Lumber Jack. (1317 elo)
 Русский 0_Anfield from guild Камрадство won Elly Mae. (1315 elo)
 English Chafr0a from guild Zénith won Greow. (1314 elo)
 Español draggonblak from guild La Sombra k Precede ala Muert won Bryan. (1313 elo)
 English Tobikonde from guild House of Fear won Naginata. (1312 elo)
 Português onimuxa from guild Piratas do Atlântico won Moses. (1310 elo)
 English Pidtwicky from guild URBAN MADNESS won Dallas. (1309 elo)
 English stargamer from guild Level 0 won Kiki. (1308 elo)
 English PATETIK from guild ~The bird of hermès~ won Stella. (1308 elo)
 Português 0 Hated from guild LEAGUE OF GODS won Elea. (1307 elo)
 English 0 Tamu from guild Zumrudu Anka won Herman. (1306 elo)
 English 0 Lotina from guild Gangsta paradise won Lizbeth. (1305 elo)
 Português Jota_F from guild Piratas do Atlântico won Mokra. (1304 elo)
 Deutsch {GN} Arzowane from guild Guardia de la Noche won Reeve. (1304 elo)
 English Oz Nynykita from guild Echoes won Zoe. (1304 elo)
 English SpT Luxis from guild Spaghetti Tricolore won Sasha. (1302 elo)
 English Mike_SR from guild Sky Riders won Lear Barduh. (1302 elo)
 Deutsch Werwolferine from guild The BeSharps won Wardom. (1301 elo)
 English 0-DiOo from guild Piratas do Atlântico won Raskal. (1301 elo)
 English pain_again won Gertrud. (1301 elo)
 Русский Ragionabile from guild Heaven Destroyer won Lakit. (1300 elo)
 Português PA_ExkalibuR from guild Piratas do Atlântico won Dregn. (1292 elo)
 Español LAO-Darkmega from guild La Aldea Oculta won Draheera. (1289 elo)
 ελληνικά zankaputo89 won Berserkgirl. (1285 elo)
 English TS-boss-elo from guild Team Swat won Tsubame. (1270 elo)
 English Luke - 1134 from guild wicked souls won SkrumxxT. (1265 elo)
 English 0 Makkej from guild Penumbra won Krung. (1260 elo)
 English Latino Lova from guild Dark Fighters won Serena. (1256 elo)
 English SPT_Avance from guild Spaghetti Tricolore won Amanie. (1254 elo)
 ελληνικά dXm_Pelopidas from guild Deus eX Machina won Oshitsune. (1244 elo)
 Español TS-Hatez0r from guild Team Swat won Duke. (1234 elo)
 English R A F from guild Gangsta paradise won Rubie. (1233 elo)
 English dannothemann won Selina. (1228 elo)
 English -James Arthur- from guild The Big Slayers won Farman. (1227 elo)
 English Linuxtrojan from guild XiongDang won Tabasco Fire. (1223 elo)
 English -0 vendetta- from guild les petits boulets won X-0DUS. (1220 elo)
 English CS-Ulysse from guild -Catacombes- won Eduardo. (1220 elo)
 English Eric WMD from guild URBAN MADNESS won Shifou. (1218 elo)
 Português Rhymokan from guild LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA won Pandagran. (1218 elo)
 Español chikilol124 from guild Venezuela Suprema Venganza won Ranesh. (1209 elo)
 English nicktingzz from guild URBAN MADNESS won Campbell. (1207 elo)
 English -A-KooR from guild α Alphas α won Rad. (1207 elo)
 Česky M-arbury from guild Army of Elite Mercenaries won Fanny. (1207 elo)
 English _GawD_ from guild TrAitorzZz won Fuzz. (1206 elo)
 English ahilehasdado won Sammy. (1206 elo)
 English Mc_NAMARA_ from guild Global Killer won Stiko. (1205 elo)
 Deutsch SKP_Sunday from guild §§ SucKer Punch §§ won Hriger. (1202 elo)
 English 0 hamsik from guild The Dreamers won Wendel. (1201 elo)
 English Robi_67 from guild Heaven Destroyer won Mikaal. (1200 elo)

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