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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 05/05/08:
The jackpot reached 869 673 Clintz.
 Deutsch -O M G- won Ombre Cr. (1404 elo)
 English 7RG-sand from guild ®Seven-Team® won Skullface Cr. (1409 elo)
 English pititigre won Thaumaturge Cr. (1404 elo)
 English P4T4T1 won Dwain Cr. (1407 elo)
 English O fim won Cassio Cr. (1402 elo)
 English Rf Lorien won Rass Cr. (1425 elo)
  ioriman2 from guild _-'-_ DEATH DIMENSION _-'-_ won Marlysa Cr. (1405 elo)
  -Chato- won Nahi Cr. (1402 elo)
 English -0-ZaRaKi-0- won Shawoman Cr. (1448 elo)
 Deutsch - Ulf won Chad Bread Cr. (1419 elo)

 English MBinc from guild xX-Gold World -Xx won Rass. (1256 elo)
 English X-ray won Vickie Cr. (1327 elo)
 English PiotrG from guild Les Gardiens du Jeu won Baby Q. (1302 elo)

 Português Zhupons won Kiki. (1286 elo)
 Deutsch Little-Trunks from guild A la gloire de nos aieux won Joao. (1270 elo)
 English cyber_lapin won Kolos. (1166 elo)
 English jimonpel from guild fauteurs de troubles won Kerry. (1205 elo)
 English B_U-wony won Lulabee. (1230 elo)
 Deutsch MIB-Lgfun won Rubie. (1264 elo)
 English Portgas-D won Leviatonn. (1245 elo)
 English Il Grinch from guild ✞ Hell Panther ✞ won Rolph. (1181 elo)
 English Free-one won Ielena. (1288 elo)
 English S_13-yamamoto from guild SERETEI_13 won Python. (1300 elo)
 English Nefren-Ka won Hattori. (1157 elo)
 English di-heracros from guild DRAGONES IBEROS won Gertrud. (1349 elo)
 English PT_sikyon won Edd Cr. (1193 elo)

 English Tonybasket94 won Linda. (1206 elo)
 English LynxWarrior won Timmy. (1205 elo)
 English On3- InNoC3nT from guild OnE MaLaysia won Miss Chloe. (1259 elo)
 Deutsch 3T-BiBbobB from guild les Pti'nathonautes won Armand. (1292 elo)
 English jackan won Gaia. (1313 elo)
 English Murcielago won Loma Noju. (1253 elo)
 English turpiz from guild Academy of Elite team won Oyoh. (1241 elo)
 English poryto won Bryan. (1281 elo)
 Deutsch djau007 won Saddy. (1307 elo)
 English Hohenheim69 from guild Urban Lyon won Na Boh. (1160 elo)
 English shiryu_oro won Nistarok. (1239 elo)
 Deutsch aurelius V from guild Flying Dutchman Pirates ! won Dash. (1216 elo)
 English Ta Thann won Buck. (1155 elo)
 English TeenT won SkrumxxT. (1262 elo)

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