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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 28/01/08:
The jackpot reached 912 469 Clintz.
 English EX-blackharu won Geuner Cr. (1381 elo)
 English --Surf-- from guild Rage Against Unfairs won Berserkgirl Cr. (1434 elo)
 English ZiOn_GeNeTiKz won Manon Cr. (1406 elo)
 English Drain WMD won Kerozinn Cr. (1385 elo)
 English DaLT0 won Sum Sam Cr. (1418 elo)
 English Pa2fA from guild CsC SempreCORSU won Elya Cr. (1401 elo)
 English 0mbre from guild La Rik Puk Team MD won Seldnor Cr. (1384 elo)
 English 0-Icarus from guild ★☆★ L'Alliance Céleste ★☆★ won Page Cr. (1385 elo)
 English Cindy72-PT from guild Petit Tavion won Skullface Cr. (1405 elo)
 English -R0r0n0a- won Splata Cr. (1376 elo)
 English Frapois from guild Rage Against Unfairs won Vickie Cr. (1335 elo)

 English SebTroll won GraksmxxT. (1327 elo)
 English Vanter from guild Wise Men Distracted won Gertrud. (1337 elo)
 English -See- won Elly Mae. (1199 elo)
 Deutsch HelLboY25 won Ielena. (1255 elo)
 English Thetys from guild Urban Legend won Rass. (1230 elo)
 Deutsch elbakin won Steve. (1164 elo)
 English roh2f-LPB won Hugo. (1286 elo)
 English ZoomBack won Bryan. (1247 elo)
 English battleship-FC from guild - fang.crew - won Kerry. (1159 elo)
 English Rabidog from guild The Purple Wizards won Armand. (1261 elo)
 English Grang won Murphy. (1221 elo)
 English Salvor Hardin from guild les legionnaires d urbane rival won Timber. (1281 elo)
 English Amiral Adama from guild La guilde du ronron suprême won XU52. (1324 elo)
 Español CKMN2 won Rosa. (1249 elo)
 English darksoulschool won Kolos. (1154 elo)
 English WARRIORDALAIN won Havok. (1324 elo)
 English PhiFou won Linda. (1192 elo)
 English ucinggering from guild ? HS cLuB ? won Chloe. (1326 elo)
 English XM-Sky won Dash. (1207 elo)
 English eltrepas won Ashigaru. (1275 elo)
 Română T0zkan won Lamar Cr. (1252 elo)

 English Berrick from guild SE won Graff. (1242 elo)
 English UO 0bizingevo won Timmy. (1154 elo)
 English vernolien27 won Uxoh. (1207 elo)
  -Chato- won Joao. (1243 elo)
 English Suas won Ambre. (1316 elo)
 English 69-AKERRO from guild Zone 69 won Elvira. (1191 elo)
 English 0 Brown won Bridget. (1308 elo)
 English Febus65 from guild Clan Mac Gregor won Marco Cr. (1169 elo)

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