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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 22/06/15:
The jackpot reached 1 936 818 Clintz.
 Deutsch -King Linese from guild E X C A L I B U R won General Cr. (1435 elo)
 English O Charro from guild Paяaиoid won Berserkgirl Cr. (1425 elo)
 English 0 Demo from guild PokiMaBuoni won Nahi Cr. (1425 elo)
 English Valserin from guild Guardia de la Noche won Swidz Cr. (1391 elo)
 English - Sin from guild Wise Men Distracted won Dalhia Cr. (1376 elo)
 ελληνικά Foni ass from guild evolution won Geuner Cr. (1374 elo)
 Русский IronmaN_RU from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Dagg Cr. (1373 elo)
 English -7-Sektor from guild les 7 magnifiques won Marco Cr. (1370 elo)
 English skami82 from guild New Nemesis won Rhed Cr. (1367 elo)
 English -- Andy -- from guild E X C A L I B U R won Slyde Cr. (1366 elo)
 English Luke - 1134 from guild wicked souls won Terry Cr. (1358 elo)
 Español LW-yominator from guild Legendary Warriors won Phonos Cr. (1356 elo)

 English BL4CK P4NTH3R from guild Guardia de la Noche won Noemi. (1349 elo)
 English -DA- ogl from guild ▲ Deadly Alliance ▼ won Fanny. (1347 elo)
 English 0 Blitz from guild Hombre Pánico won Duke. (1324 elo)
 English DK-florianw02 from guild ~°°!! Diabol.Hic !!°°~ won Fixit. (1319 elo)
 Português 0 Son1c from guild Death Squad won Thorpah. (1313 elo)
 English TnT_Stormfall from guild TRiNiTY won Chloe. (1310 elo)
 Deutsch Vlysandor_TpU from guild ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN`` won Stalfhaust. (1309 elo)
 English -A-Sander from guild α Alphas α won Qubik. (1309 elo)
 Česky lofasovec from guild Army of Elite Mercenaries won Sasha. (1306 elo)
 English AKsir fantochi from guild ●Rompiente Tv● won Amiral Coco. (1305 elo)
 ελληνικά Maddog Cr from guild Deus eX Machina won Perle. (1305 elo)
 Português Amir_galo from guild Visão da Morte won Angelo. (1304 elo)
 Deutsch Klausine666 from guild Gubbel Gubbel won Tabasco Fire. (1304 elo)
 English dazolator from guild URBAN MADNESS won Numar. (1304 elo)
 English 0 zugzwang from guild E X C A L I B U R won Lucia. (1304 elo)
 Español LsMaiden_Luki from guild la sotera! won Quinn. (1303 elo)
 Русский Prasti_tut from guild Hikikomori-nyan won Heitachi. (1303 elo)
 English 0 Link- from guild UR Clan De Ganadores won Heartnett. (1302 elo)
 English -Rated from guild Zénith won C Dusk. (1286 elo)
 Español -T- ROLTIN from guild ☠ToXiCo☠ won Dallas. (1284 elo)
 English 0 Juan from guild E X C A L I B U R won Solomon. (1262 elo)
 English TOP_miguelific from guild Top Elo won Lear Barduh. (1253 elo)
 Deutsch 00 Crovax GUB from guild GUB PRO won Fuzz. (1252 elo)
 English D4RK Mr Ace from guild Dark Abyss won Kuei. (1251 elo)
 English By-Rodri from guild ●Rompiente Tv● won Rolph. (1245 elo)
 English 0proplayer from guild Gwardia won Rad. (1243 elo)
 Español LW-BarbeRouge from guild Legendary Warriors won Greow. (1238 elo)
 English Regman from guild Spekta hades won Willy. (1229 elo)
 English Il Violatore from guild FAST PLAYERS GUILD won Wardom. (1225 elo)
 English Testata from guild FAST PLAYERS GUILD won Draheera. (1221 elo)
 English Chronon from guild Zona Zero® won Slopsh. (1217 elo)
 English Lucid-Fear from guild ~The bird of hermès~ won Marina. (1214 elo)
 English Dott Arrus from guild URBAN WARRIORS won Maciej. (1213 elo)
 English Your DreamS from guild Magic Urban won Stiko. (1211 elo)
 English RN Angel QC from guild Raven's Nest won Bloodh. (1209 elo)
 Português 0 Gh0st from guild Ultimate Destiny won Wakai. (1209 elo)
 English SpT_Kronos from guild Spaghetti Tricolore won Hriger. (1207 elo)
 English Pitch-FaF from guild fun and furious won Enzo. (1206 elo)
 Português Kaoz PK from guild Piratas do Atlântico - Guilda de won La Bestia. (1203 elo)
 English biolegend from guild Isthariani won Eggman. (1202 elo)
 Русский 2Gotti from guild - Non Stop - won Diana. (1202 elo)
 English performel from guild Isthariani won Sera M1. (1202 elo)
 English -SouuuL from guild La Taverne de Dionysos won Dj Korps. (1201 elo)
 English Uhc-zlatanion from guild the Urban Hysteria Crew won D4 Funk. (1201 elo)
 Русский (AG)RageRussia from guild Анимешная Гильдия won Bengal. (1201 elo)
 English juliad from guild Magic Urban won Uchtul. (1200 elo)
 English Aggro_HoA from guild Harbingers of Ares won Trish. (1200 elo)
 English EB PLzr from guild Eastern Bank won Nyema. (1200 elo)
 Español DARK_BOSS2222 from guild La pua won Dustyn. (1200 elo)
 English bueisssssssss from guild UNION OF THE SUPREMES won Campbell. (1200 elo)

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