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ELO Tournament History

Here are the previous ELO tournaments winners.By playing the ELO tournaments, you will be able to compete for Clintz, Rare Characters and Collector Characters.

ELO Players Ranking - ELO Tournament History - The ELO Hall of Fame - ELO Format Election
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Tournament of the Monday 10/02/14:
The jackpot reached 1 914 134 Clintz.
 English DUC-Matti from guild Dutch Urban Crew won Shawoman Cr. (1428 elo)
 English 0 B2oBiatch from guild L'Arène des Champions won NDololo Cr. (1427 elo)
 English 0 Hand-Solo won Nahi Cr. (1410 elo)
 English -A-Pajarraco from guild α Alphas α won Dwain Cr. (1409 elo)
 English AC NeO from guild L'Arène des Champions won Caelus Cr. (1408 elo)
 Español Ragnarok-lw from guild Legendary Warriors won Diyo Cr. (1407 elo)
 English 0 Harmakhis from guild CC Italian Team 2014 won Cassio Cr. (1403 elo)
 Deutsch {GN} Arzowane from guild CC Spanish Team 2014 won Robb Cr. (1391 elo)
 English GDO IL KAISER from guild I GUARDIANI DELL'OLIMPO won Sylth Cr. (1382 elo)
 English Di_cholie from guild DRAGONES IBEROS won Veenyle Cr. (1372 elo)
 English 00 Infernal from guild ★★ Team PRO ★★ won Boris Cr. (1372 elo)
 Deutsch L4F-Durrrr from guild ☨ La FAMILIA ☨ won Terry Cr. (1372 elo)

 English TheJudge-BE from guild Elite Balkan United won Rass. (1369 elo)
 English S u a v e from guild ◢◣ Ĭmp∈riu♏ ◢◣ won Maurice. (1349 elo)
 English Valentine98 from guild O M D won Joao. (1340 elo)
 English 0 Shadow from guild Penumbra won Fanny. (1326 elo)
 English Noodle_DG from guild URBAN MADNESS won Lear Barduh. (1322 elo)
 English CharlotteSomet won Qorah. (1321 elo)
 ελληνικά dXm_Pelopidas from guild Deus eX Machina won Wakai. (1318 elo)
 ελληνικά Foni ass from guild evolution won Wendel. (1318 elo)
 English Indi_Hex from guild Penumbra won Quinn. (1317 elo)
 English Vulcano82 won Deadeye. (1316 elo)
 English 0 Emilio from guild Penumbra won Pan. (1315 elo)
 English 0ALclypeaster from guild Azraël legend won Havok. (1313 elo)
 Deutsch 262D won Nyema. (1312 elo)
 English 0 Diego Costa from guild Penumbra won Hula. (1311 elo)
 Русский Shurf LL from guild Usual Suspects won Ielena. (1310 elo)
 English punkpostmodern won Cassandra. (1306 elo)
 English onomaster won SkrumxxT. (1306 elo)
 English -ArunA from guild Kill Em All won Slopsh. (1305 elo)
 English ISL-BESTIA from guild Io sono leggenda won Kuei. (1305 elo)
 English perezkazu from guild Castratis lilium won Buck. (1304 elo)
 Español UW Sodanarg from guild Oº°‘¨ Unnatural Warriors ¨‘°ºO won Eggman. (1302 elo)
 English Icarus from guild E X C A L I B U R won Naele. (1302 elo)
 English White Winston from guild El Dorado won Erika. (1302 elo)
 Español alevd93 from guild NeoAndromeda won Kusuri. (1302 elo)
 Português -LDA- Beitih from guild LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA won Krung. (1301 elo)
 English O txenso from guild ~Olympus~ won Mawpin. (1299 elo)
 English FMA Eventhyde from guild FMA The Brotherhood won Pesth. (1298 elo)
 Русский WAO-King from guild WeAreOne_R20 won Rad. (1296 elo)
 English maxacasourius from guild Yuri Puskas won Dallas. (1281 elo)
 Português Xicoabelha won Wardom. (1278 elo)
 English silvano apache won Na Boh. (1273 elo)
 Русский Gatsby(PNRS) from guild Pioneers won Hemdall. (1269 elo)
 Español (Uw)Beco- from guild Oº°‘¨ Unnatural Warriors ¨‘°ºO won Linda. (1256 elo)
 Deutsch patty276 won Serena. (1252 elo)
 English Kudo94 from guild Poker Face won D4 Funk. (1243 elo)
 Español tontosomosmuc won Grudj. (1237 elo)
 Русский VlionII from guild Несокрушимые won Lakit. (1235 elo)
 English Poop on me plz won Miss Lulabee. (1233 elo)
 English cisko1 from guild FAST PLAYERS GUILD won Lucy. (1226 elo)
 English patax95 from guild L'Orda won Fei. (1218 elo)
 English AT_Jareth from guild ATLANTIDE won Angie. (1218 elo)
 ελληνικά Karkalieris from guild Ellas to Megaleio sou won Heartnett. (1215 elo)
 English IsLtimberwolf won Naginata. (1214 elo)
 English ((SHARKMAN)) from guild ▪▪Blood Hunters▪▪ won Clive. (1210 elo)
 English ED-Powosone from guild El Dorado won Graff. (1204 elo)
 Deutsch {RW}SrLuckA from guild Reissende Woelfe won Shaakarti. (1204 elo)
 English Blue Lion from guild ~Les cancaniers~ won Clover. (1203 elo)
 English ZacharyThomas from guild Immortality won Mechakolos. (1202 elo)
 English Poninator from guild Wise Men Distracted won Murphy. (1202 elo)
 English sr-ronin from guild †▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░SERENITY░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂† won Klawz. (1202 elo)

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