Fin da bambino, Flavio ha sognato di diventare un soldato. Purtroppo la sua formazione da parrucchiere non lo predisponeva per niente alla carriera militare. Fortunatamente per lui, ha potuto arruolarsi ne La Junta in seguito a un malinteso con il sergente addetto al reclutamento. Flavio è fermamente deciso a dimostrare ai suoi commilitoni pelosi che lui è uno di loro.
  • Uscito il lunedì 13/02/06
  • Illustratore: Team Chman
  • Disponibile nel Negozio
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  • Dark corners icon Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
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Potere di Flavio Cr:

Nessun potere

Nessun potere



Danno +2

I punti Danno di La Junta sono aumentati di 2 punti. (Richiamo: se vinci il round al tuo avversario saranno inflitti dei punti Danno).

Prima evoluzione sulle 3 evoluzioni di questo personaggio:

  • La JuntaFlavio Crpicture
    Potenza1PotereNessun potere
    Danno3BonusDanno +2
  • La JuntaFlavio Crpicture
    Potenza1PotereNessun potere
    Danno5BonusDanno +2
  • La JuntaFlavio Crpicture
    Potenza1PotereNessun potere
    Danno8BonusDanno +2
63 personaggi
missions icon 25 missioni
Bonus Danno +2
Combattenti a cuor leggero, questi casinari sono insolenti sia nei modi che nell’umorismo. Sostenitori di un potere forte, hanno deciso di rimettere in riga la società iniziando con il radere la testa dei giovani, “questi smidollati”. In realtà non sarebbero contro l’idea di assumere le redini della direzione del Polit, "un’accozzaglia di cretini”.
  • Al livello 1: min 3 149 839 Clintz
  • Al livello 2: min 2 975 000 Clintz
  • Al livello 3: min 3 156 540 Clintz
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121 commenti su Flavio Cr

Martedì 28/12/2010, 05:38

I'm starting a campaign, that if you ever verse off against this card, you try to lose!

Flavio commited suicide (went Cr) because he never won a fight and was utterly useless. We must please him in the afterlife if we don't want the end of the world to come upon us.
Flavio has ALOT of connections, DJ Korr, Guru , and Kiki ( no one else wanted to groom him after the "chocolate" flinging accident) are all among the many UR characters that have been a client to Flavio's House of Beauty.

Unless we want the wrath of all of Flavio's customers to destroy us all we MUST let Flavio OHKO us!


Mercoledì 01/09/2010, 12:42

ofcourse this cards isnt strong but what is more humiliating then being 1HKO'd by this thing

Sabato 22/10/2011, 18:36

People would probably laugh at me if I had this card in my deck. smiley

People would laugh harder if they found out that I OHKO'ed somebody. smiley

Flavio Cr makes me laugh every time I see him while browsing characters. smiley

Rate green if you agree.

Martedì 01/01/2013, 19:22

This card kills any Power = Power Opp card!

Rate green if you agree!

Mercoledì 12/01/2011, 05:49

This card can work just well with General Cr. You bluff with General Cr, your opponent looses almost all pills and you 1 HKO with Flavio Cr, what a mess)

Sabato 07/05/2011, 06:58

his ability should be + 8 power smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Martedì 22/01/2013, 22:08

"If I had enough clintz, I would make a deck of only Flavio Crs, and try to get a OHKO. And I wouldn't stop until I got one."
Well you would never get an OHKO because your bonus wouldn't be activated if you had only Flavio in your deck.

Martedì 03/01/2012, 22:12

This card is really not too bad. There are not many cards which can do a 1HKO and dish out a mug of humiliation at the same time.

Martedì 18/06/2013, 23:43

Um, the staff don't choose cr's because of how bad they are. They don't have a sense of humour that they display in making cards.. Cards like Aldebaran Cr or Armanda Cr would have been good back in the day, and cards like Bodenpower were legendary. Flavio cr is a brilliant card, not because of his stats, not because of his art, but because he's an old collector. All old collectors are incredible.

People should stop complaining about such a legendary card and realise just how great collectors like this are.

Giovedì 08/12/2016, 08:16

Most overpowered card in the game

- Can't be power reduced (WTF)
- Immune to Stop opponent's Ability. Roots and GHEIST, time to quit while you're at it
- 10 damage. That's the highest in the entirety of the game. First you give him immunity to defensive abilities, then you give him the highest offense in the game? Creators, were you drunk?
- Biggest psychological bluff in the game.
- Immune to ELO bans.
- Obviously he can 1 shot everybody and he doesn't need Timber to do it. Strong independent Flavio.

- Haha

Need I say more? With no doubt in my mind, the strongest card in the game by leaps and bounds.

All tremble at the sight of him.

He is.. Flavio Cr.

Sabato 11/06/2011, 08:58

kicks python's butt

Sabato 06/01, 18:51

I feel like the useless cards should get a rework.
cards have had overhauls in the past
just give him an ability like courage: brawl: +5 attack
or even a damage reduction of -3 min 1
this way he can actually see play without getting overpowred

Mercoledì 17/09/2008, 23:49

Great Card for people who like collecting cards and all. but thats all, not a good card at all if unless you can bluff amazingly.smiley
Lvl 3 : 1/8 power/damage
NO ability
+ 2 Damage Clan Bonus.

Initially a one hit KO with clan bonus and rage. but usless unless he is accompanied by Ambre to aid his poor poor poor poor Power. smiley

even with Ambre still only 4/8 Power / Damage which kind of OK if your trying to be sneaky with that one hit KO.smiley

Domenica 12/06/2011, 04:51

SOA does not effect him. Power reduction does not effect him. Bluffs work bad on him. He's the best!!!

Domenica 20/11/2011, 20:25

He's not that bad, your opponent can't just look at him and wait for the wind to blow him away, they have to use 1 of their only 4 cards available!

Clint City, day.