Dietro la pacatezza e la serenità di Ambre si celano una volontà ferrea e una potenza devastatrice. Malgrado i veterani delle battaglie di Clint City la conoscano bene, chi mette piede in città per la prima volta fa spesso l’errore di sottovalutarla e impara presto, a suon di pugni, che non bisogna mai fidarsi delle apparenze.
  • Uscito il lunedì 22/05/06
  • Illustratore: phalloide
  • Carta rara Regalo quando raggiungi il livello 35
  • Ambre è escluso dai Tornei Quotidiani
  • Non possiedi questo personaggio.
  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Potere di Ambre:

Squadra: Coraggio, Pot. +3, Max. 10

Tutti i personaggi della squadra nella quale si trova Ambre ricevono il potere Coraggio, Potenza +3. Quando sono giocati per primi nel round, la loro Potenza è aumentata di 3 punti, fino a un massimo di 10.



Annulla Leader

I Bonus del tuo Leader sono disattivati se nella tua squadra non c'è più un Leader.

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    Potenza2PoterePotere sbloccato a
    Danno1BonusAnnulla Leader
  • LeaderAmbrepicture
    Potenza3PoterePotere sbloccato a
    Danno2BonusAnnulla Leader
  • LeaderAmbrepicture
    Potenza4PoterePotere sbloccato a
    Danno4BonusAnnulla Leader
  • LeaderAmbrepicture
    Potenza5PoterePotere sbloccato a
    Danno4BonusAnnulla Leader
  • LeaderAmbrepicture
    Potenza6PotereSquadra: Coraggio, Pot. +3, Max. 10
    Danno4BonusAnnulla Leader
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Bonus Annulla Leader
Combattenti eccezionali, sono temuti e rispettati in tutta la città. Non appartengono a nessun clan, sono liberi di allearsi con tutti. La loro presenza apporta sempre un enorme vantaggio a chi riesce a convincerli di schierarsi dalla propria parte. Ma se due Leader sono nella stessa squadra, il potere di ogni leader si annulla.
Nessuna vendita in borsa.

192 commenti su Ambre

Lunedì 09/03/2009, 12:38

Just a point to note for all the noobs that say "Ambre + Kolos = invincible!" - you're wrong. In that scenario a good player would still deal with Kolos the same way as usual - with either a damage reducer or an SOA.

And it's even easier to do that with Ambre because in order for Kolos to get the +3 power you have to use him first, meaning the opp can simply throw away a damage reducer/SOA.

Vote this comment positive so people can read sense instead of noobish crap smiley

Lunedì 27/09/2010, 15:36

"Just a point to note for all the noobs that say "Ambre + Kolos = invincible!" - you're wrong. In that scenario a good player would still deal with Kolos the same way as usual - with either a damage reducer or an SOA."

This has to be one of the most ridiculous comments made on a card so far.

Luck of the draw, my friend. if you have no SoA or DR in your hand what then?

A good player will have a balanced deck. That means that unless you're running an SoA clan or have an SoB ability pussycat in your hand, the only thing you can do is attempt to overpower. And as Kolos + Ambre = 10 power, and if you use them first and go for the kill that's 10 power x 10 pillz = 100 attack, there are going to be plenty of hands that cannot do anything.

And even if they can, they'll need to pill 10-all of their pillz to cover the attempt, and what if it's a bluff?

Sorry, but it's nothing to do with being good in this situation, it'll mostly be about pure luck whether you called the bluff or covered correctly. 50/50.

Domenica 19/12/2010, 19:22

I love all you n00bs are saying "AMBRE + KOLOS = INVINCIBLE"

Anyone with their head screwed on right would say "GENERAL CR + AMBRE = INVINCIBLE"

Rate up! XD

Giovedì 21/02/2008, 06:48

-a 6/4 leader card that gives your cards courage: power +3
-good if you plan to use on cards with already high powers (Ulu Watu / Bangers) or cards with threatening bonus (Freaks) or nasty abilities (Nightmare)
-downside: can only be abused twice per game
-sometimes, her ability is used just for bluffing puposes

Lunedì 11/06/2012, 05:16

>That feeling you get when someone below level 35 has Ambre.


Sabato 01/01/2011, 11:53

Can we just ban this card in every format please? I'm tired of seeing 3 ulu watu and Ambre across from me, and just knowing that I can't possibly win.

Giovedì 07/06/2012, 01:22

I'm sorry to any of you that say stuff like "shes not OP and if you don't like her go to elo" or "unban she only works half the game" because this review isn't going to please you smiley

so first of the actual review:
- Her ability is in most decks the best ability of the leaders (granted for some decks other leaders are more useful)
-She is usable on her own (I mean to say shes not just there to help out everyone else) as 6 damage isn't too bad considering her massive ability
-She is pretty much the booster that can turn a OHKO card into an unstoppable monster (excluding DR)
-Her art is unique in a good way smiley

-She is elo banned (rightly so, but still a con)
-She is pretty weak without courage activated, however, her bonus is for the team so its not a big issue
-5* so takes up a lot of space
-She is kind of a cheap win card as she is too OP ( especially with the already OP ulu watu )

So what do I rate this card?
as a card: 9/10
as a recommendation: 1/10

hear me out with this one? smiley
the fact that her ability can add 3 power to any card means that she can turn already 10 powered cards into 13 power, or OHKOs into unstoppable game enders, you may be thinking "isn't that a good thing?", the answer is yes, if your looking for a cheap and boring win which is to be honest an unfair way to end a game smiley

but in all honesty I think she is the worst thing to come out of UR since ogoun kyu smiley this is due to the fact that in every game mode bar elo or standard your deck has a high chance of running into this card smiley
this means that your deck could run into, her and pretty much any other good card, this means that it would require a LOT of skill for you to just scrape a win smiley

Overall: this card is the most OP card in the history of UR and if I'm honest should either be removed from UR or should be weakened, e.g. courage: +1 power or something around that area smiley and to those of you who say "go to a mode she's banned in then!", I say that every player should have all game modes open to them and have a fair chance at winning the game they are placed into, this means that their cards should have as much chance of winning as the opponents cards smiley

Martedì 18/09/2012, 15:40

I really,really,really hate hersmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
she's very cheatingsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Martedì 22/02/2011, 11:11

If you think about it even more so. Have a card like Caelus. Which is already sick as it is, and add her which makes the card even more sick. You've got a great combo. I understand a lot of people don't like this card and think it's a cheat way to win and what not. In all honesty if you don't want to deal with this card, then go to the Elo battles where the card is banned. If you don't want to do that, then just deal with it, or use the card yourself.

Domenica 17/06/2012, 13:46

Probably the most un-fun and degenerated card in UR.

Martedì 08/01/2013, 07:26

So I would first like to say that anyone who uses Ambre for any reason other than to do round missions in Fight Club should do us all a favor and go to games that don't require skill. That being said here's a little secret for using Ambre (or any other leader) in Fight Club:

Urban Rivals misleads us, they tell us that a Clan Bonus activates if you have 2 or more characters of the clan in play, this is not true. The truth is that you must have 2 or more characters with different names, so if the only characters from a clan are the same the bonus is not activated. So you can therefore play multiple leaders of the same name with no negative effects. This only works in Fight Club however because all other rooms deny multiples, but in fight club, play 2 Hugo Montana, or 2 Ambre Junta (or any of the other ideas people put up there for 1 Ambre) and watch as people will rage on you before going and trying to buy another leader so they can do it. I had been thinking about this and considered buying a second Hugo to confirm when I got double Ambre Kolos'd so I know it works, there is nothing quite as scary as staring down a 13 powered Kolos with a Nightmare deck that didn't draw DR.

Domenica 04/08/2013, 23:01

"Can we just ban this card in every format please? I'm tired of seeing 3 Ulu Watu and Ambre across from me, and just knowing that I can't possibly win."
Are you serious?? What's the point of getting / receiving her at Level 35??
You can easily counter 3 Ulu + Ambre with a bunch of cards (Attack Manipulators & Damage Reducers).

Domenica 28/02/2010, 19:41

I am sick and tired of everyone saying " If you use (insert random card here) with Ambre, It becomes unstoppable!" Well DUH. Any card with 3 more power is unstoppable, even cards like Robin and Zodiack become more above average when used in combination with Ambre. The other annoying things is pople say "If you combine (random 5 star) with Ambre, you can't lose!" Most people don't play in T2, so don't keep saying it. Rate Green if you agree smiley

Martedì 02/02/2016, 00:07

The Historical Perspective:

Originally, Ambre didn't have a cap to her ability.

Now with a Max. 10, her ability is slightly nerfed (though not enough for many players tastes). The Max. 10 is a little deceptive, though. Here's how it works: You add the card's raw power plus it's bonus (in the case of Bangers and Ulu Watu for example, then add Ambre's +3, but THEN you add the cards ability (which can take it ABOVE Ambre's max 10) and that is the final power of the card.

Example 1: Take regular old Bangers card like Lucas. When played first in a round, his 7 power, plus 2 for his bonus gives him 9, then Ambre's Team: Courage +3 power Max. 10 bumps that up to 10 (her Max), then his ability doesn't affect Power so he remains at 10 power.

Example 2: Willy. When played first in a round, his 5 power plus 2 for his bonus gives him 7 power, then Ambre's Team: Courage +3 Power Min. 10 brings his power to 10 (her Max). Finally, Willy's Courage: Power +4 brings his power up to 14 (which is above Ambre's Max, but her ability has already been added and doesn't affect his ability). His final power is 14.

Mercoledì 05/01/2011, 01:43

I LIKE HER BIRD. I want to know where the heck she gets one. I bet she did something w/ that bird just to increase her power.
Rate green if you agree or if you're bored like me and dont really care what i'm saying.

Clint City, night.