Percorrendo il mondo per migliorare le sue tecniche di combattimento, Marlysa fa tappa a Clint City. Impressionata dalle tecniche di Lost Hog e Kinjo, decide di restare per qualche tempo al Monastero della Montagna dorata. (Marlysa è un personaggio del fumetto "Marlysa", Editions Soleil. (C) MC Productions, Gaudin, Danard)
  • Uscito il venerdì 17/11/06
  • Illustratore: soleil
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Potere di Marlysa Cr:

Stop Bonus Avv.

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Danno +2

I punti Danno di Fang Pi Clang sono aumentati di 2 punti. (Richiamo: se vinci il round al tuo avversario saranno inflitti dei punti Danno).

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Nato nel monastero della Montagna dorata, il kung-fu della scuola Fang Pi è un’arte marziale ancestrale. Diretto dall’acerrimo Lost Hog, il clan vuole imporre la sua filosofia battagliera a tutti. Con l’obiettivo di comandare sul mondo da capo assoluto, il clan lotta per rovesciare il Polit e dare il potere al clone di Bruce Lee che ha creato e allevato in segreto.
  • Al livello 1: min 4 911 724 Clintz
  • Al livello 2: min 5 284 992 Clintz
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42 commenti su Marlysa Cr

Venerdì 15/10/2010, 03:21

Marlysa Cr -The former queen of 2* cards

Marlysa Cr is just a shadow of what she used to be-- (arguably) the best 2* in the game.

Back when 6 power was the norm Marlysa Cr would fight 4* cards on par and crush everyone else with lower stars. Her 7 pow and SOB would demolish cards like Flo and Saddy, and could take on some of the clan giants like Alec Cr and Peeler in on par fights. But now, she is among the best, not *the* best.

Cards like Jessie, Gil, Lehane keep coming out, cards that are even easier to fight with than the pill eater, Marlysa Cr. And despite her 4 damage, I find myself using her on defense far more than offense. It's just hard to continue to fight against cards with +atk like Mindy and Sasha. Even the newest 2*s Kevlar and Magda have the advantage over poor Marlysa Cr. It's scary to think that, depending on the deck's strategy, Chan might actually replace her. smiley

Don't get me wrong, she is still a fantastic card and can bring down the hurt with 4 damage and with using fury, can get a 2HKO with most of the other Fang Pi Clang cards, and that is a great accomplishment for a 2* card, but she is just not what she used to be, anymore.

It's truly a tragedy that a once thought immortal, like Marlysa Cr, is getting buried under modern cards. Still, she is incredibly useful, but if you are going to spend 700,000 for her, understand that you are buying an average card, and not the immortal she used to be.

Mercoledì 01/08/2012, 21:06

Rate green if you agree there needs to be a special color nameplate for cr cards.

Sabato 18/02/2012, 14:08

@ toxica and PYROpunk
Marlysa cr not good anymore?
you kidding me right?
I play with her a lot of times in ELO and she is rock solid!
together with kusuri/chan, heitachi and zhu tang you can make one of the most solid and powerful halfdecks in the game!
thanks to her I won a lyse teria in ELO, got far in some events and still reach many top 100(sometimes top 10) in ELO.

She isn't overpowerd like lehane (which is banned often) but solid and can fight against all clans without much problems. unlike freaks FPC can be combined with allmost all clans to get a solid deck and have solid power in most characters.
I still don't understand why people still use gheist and rescue to play ELO with while there are so many clans that can get you to a high ELO score like FPC!

Giovedì 21/02/2008, 01:27

Marlysa Cr
-arguably the best two star card ever made to grace the UR world
-she has a more than decent power (7) considering she's only a 2star card..with a Stop Opp Bonus ability to boot..she has a maximum 6 damage dealing capability (with bonus and fury) that can reduce opponent's life to half..
-even alone and without her bonus, she's still a great card..
-definitely a must have in any Fang Pi deck..

Giovedì 07/07/2011, 21:22

For those of you who liked Marlysa artwork:

just greenface me

PS: the former link expired and wont work anymore ;D

Domenica 20/11/2011, 23:34

Back in the day, she was the 2 star card to beat.

In modern UR times, she is a mirror image to cards like Flanagan (same base stats and ability with att manipulation over damage) or Lehane (who is actually a bit better with 1 extra power).

It's funny to see one of the best two star cards become so mediocre. In my book; she doesn't even quite make the top 10 two star cards anymore. Shes just a weaker version of Lehane and doesn't even compete with a card like Bonnie LD (same bonus and stats but with a much more effective ability).

Rating: 8.5 out of 10. For her clan, she is still the it girl 2 star card. Compared to better two star cards from other clans however, she is nothing special...

Domenica 18/03/2012, 23:40

Good: ☑
Bad: ☐

Giovedì 19/11/2009, 11:48

Really a beautiful card, she deserves her price.

Useful in all T1 or Elo decks with Fang Pi, ability useful, bonus useful and as said before : 7/2 on a 2stars card. I'm in love smiley

Domenica 02/05/2010, 19:41

I think it says something for the state of the Fang Pi Clang 2* cards when the most staple one in the entire clan is a collector. This, to me, is a major problem, showing that UR has yet to release other 2* that people would even consider using over her. This also shows how weak the clan is, and how much they need good releases. Granted, Chan is a great 2* card; However, the same cannot be said for the remaining 2* FPC, and in nearly all decks, you will need more than one 2* card in order to make it ELO worthy. So, Marylsa is awesome, I agree, but there needs to be 2* releases that can shove her from her high horse and make FPC playable without the need to use collectors or low quality cards.

Martedì 31/05/2011, 22:01

"I wounder why Ombre Cr wants to kill her."

Because she has only one damage less for 2 stars less.

Domenica 18/09/2011, 21:40

for people who want to see here artwork for level 2

Venerdì 25/11/2011, 00:41

she finally reached the million smiley

Venerdì 06/01/2012, 01:32

wow, i remember complaining about how she costed 200,000, now shes a mil+? jeez, these old cards are getting freaking expensive

Mercoledì 30/05/2012, 12:36

im sorry but you cannot compare her to lehane and fanagan when marlysa cr can deal 6 damage, there is no comparison at all.

Lunedì 22/04/2013, 19:43

Remember when she was just 150k and less smiley ? Good old days..

Clint City, day.